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    Rattlesnake Raceway: Gene Kay wins the Pro Stock main.

    It was a wild night at Rattlesnake Raceway this weekend. FALLON (July 23) – Rattlesnake Raceway had the prefect storm of multiple car cautions that made for a marathon night. This happened despite the best efforts of the track crew. Before things got rolling the track honored Jim Rains, who was a fixture there during the 1980’s and 90’s. Not only did he race but he built many cars that also competed at Rattlesnake Raceway. To honor his memory the Hobby Stock field formed a “missing man,” formation where the pole position was left empty. Then all the drivers did

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    Virginia City Grand Prix poster.

    It’s another action packed weekend for race fans and the plate is over flowing with choices for almost anyone. Motorsports preview this week has something for all most any racing fan. Either live, on TV or the Internet. Biggest event in our area is the 45th annual Virginia City Grand Prix. A must do race for most off road motorcycle racers and a victory that many covet but few earn. The Comstock Classic starts on main street at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Riders line up in rows of 10 and are launched a few seconds apart. There are some

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Miller wins 99th IMCA victory.

    A little late getting this out but had to clarify something. All set so her it is sorry for the delay.   (FALLON, APRIL 16) – Rattlesnake Raceway was blessed with spring like weather, a good track and car counts for its second points race of the season. And this time one driver dominated the IMCA Modified main, which is usually pretty competitive. “The car really felt good, I mean the track had some grip to it but I think this shock package we got made it feel like I had a lot more grip,” Robert Miller said after winning

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    Fernley/Wadsworth Motocross Track.

    It’s another weekend full of events for any race fan, from live action in our area to events nationally and overseas. The motorsport preview this week is full of racing action. In fact almost any type of fan can find something either locally, on TV or the Internet. First of all our sponsor Reno Motor Sports is celebrating it’s 20th year in business. If you have the time, or before heading to one of the races on Saturday stop by, check out what they have and have a “Dennis Burger,” their being served after 11 a.m. One event begins Friday

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Robert Miller

    Rattlesnake Raceway’s season opener might be over but here are some of the photos I didn’t use in my article as well as a video I shot during the evening. Congratulations to all the winners, fans and drivers that showed up. It was a great night, good crowd and a lot of hard racing. Bodes well for the upcoming season. If you enjoy this please “like,” it and share as widely as possible. Comments are welcome. Subscribers have articles posted to their inbox as soon as they are on the website. If you are into the riding lifestyle, just like

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Pro Stocks.

    As this season progresses another track has its opening night and even had a special class to help headline the show. Rattlesnake Raceway, located just east of downtown Fallon, opened its 2016 season with a night of hard racing. It also marked the return of the Pro Stocks to the track with the Buehn Motorsports Pro Stock Challenge. The race had a $1,000 to win incentive and was the first round of the Nevada Pro Stock Association’s 10-race series. For winner Robert Miller it was a day of emotional up and downs. It started when he attended his cousin, Chuck

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    Supercross - Musquin and Dungey.

    Finally racing has begun in earnest here in this area as the Speed Merchants entertain their fans. Racing preview for this week is pretty full now that the Easter Holiday is behind us. Series, both here nationally and internationally, will be at full throttle. Locally the oval track season is progressing as Rattlesnake Raceway opens its 2016 season Saturday. Racing, which includes the cars and karts begins at 6 p.m. and round out the field will be the first round of the new series for the Nevada Pro Stock Association as these cars mark their return to the track. On

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    Al Lockett Off-Road and Motorsport Expo.

    Racing is really heating up as series are getting started both nationally and internationally week. Racing preview for this week has local happenings that lead into the new season, which starts next week. Out in the Fallon area two tracks have having test-and-tune sessions. South of town, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Top Gun Raceway has testing for drag racers. Just east of downtown, Rattlesnake Raceway is having its practice or play day probably starting around 10 a.m. Northern Nevada Kart Club will be in action Sunday with its annual Practice Race Day at Desert Park Raceway. The track

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    Nevada Pro Stock Association - Gordon Russell's car wit new graphics.

      After almost going extinct one racing class has had new life given to it and is ready for this season. The Nevada Pro Stock Association is ready to get this season rolling. And this year there are more races and should be larger car counts. Over the past several years the class all but disappeared but thanks to the efforts of Gordon Russell Feyder and others the class has a new life. Asked why it almost disappeared Russell said, “A lot of what happened was the price of racing went up but the payout went down. You’ll never make

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    Rattlesnake Raceway/Reno Air Races - the racing Buehns.

    Racing is a family sport, one where usually sons, daughters and the rest follow in their elder’s tire tracks. But there are some exceptions to this. The racing Buehns are one of the very few husband wife teams where both compete on oval tracks. In this area the Natenstedts are the only other duo like this. But Dennis and Tami Buehn not only race Hobby Stocks but he’s a six-time T-6 Gold champion at the Reno Air Races.   His involvement in air racing goes back into the late 1960’s when he got involved with Ed Weiner, who was racing

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - A modified spins into the mud.

    First Look at the 2016 racing season has something for almost any race fan. The upcoming season is like looking at a puzzle where most of the pieces are already in place. But there are a few more to be added including three events, two of which are new. As is usual the desert racers in the MRANN (Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada.) will begin the season with two events in February. The first is in the traditional area north of the Nixon off ramp located east of Fernley on I-80. It’s the first of the spring series. Due

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    Wild West Motorsports Park - Ultra 4's in action.

    Season Review of the 2015 year in racing for this region. With the year ending it’s time to take a look at this past season and set the stage for what is to come in the New Year. As usual the desert racers in MRANN raised the curtain for racing in this region. It was the Dead Horse event that’s staged north of the Nightingale Exit on I-80. Veteran Reece Honea won the overall with Steve Garnett not that far behind. Further down the standings Kyle Townsend ended up fifth ahead of Dan Capparelli and, rookie to the expert division,

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Zach Cail heads for the checkered flag.

    Rattlesnake Raceway has several young champions and here are two of them. FALLON (Nov. 23) – Racing champions, especially those that compete on short tracks, are a varied group. They come from all types of occupations and age groups. This year, among its champions Rattlesnake Raceway had two that are in high school and compete in very different types of racing. On the oval this year’s track champion is high school senior Zack Cail, who now races in the IMCA Modified division. And he’s no stranger to being a champion. “Last season I drove a Sport Mod, won the championship

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - IMCA champion - Zach Cail

      RATTLESNAKE HONORS ITS CHAMPIONS AT AN ANNUAL FEAST. FALLON (Oct. 16) – Rattlesnake Raceway ends its year with the awards banquet. Trophies are awarded and the class champions are honored as are others receiving special awards. After the potluck buffet everyone settled down and enjoyed the feast. Then the real desert started when the hardware began to be handed out to the drivers and special award receipents. Before that part started LARA president Chris Lumsden explained that every class is named after someone that was a long time participant at the track but has since either stopped racing or

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    Rattlesnake Raceway; Video from Saturday’s Dirt Track Championships, which closed the 2015 season for this track. If you enjoy this video please “like,” it and share it as widely as possible. Comments are welcome.

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