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    STEAD (JUNE 25) – Desert Park Raceway was visited this weekend by the KPX series. And hosting the third round of this year’s series was the Northern Nevada Kart Club. Unlike last year’s visit only the groups in the series raced but that brought around 106 drivers to the track. Another difference between last and this year is that it didn’t rain but was hot. Anytime a race like this visits a club’s home track the locals want to defend their turf and this time two club members won their main events. And one of them is among the youngest

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    The Northern Nevada Kart Club (NNKC) was in action this weekend. STEAD (May 21) – Desert Park Raceway echoed to the sounds of racing Go Karts this weekend. It was the third round of this year’s season for NNKC and 33 drivers showed up for the first event in summer like conditions. When the Jr-2/LO206 main began Issac Bourque was on point followed by Boden Barnwell and Chase Dulude. Eventually the race broke into groups dueling for positions. Up front Barnwell and Bourque, who put on one of the two races of the day, were disputing the lead while in

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    NNKC: F80/TAG

    As the weather improves more tracks and series are starting and here’s the latest one. STEAD (April 2) – Desert Park Raceway echoed with the sounds of racing this weekend as the Northern Nevada Kart Club started its 2017 season. Despite the threat of possible rain the weather was great. Just in case the club sped up the schedule so everyone was finished with their racing by early afternoon. One of the closest races was F-80/Tag race. Due to only two TAG drivers being on hand they were part of that race. An F-80 kart has a transmission so shifting

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    MRANN- Dennis Belingheri

    Despite the rains and weather racing season is fast approaching and this first preview highlights the two groups that gets the year going. The season preview is for the motorcycles and go-karts as they are about to begin their seasons. No matter what the weather brings folks are getting prepared for the fast approaching competition. Kicking off this season is MRANN and those that race motorcycles on the desert. That first race, the 19th annual Hare & Hound is this coming weekend. Poster for the first race of the season in this area. It starts the desert racing for the

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    Richard Stock.

    Northern Nevada is blessed with many good, young racers and here’s an article about one of them. CARSON CITY – Richard Stock a 16-year-old junior at Carson High School and ski racer is also the 2016 Sanzaru Games Karting Champion. The series is run over at Sonoma Raceway in California and is part of the NorCal Rotax Max Challenge. The sport of motor racing is a ladder system, one begins at the bottom; as their skill level and experience increases, they are able to move to the next rung. And most, like Richard, begin at a young age. “I got

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    Zach Rivera.

    Northern Nevada is blessed with many young racers. And this article is about one of them. Zach Rivera is one of the many young people racing with the Northern Nevada Kart Club. And like many young drivers it’s an educational experience for this 16-year-old. Unlike many of his competitors he came to the sport a bit later than they did. “It’s always been a thing with my dad. He used to do it a while back, got back into it and started the shop,” he said. “At first I really didn’t want to do it, just wanted to help him

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    NNKC: Karter of the Year.

    RENO (Dec. 3) – Northern Nevada Kart Club (NNKC) held its annual awards banquet at the Grand Sierra Hotel and Spa this weekend. Awards, including special recognition, finishes and a very special one were handed out as well as a raffle for prizes. President Brian Rivera started things off with some comments about the state of the club and his hopes for the future. Rivera explained the future of the track is still up in the air as negotiations with the airport authority are still going on. He also introduced the 2016 board and noted the elections won’t be held

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    NNKC: 125 Stock Moto champ.

      Season in review is when we can look back at this past year and honor those that have raced as well as the champions. First recap is for the Northern Nevada Kart Club and their successful season. Stock Moto 125 is the fastest class the club has. These karts use a 125cc motor hitched to a six-speed gearbox that not only delivers speed but it puts the driver under some pretty strong G loads in the corners. Mike Faker won the first event back in April followed by Dean Andrews, Jeff Wamre and Jeremy Kay. After that Kay ran

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    NNKC: KPX, Senior LO206, Milton and Mills.

    STEAD (OCT. 16) – Desert Park Raceway closed out its racing season as the Northern Nevada Kart Club hosted the final round of the KPX Karting Championship series. To say it was a bit soggy would be an understatment. After the preliminary heat races the grids were set and Jr. 2 LO206 class was first on the slippery, wet track. By that time the rains that were absent from the qualifying sessions had return and were steady. As a safety measure flagman Dave Brandt moved off the stand he usually is on and stood by the track close to Turn

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    The season’s final race is also when titles are clinched for any racing series. STEAD (Oct. 2) – Desert Park Raceway echoed with the sounds of racing as the Northern Nevada Kart Club closed out its 2016 points season. Despite the wind and temperatures the racing was as hot as ever as championships were secured. Usually each driver gets one throw away so if they have a bad race that isn’t counted against them. However this race, which was for double points, can not be dropped so competing was very important. As the wind picked up and temperatures dropped the

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    NNKC: Graves leads Wright in Kid Kart main.

    Hot hazy weather didn’t stop the go kart racers from competing at their home track. STEAD (July 31): Desert Park Raceway was alive with the sound of racing as the Northern Nevada Kart Club (NNKC) staged the six round of its season. The youngest drivers are in the Kid Kart class where they start to earn their racing spurs. Even though there is a winner all of these youngsters get the same medal because many times just finishing is winning for them. On this day, however, two of these young drivers put on what may have been the race of

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  • Desert Park Raceway: HOT DAY AT THE TRACK

    Desert Park Raceway: 125 Stock Moto

    Reporters Note: Due to the 4 of July holiday next week’s racing reports will be published on Tuesday. Wishing everyone a great holiday. STEAD (June (26) – Desert Park Raceway was a busy place this Sunday. Despite the heat a good number of racers showed up to compete in the fourth round of this year’s Northern Nevada Kart Club’s series. “We didn’t have a very good second heat so I knew I had to get him (Mike Faker) on the start or had to pass him somewhere he’s weak at,” Jeremy Kay said after winning the 125 Stock Moto main.

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    Northern Nevada Kart Club: Jr.-1, Hill and Gourley.

    Good weather blessed the latest race for NNKC and racers answered with a day of speed. STEAD (June 5) – The Northern Nevada Kart Club raced round four of its 2016 season at Desert Park Raceway on Sunday. While it was warm the weather wasn’t too bad as everyone was ready to go. Once again the fastest karts were in the Stock Moto 125 shifter class. This year’s it’s been a duel between young Jeremy Kay and Mike Faker with Dean Andrews chasing them. At the end of this round winner Kay said, “Usually Mike has a pretty good start

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    NNKC: Senior LO206 duel for the lead.

    This time the weather gods once again smiles on the Northern Nevada Kart Club. STEAD (May 22) – NNKC’s (Northern Nevada Kart Club) first race of the season was a rain out but today the club made it up. Desert Park Raceway was once again home to the sounds of karts tearing around the track. Saving the best for last the combined Sr/Sumo LO206 race had the closest finish for the day. And the winner wasn’t sure until that final sprint to the checkered flag. At the post race weigh in winner Stephanie Callahan said, “I ended up back behind

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    NNKC: Zach Rivera leads his uncle Brian.

    After dodging rain during their last race, area go kart racers were blessed with an almost perfect weekend.   STEAD (May 15) – NNKC (Northern Nevada Kart Club assembled this weekend for the third race in its 2016 season. This time Mother Nature cooperated and gave the racers great weather. In racing the idea is to never give up, that is until the checkered flag flies. And that was proven in the day’s final race. “The race was pretty good, he (Mike Faker) just had a little mistake and looped it around, so I just got by him, pretty lucky

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