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    Virginia City Grand Prix poster.

    It’s another action packed weekend for race fans and the plate is over flowing with choices for almost anyone. Motorsports preview this week has something for all most any racing fan. Either live, on TV or the Internet. Biggest event in our area is the 45th annual Virginia City Grand Prix. A must do race for most off road motorcycle racers and a victory that many covet but few earn. The Comstock Classic starts on main street at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Riders line up in rows of 10 and are launched a few seconds apart. There are some

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    Nevada Kart Sport: Owner Rodney Rivera.

    We wish to welcome our newest supporter. SPARKS – Nevada Kart Sport is the latest sponsor to join our website. We appreciate the support from owner Rodney Rivera and want to welcome him to the site. “I started the business in October of 2011,” he said. “We were on 4th Street at the site of MMS (Motor Machine Supply) and they were running a karting shop inside of that business. Moved over here in January 2014, as I had a high demand for racers wanting to store their karts and for me to maintain them and keep them here.” He

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    Northern Nevada Pro Stock Association: Robert Miller wins.

    Saturday was an action packed night in Fernley with five divisions racing. (FERNLEY, April 23) – 95A Speedway had a big night with the second round of the new Northern Nevada Pro Stock Association Series plus a visit by the BCRA Midget series. Unlike the last event, this time the weather was nice although cooling through out the evening. But on the track, the action was hot and getting hotter. After a troubled run to the checkered flag winner Robert Miller said, “I was down on oil pressure and started running warm about halfway through. I was watching the pressure

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    NNKC - Sr. LO206 main.

    The opening round of the 2016 season was one of weather and speed for area kart racers. (STEAD, APRIL 24) – NNKC, the Northern Nevada Kart Club, opened its season at Desert Park Raceway on a cool Sunday. It was a day with the constant threat of rain that did affect one main. And the largest field of the day in Senior LO206 had the closest race. “You know before I went into the race I was thinking, was nervous and didn’t know if I could do it. Then on the start I was thinking, ‘maybe I can get her

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  • Motorsport Preview: April 21/24-2016

    Fernley 95A Speedway - BCRA Midgets.

    Another weekend is ahead of us with another buffet of racing events. This week’s Motorsport Preview is another mixed bag of events that includes a special one in our area. This big event will be at Fernley 95A Speedway as the track hosts a double header with the BCRA Midgets and the Nevada Pro Stock Association joining the regular classes. The last NPSA winner Robert Miller should again be in B.J. Pearson’s Nuclear Banana car. If he also races his IMCA modified he’ll be going for his 100th victory in that class. We also want to give a shout out

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Miller wins 99th IMCA victory.

    A little late getting this out but had to clarify something. All set so her it is sorry for the delay.   (FALLON, APRIL 16) – Rattlesnake Raceway was blessed with spring like weather, a good track and car counts for its second points race of the season. And this time one driver dominated the IMCA Modified main, which is usually pretty competitive. “The car really felt good, I mean the track had some grip to it but I think this shock package we got made it feel like I had a lot more grip,” Robert Miller said after winning

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    EPA Editorial

    This reporter has never done an editorial on racing but this time I’m going to make an exception. Please read this carefully and help save our sport. Over the past year this reporter has heard rumblings about the EPA’s attempt to essentially restrict the conversion of a vehicles originally designed for on-street use to a racing vehicle. After receiving the latest issue of Racing Promotion Monthly, a publication for the short track industry, I decided to write this editorial. And for those that don’t know people involved in short track racing, fans or drivers, it concerns all types of racing

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    OTMX - Wayne Young - 80+ winner.

    This weekend veteran motocross racers converged on Fernley. (FERNLEY, APRIL 17): The Old Timer Nationals brought riders from Canada and across the west here for a weekend of racing and fun. Riders came from as far away as Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, Oregon and even British Colombia. The series is for riders over 40 years old and they are grouped into classes by age and experience. And on Sunday a rider’s finishes are added up and that score is where they are ranked in their class. When the second series of motos started on Sunday the first group were riders

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    Fernley/Wadsworth Motocross Track.

    It’s another weekend full of events for any race fan, from live action in our area to events nationally and overseas. The motorsport preview this week is full of racing action. In fact almost any type of fan can find something either locally, on TV or the Internet. First of all our sponsor Reno Motor Sports is celebrating it’s 20th year in business. If you have the time, or before heading to one of the races on Saturday stop by, check out what they have and have a “Dennis Burger,” their being served after 11 a.m. One event begins Friday

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    Fernley 95A Speedway - Mike White, IMCA winner.

    This weekend Mother Nature went crazy but the track overcame the challenge and had a great afternoon of racing. FERNLEY (April 9) – 95A Speedway’s second race of the season was quite a mix. First it was dry slick, despite the best efforts of the track crew, then after an one hour hold for rain, the track came in for the IMCA feature. After winning that feature, once it got restarted, Mike White said, “Second in a row for IMCA. The rain was what I needed.” Have to thank Megan, my family and everybody that helps me out on this

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    Supercross - Ryan Dungey & James Stewart

    This week there is racing live, on TV and the Internet. Racing preview for this week has a mix of events for both the two-wheel and oval track fans. Once again there will be no practice at the Livfast Exit 28 motocross track as they are preparing for their next race. Fernley 95A Speedway will host its second race of the season Saturday with a 2 p.m. start time. All the car classes will be in action on the oval. Motocross racers competing in the 775 Spring Classic Series will head for Winnemucca for the third round of their series.

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Robert Miller

    Rattlesnake Raceway’s season opener might be over but here are some of the photos I didn’t use in my article as well as a video I shot during the evening. Congratulations to all the winners, fans and drivers that showed up. It was a great night, good crowd and a lot of hard racing. Bodes well for the upcoming season. If you enjoy this please “like,” it and share as widely as possible. Comments are welcome. Subscribers have articles posted to their inbox as soon as they are on the website. If you are into the riding lifestyle, just like

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Pro Stocks.

    As this season progresses another track has its opening night and even had a special class to help headline the show. Rattlesnake Raceway, located just east of downtown Fallon, opened its 2016 season with a night of hard racing. It also marked the return of the Pro Stocks to the track with the Buehn Motorsports Pro Stock Challenge. The race had a $1,000 to win incentive and was the first round of the Nevada Pro Stock Association’s 10-race series. For winner Robert Miller it was a day of emotional up and downs. It started when he attended his cousin, Chuck

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    775 Spring Classic - Jesse Gore wins three classes.

    Beautiful weather set the stage for a great day of motocross racing this weekend. The Sandbox, or Fernley Lion’s Motocross track, was the scene of the second 775 Spring Classic motocross series. This time the Over The Hill Gang staged the event. Layne Kolbet, OTHG president said they had 189 riders sign up for practice on Saturday so attendance was probably over 200. On Sunday however there were at least a 100 more on hand to race bringing the total closer to 300. For one aspiring pro that’s chasing his dream Sunday was a perfect day as he swept three

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