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    Rattlesnake Raceway.

    Season preview for this week highlights our region’s oval tracks. Despite the storms, rain, snow and maybe mud, their seasons will start within the next two months. So right now drivers and their crews/helpers are working to get their cars and Outlaw Karts ready to go. Before racing begins the tracks host tune and testing days, also called Play Days so drivers can get their edge back. Also it gives rookies a chance to see how their rides are and improve their skills. Depending on the weather the Winnemucca Regional Speedway starts off with a Play Day on Saturday March

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    Daytona 500

    Racing continues to heat up as another national series begins is season. In our area there is a lull in the action but there will be some action in California. First off I need to correct for something I missed in Monday’s article. Our area now has a sanctioning body for motocross, Battle Born MX. I thought they had a website but I was wrong. They have a Face Book page as the website is being developed and when it is up I’ll be sure to include it. Now on to the Racing Preview. This weekend there will be no

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    MRANN - Honea and trophy.

    Finally the racing year has begun in our area. One series had its first race while another is getting ready to. NIGHTINGALE (Feb. 19) – MRANN started its racing season with the Battle Born 100 presented by the Trail Blazers Motorcycle Club. It was the 19th edition of this event. With this type of race there is a “Hare,” and this time it was Austin Wilson. Since he didn’t have a rabbit suit his helmet had a set of “Rabbit Ears,” kind of like the TV kind and Wilson got a two-minute head start on the field. But for one

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    MRANN Battle Born 100 Poster.

    President’s Birthday Weekend has the start of racing in our area plus TV has another major racing series beginning its season. Racing Preview for this weekend has the first race of the year in our region as well as another event in Southern California and a host of things on TV as well as on the Internet. Latest word from Zeb Armstrong was that both E Street and Riverfront are still underwater. Prairie City is still doubtful since another storm is expected. The best way to check is to call the hotline at, 775-265-7223. In our area MRANN begins its

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    MRANN- Dennis Belingheri

    Despite the rains and weather racing season is fast approaching and this first preview highlights the two groups that gets the year going. The season preview is for the motorcycles and go-karts as they are about to begin their seasons. No matter what the weather brings folks are getting prepared for the fast approaching competition. Kicking off this season is MRANN and those that race motorcycles on the desert. That first race, the 19th annual Hare & Hound is this coming weekend. Poster for the first race of the season in this area. It starts the desert racing for the

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    NHRA Poster.

    This week we have the not so good, very good, wild and things in the “Rerun Zone.” Racing Preview for this week has some bad news for area motocross riders, at least for now. And it has three major events that can be watched either on TV or streamed over the Internet. Over the hill the recent storms have slammed the motocross tracks in Northern California. The third round of the Triple Crown series that was supposed to run at the Oakfield track has been postponed for now. Promoter Zeb Armstrong on Tuesday posted photos from his two tracks, Riverfront

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    Another article about a business that lives inside the world or motor sports. Nate Delaney is a racing entrepreneur. He’s part of a large group of entrepreneurs that populate and support the world of motorsports. His company is Delaney Drive Components specializes in motorcycle off road racing. And like many his involvement in the two-wheeled world goes back to when he was a young boy. “I got my first dirt bike when I was in sixth grade, it was kind of a graduation present from mom and dad,” he said. “And once I started riding and learning how to ride

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    King of the Hammers Poster.

    As spring gets closer racing is starting to heat up even though the Super Bowl will put a damper on some things. Racing preview this week has more reruns on television but there is a bunch of live events to keep most race fans happy. And some of those events aren’t too far away from this area. Also need to note that when I post times they are in the Pacific Coast area. If you’re an overseas reader we are eight hours behind GMT or UTC, both are the same thing. Currently if E Street MX Park will be open

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