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    Shelton Racing & Fabricatio

    This week’s shop is Shelton Racing and Fabrication located in Carson City. Those familiar with racing in this area, especially from the paved oval days, know the last name Shelton because Robby and his late father Tom raced there for many years. Like many in racing Shelton grew up with the sport. “My dad started racing when he was 18, then he quit for a while then he started again at Carson back in ’69,” he said. “Then he went to work for Hershel McGriff and built quite a few of his cars.” Shelton’s racing career began in quarter midgets

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    MarTec Engineering

    CARSON CITY (Jan. 8) – MarTec Engineering is another small shop in our region that came about when the owner followed his passion. When asked why he started the business owner Nick Maher said, “I guess the term ‘scratching your own itch,’ is how I’d describe it. When I was about 15 I got into off road trucks and stuff like that. Once I had a decent job around age of 20 I started building my own truck.” He wanted to install a roll cage, different motor and other things as well but there wasn’t the budget to buy parts.

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    Nate's Precision

    SPARKS, NV (1-2-18) – This area is populated by a number of small shops turning out high quality work. Nate’s Precision is one of these, one that does service as well as offering accessories and fabrication. Several magazines have highlighted some of the shop’s custom creations. Like many entrepreneurs owner Nate Jensen used his background and interests to form the company in June, 2007. “I worked at a dealership and built a lot of custom stuff on my own time,” he said. “So I had a lot of dealership background, automotive schooling, stuff like that. This was my passion and

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    Nasty Engines Machine Shop

    SPARKS, NV (12-26) – This off-season the site is focused on small shops that abound in our area. One of them is Nasty Engines Machine Shop, a small company that offers high quality work, products and service. The shop’s goal is fast, quality service at a competitive price and taking any factory-stock motor to a nasty engine. Eric Henry started the business but being a very hands-on owner was unavailable so his manager Dan Foote was the pinch hitter for this interview. “I was there when it was starting to be set up and was on its way to becoming

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    Von Metal V Twin

    RENO – Von Metal V Twin Racing Development is owned and operated by Justin Von Metal. His business is located on Geiger Grade and he like many, around motorcycles, has a long history of racing and engineering. “I started out in motorcycle racing, racing dirt bikes when I was 8-year-old,” he said. After growing up in Southern California where motorcycle racing was part of life when he attended UTI mechanical college then went to Texas to earn a mechanical engineering degree. The knowledge, combined with his motocross and truck racing allowed him to work on his own things and open

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    June begins with another addition to our family of sponsors and our first dealer. RENO (June1) – Big Valley Honda has been a fixture of this area for the past 31 years. Years ago it was located next to what is now the Grand Sierra but in 2000 moved to its present location at 2225 Market Street. Asked about the dealership General Manager Layne Kolbet said, “We’re a level 5 Honda Power House dealer, specializing in Honda products. “We offer ATV’s, UTV’s, Motorcycles, on and off road from beginner to expert level machines.” The large showroom is full of different

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    Another article about a business that lives inside the world or motor sports. Nate Delaney is a racing entrepreneur. He’s part of a large group of entrepreneurs that populate and support the world of motorsports. His company is Delaney Drive Components specializes in motorcycle off road racing. And like many his involvement in the two-wheeled world goes back to when he was a young boy. “I got my first dirt bike when I was in sixth grade, it was kind of a graduation present from mom and dad,” he said. “And once I started riding and learning how to ride

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    Mark Levrett and UTV

    Sometimes a person’s skills, as well as their business allows them to chase their personal dreams. Mark Levrett is the owner of Mark One Metal Works and while metal fabrication is his business his passion is off road racing. Like many he was exposed to racing at a very young age. “My love of fabrication started because of my love of racing off-road and motocross,” he said. “I started racing motocross at the age of 5 in the 60’s. My dad raced off-road buggies when it was just starting back in Indian Dunes and the Mint 400 when it was

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    McCoy's Off Road Center

    CARSON CITY (Dec. 9) – Following one’s passion then starting a business related to that passion is a real blessing. And that’s how McCoy’s Off Road Center got started. Ed and Rheyanna McCoy own and operate the business. He’s well known in the motorcycle and recreational community and has been involved with motorcycles for most of his life. “My family was in racing and I’ve been riding since I was three years old,” he said. “Probably racing at 10. “I quite racing professionally in 1981 and didn’t start racing again until ’96. Finally he had enough of Southern California and

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    Reno Motorsports

    We here at wish welcome our first advertiser to this site. Reno Motorsports or RMS, is well known to the motorcycle riding, off-road and motocross community here in Northern Nevada. The shop was started by two friends, Dennis “The Desert Fox,’ Belingheri and Paul “Ziggy,” Ziegler after they moved up here from Southern Nevada. Ziggy explained they both had experience working in motorcycle shops and once here decided to open RMS rather than buy houses. After starting the shop in 1996 they saw a need to help expand off-road racing in this area and in 1998 started MRANN, Motorcycle

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      SCUDDER’S PERFORMANCE CELEBRATES #30 BLACK WIDOW BUG LANDS IN SPARKS SPARKS (April 22) — Today Sparks got a new landmark and it is now sitting on the roof of Scudder’s Performance. But for many this “Black Widow Beatle,” sat on the roof of an abandoned Reno Fire Station them seemly disappeared.   But now it has reappeared and is displayed in a prominent location at the corner of Victorian Avenue and 7th Street.   “We got the Beatle about six years ago when they took it off a Reno firehouse downtown by Wells Avenue,” Clayton Scudder said. “We resurrected

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        SPARKS (Jan. 15)- Any vehicle that moves has some sort of driveline, the shaft or axel that brings the power from the motor, through a transmission and/or transfer case to the wheels. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 4X4, construction truck, rock crawler, off road racer, pick up truck or a new car, they all have some version of this. And, like anything mechanical, some times those parts need to be either repaired, replaced or modified depending on what the vehicle’s purpose is. Working on drivelines is exactly what Drive Line & Gear Service on Glendale Avenue has

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