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  • LIVFAST EXIT 28 VIDEO: OCT. 25, 2015

    Livefast Exit 28 - Nate Tiearney leads the 125/250 charge.

    Livfast Exit 28 hosted the third round of the 2015 fall motocross series. Great day for racing and here my video of some of the starts during the first motos. It ends with that train after the Whip Contest. If you enjoy this please “like,” it and share as widely as possible. Comments are welcome. Subscribing to the site means as soon as an article is posted here it will also appear in your inbox.  

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    MRANN - Amatuer start.

    Racing preview still has a variety of events for the race fan even this late in the year. As the season winds down there are still a couple of events to go in our region. This weekend MRANN will stage its final race of the season outside of Winnemucca. As usual things start at 9:30 a.m. Saturday followed by the Women/Mini Bikes/Bomber race. Then later that evening there will be Trick and Treats for those camping and maybe even a costume contest. On Sunday – first day back to standard time – the big bikes start their race at 10

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    Livfast Exit 28 - Sedanna Losey is about to pass Dylan Thorwaldson.

    LIVFAST Exit 28 was the scene of hard riding and racing motocross style.     EXIT 28 (OCT.25)- The third round of this fall’s Motocross series was a day of hard, racing with some very close finishes as well as sweeps. After winning second 125/250F pro/intermediate moto Nathan Tiearney came to a stop turned and said to Tony Giusti and Gage Lemm, “I could hear you guys behind me the whole time. My hat’s off to these guys, they were riding good.” Then he said about his race, “The race was good for me, I got a good start, held

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    MRANN - Levii Hutchings leads the race.

    Purgatory Peak video from 10/18, Desert eNVy race. Have to give a special thanks to Carley Legenbauer for her help in doing the starts. Have that and some of the finishes. If you enjoy this video please “like,” and share it as widely as possible. Comments are welcome.

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    MRANN - Dan Capparelli chases Corey Fletcher for second.

    MRANN headed to Purgatory Peak for the latest of its desert races. And fortunately Mother Nature mostly cooperated for the big bike race. PURGATORY PEAK (Oct. 18.) – The desert racers of MRANN assembled here this weekend for the seventh round of their series. It was the Desert eNVy 100 at Purgatory Peak staged by the Tank Slappers MC club. Saturday’s rains help set make the dirt perfect for the big bike race on Sunday. “The course is awesome, most fun I’ve had racing a dirt bike in a while,” Levii Hutchings said after winning the race. “There’s rain on

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    Livfast Exit 28 - start of a moto.

    Racing Preview for this weekend is still varied although various series are heading for their final events of the season. Racing is winding down in Northern Nevada but there is one local event this weekend. Livfast Exit 28 is hosting the third round of the spring motocross season. Practice is on Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Then on Sunday gates will open at 6 a.m. followed by practice sessions with a hoped for 9 a.m. start to the motos. Once more chance for local riders to compete. With fall in full swing, and winter approaching racing on TV

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - IMCA champion - Zach Cail

      RATTLESNAKE HONORS ITS CHAMPIONS AT AN ANNUAL FEAST. FALLON (Oct. 16) – Rattlesnake Raceway ends its year with the awards banquet. Trophies are awarded and the class champions are honored as are others receiving special awards. After the potluck buffet everyone settled down and enjoyed the feast. Then the real desert started when the hardware began to be handed out to the drivers and special award receipents. Before that part started LARA president Chris Lumsden explained that every class is named after someone that was a long time participant at the track but has since either stopped racing or

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    Ultra4 Nationals - Wild West Motorsports Park, Loren Healy 4400 winner.

    Ultra4 returns to Northern Nevada with its brand of wild racing. SPARKS (Oct. 17) – The Nitto Tires Ultra4 Nationals visited Wilde West Motorsports Park this weekend. They brought their crowd-pleasing mayhem as drivers not only had to get around the track but also had to race over fields of boulders. And the big race of the day was the 4400 main. “It was an amazing race, we did start out a little slower this weekend but everything kind of pulled together and we’re able to get back up front,” Loren Healy said after taking the checkered flag. “Everybody was

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    Ultra 4 Nationals will be at Wild West Motorsports Park this weekend. Here is a preview Rick and I did for the event. And you’ll get to see what it looks like from the driver’s view as well as from outside the rig. THE VIDEO CAN ALSO BE SEEN ON YOU TUBE, LOOK FOR WILD WEST 2015 ULTRA 4. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO PLEASE “LIKE,” AND SHARE IT AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME.

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    Wild West Motorsports Park - Ultra 4 Nationals

    Racing preview for this weekend has a unique and major event this weekend as well as desert motorcycle racing action. The Nitto Tire Ultra 4 Nationals moves into Wild West Motorsports Park for a Saturday race. If you’ve never seen this event it is one of the wildest races on the planet. An Ultra 4 is a cross between an all out desert racer and a rock crawler. And they do race across two fields of rocks, and those rocks, well they’re more like boulders. Saturday is when the main action happened and things really start going around 10 a.m.

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    OTMX Hosted round two of the fall motocross series at the Sandbox on Oct. 11th. Here is a video of some of the starts during the morning. Lost track of so not sure about which class two of them are in. However most are correct. Looked like a great day to be racing and there was a wonderful rider count. If you enjoy this please “like,” it and share it as widely as possible. Comments are welcome.

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    Fernley 95A Speedway - Paul Stone (66P) holds off Brian Poppa.

    The Two Day Show at the 95A Speedway is an annual happening, of the wild kind. FERNLEY (Oct. 10/11) – The racing year ends at Fernley 95A Speedway with an annual two-day show. It’s always been a wild show full of action, carnage, speed and this year was like the last ones. Saturday is reserved for heat races and mains for the two smallest classes. For everyone else there were two sets of heats with a driver’s average being used for placement in Sunday’s main events. After the dust settled and the checkered flag waved on the 40 or 45

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    Fernley 95A Speedway - IMCA 4-wide salute to the fans.

    Championship Night was delayed due to rain so the track moved the main events to a night where it didn’t rain. FERNLEY (Oct. 9) – After having the season’s final mains were rained out Fernley 95A Speedway held a make up race Friday night just before its annual two-day show. After capping his championship year with a victory, Robert Miller said, “It was good and all I can say is that the race is 30-laps and it’s not over until the end and there’s 30-laps and not 10. I want to thank, first and foremost my brother Randy, R&J Landscaping,

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    VORRA - Wild West Motorsports Park - Rob Parsons wins Class 1.

    Here is the video from the VORRA event at the Wild West Motorsports Park on October 4th. It has the start of the second moto for all the classes except for Group T. Sorry that got messed up.   IF YOU LIKE THIS PLEASE “LIKE,” IT AND SHARE AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME.

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    Fernley 95A Speedway - final events to end the 2015 season.

      Racing Preview has another varied menu even though racing is winding down. This week still has some local events, even though the season is winding down. And, of course there is still plenty of action on TV and the Internet. Locally the action begins on Friday night when Fernley 95A Speedway has the main events that were rained out last Saturday. The action begins at 8 p.m. and is the final points races of the season. Then on Saturday 95A Speedway is again in action starting at 6 p.m. as it begins the annual two-day show. The small cars

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