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    Supercross - Musquin and Dungey.

    Finally racing has begun in earnest here in this area as the Speed Merchants entertain their fans. Racing preview for this week is pretty full now that the Easter Holiday is behind us. Series, both here nationally and internationally, will be at full throttle. Locally the oval track season is progressing as Rattlesnake Raceway opens its 2016 season Saturday. Racing, which includes the cars and karts begins at 6 p.m. and round out the field will be the first round of the new series for the Nevada Pro Stock Association as these cars mark their return to the track. On

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    Fernley 95A Speedway photo gallery.

    This gallery is just some of the photos I didn’t use in the article about the season opener. 95A Speedway’s opener was a good afternoon of racing. Even though the car count was a bit down the drivers still gave a good account of themselves. Now the at Easter weekend is past us the count should increase as well as the crowd numbers. Even the classes with the fewest cars showed speed and the Pure Stock winner, while unchallenged had to over come challenges his car gave him. And Robert Miller, the Pro Stock winner had a good shake down

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    Fernley 95A Speedway - Cory Sample wins.

    Finally after a long winter’s wait cars are beginning to roar around area tracks once again. FERNLEY (March 26) – Fernley 95A Speedway began the region’s oval track season on Easter Saturday. It was an afternoon of hard racing and the IMCA feature had a come from behind winner. “This is one bad ass hot rod and one bad ass race track and I’m proud to be here and do it in front of you guys. Fernley is the real deal and that’s where we race at right here,” Cory Sample said. “The race was emotional for sure, was running,

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    Fernley 95A Speedway.

    A little slow this week with the holiday but its another lull before the storm of action. Racing preview this week is a bit slim as the Easter holiday is upon us. Most national and international series are taking a holiday until things get going with a bang next week. However there are a few things happening in our region and over the hill. For drag racers Summit Racing will the place to be on Saturday. The NHRA will have chassis certification there from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. And oval track racers and fans will be happy as Fernley

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    Need2Speed - Matt Bowen, general manager.

      A sure sign that spring is here is the annual show by Al Lockett. RENO (March 19/20) – Lockett’s Motor Sport Expo is part of his annual spring show highlighting many recreation areas including boats, landscaping, fishing and RV’s. On the motor sport side there are off-road related clubs, shops and other displays more focused on racing. One booth is from the Off Road Hall of Fame based in the National Auto Museum. Its now headed by the next Executive Administrator Barbara Rainey, who working on the hall’s next big effort. “The big thing we’re working on right now

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    Livfast Exit 28

    Here is a portion of the photos I didn’t use for the article about the race at Livfast Exit 28. It was from Sunday, March 13, first round of the MX775 Classic Sprint Motocross series. And I’m including a video from the first motos. I have nine of the first 10 starts. Sadly was distracted and didn’t get the 250/450 Pro start. If you enjoy this please share and “like,” it and share as widely as possible. Comments are welcome. Subscribers have articles posted to their inbox as soon as they are on the site. We no have our first

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    Al Lockett Off-Road and Motorsport Expo.

    Racing is really heating up as series are getting started both nationally and internationally week. Racing preview for this week has local happenings that lead into the new season, which starts next week. Out in the Fallon area two tracks have having test-and-tune sessions. South of town, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Top Gun Raceway has testing for drag racers. Just east of downtown, Rattlesnake Raceway is having its practice or play day probably starting around 10 a.m. Northern Nevada Kart Club will be in action Sunday with its annual Practice Race Day at Desert Park Raceway. The track

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    Livfast Exity 28 - Tony Giusti and Justin Minsch

    Finally the long awaited spring motocross season has started. Livfast Exit 28 began the MX775 Spring Classic motocross season. Strong winds and cool temperatures couldn’t keep a large group of racers away as they were ready to rip. Several teams were also present including RMS, Moto Source, Design Tech 1 and Testa Motorsports that brought between 30 to 40 riders. The second 250/450 Pro and Intermediate moto had a rider from each division going for the victory. They flew around the track, got some big air going by the flagman and turned the moto into their own private duel. After

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    Supercross - Eli Tomac wins at Daytona.

    Racing is heating up and this week’s preview has where the action will be for fans. Racing preview this week includes another local race as well as what’s on TV and the Internet, which is of special interest to those that are two-wheel fans. Not only does Daylight Savings Time begin on Sunday but that’s the same day of the first round for the 775 Spring Classic motocross series. So fans and competitors need to reset their clocks Saturday night.   The location will be east of Sparks at Livfast Exit 28 Motocross Track. People can camp there and on

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    Nevada Pro Stock Association - Gordon Russell's car wit new graphics.

      After almost going extinct one racing class has had new life given to it and is ready for this season. The Nevada Pro Stock Association is ready to get this season rolling. And this year there are more races and should be larger car counts. Over the past several years the class all but disappeared but thanks to the efforts of Gordon Russell Feyder and others the class has a new life. Asked why it almost disappeared Russell said, “A lot of what happened was the price of racing went up but the payout went down. You’ll never make

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    MRANN - Keith Alosi and Wayne Weidemier

    Here is the MRANN video from Blue Wing Flat. Please excuse the error I made in the video title, my fault entirely. Once again I’m indebted to the efforts of Brittany Hutchings as she took care of the video duties. Many thanks to her and hopefully she can continue to help me. Can’t do both the video and stills at the same time. It was great weather and good fields so the promise of a great season is being realized. Good hard racing with only one rider needing much medical attention. Not to mention getting a helicopter ride to Reno.

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    Supercross - Ryan Dungey 450 winner.

    As the racing season gets closer and closer the action is heating up across the country. And soon it will be locally as well. Racing preview for this week will be a bit shallow locally due to either the weather or tracks preparing for upcoming races. But there is still a bunch of racing to be watched on TV and the Internet. First and foremost there will be no practice sessions this Saturday and Sunday at the Livfast Exit 28 Motocross Track. The crew is prepping for next week’s opening of the local motocross season. Further east Rattlesnake Raceway has

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