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This week’s shop is Shelton Racing and Fabrication located in Carson City. Those familiar with racing in this area, especially from the paved oval days, know the last name Shelton because Robby and his late father Tom raced there for many years.

Like many in racing Shelton grew up with the sport.

“My dad started racing when he was 18, then he quit for a while then he started again at Carson back in ’69,” he said. “Then he went to work for Hershel McGriff and built quite a few of his cars.”

Shelton’s racing career began in quarter midgets in 1972 when he was 10-years old.

“I started at Carson when I was 16 in the Super Stock Class,” he said. “The last time I raced my own car was 1999 or 2000, somewhere around there. Then I went to Landmark and we did all their racing programs.

“I drove their cars here and there. They had an old Harry Gant car that I gave rides in.”

Back then Shelton was racing in the Late Model class.

About 10 years ago he began his business, which he actually opened in 2007.

Shelton Racing & Fabricatio

Robby Shelton and his nephew Ryan Parkhurst stand in the shop’s show room that is full of racing memorabilia.

“My father helped a bit then he passed away in ’09 and my nephew Ryan Parkhurst helped and has been with me every since. He’s actually helped me since he was 4-years-old. He was always with the race cars and with the Landmark team,” he said.

Asked what services the shop provides Shelton deferred to Parkhurst who said. “We do everything but upholstery and body work. Restorations, a lot of custom wiring, fabrication and regular mechanical repair work.”

Shelton Racing & Fabrication

Parkhurst in the metal cutting area of the shop.

Asked about the percentages Parkhurst said about 90% of the work is non-racing as they to all kinds of auto and truck mechanical work.

“When we first started we did nothing but race cars and hot rods,” Shelton said. “Then the economy hit and that just died. Now the hot rod stuff and fabrication is coming back pretty good. We also do a lot of custom exhaust and that’s really taken off as has the custom stuff.”

Given his choice Parkhurt wished they shop was just doing custom exhausts and fabrication. But like many shops they have had to diversify in the work they do.

Shelton Racing and Fabrication

Parkhurst stands where the shop’s lifts are located.

And like any small business Shelton and Parkhurst are facing some challenges and the major one is finding good quality parts.

Parkhurst said, “It would be nice if there were more good parts suppliers locally. A lot of the aftermarket stock replacement parts are absolute garbage now. There are only a couple of companies we’ll even go through.”

Echoing his opinion Shelton said, “Parts is a big problem. The quality of parts any more are just junk.”

As the shop’s reputation depends on quality work this challenge is a big for Shelton and Parkhurst. And their reputation is something they take very seriously especially since word of mouth is their best advertising.

“We pride ourselves on always keeping a good reputation,” Parkhurst said. “That’s our most important thing, return customers. It’s too small of a town to develop a bad reputation especially if you have a small shop.”

He explained their goal is to have every one of their customers leaving happy or as happy as they can.

After that Shelton said, “Most of our customers become really good friends. I’m still optimistic about the future as things get better and we’re growing all the time.”

Then he added some information about a charity event Shelton promotes.

“We do a car show every year, just had our third one, for the Cancer Society. We do it under my dad’s name since he died from cancer,” he said.

Last year’s event was held during the heat of July. As a result Shelton is considering moving it to September this year.

Shelton Racing and Fabrication.

Shelton Racing and Fabrication store front.

For further information please check out their website at, or call them at 775-888-9966.

REPORTER’S NOTE: When Shelton is ready to hold his car show we will have the information on this site.


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