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    PJ&CO Sign.

    PJ&Co Restaurant/Saloon is well known to the riding community in this area. And we want to welcome them as the newest sponsor to help support this site. The business is located at 1590 South Wells Avenue on the corner with Grand Canyon Boulevard. Owner Steve Erickson raced motocross in his younger days and still rides for fun. “I was a racer in the early 70’s and raced motocross in Southern California in ’70, ’71, ’72, grew up racing down there,” he said. “I turned expert when I was 17 so I was racing with some of the greats. In the

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    Concours Auto Body

    RENO – Concours Body Shop is our latest sponsor and we want to welcome them to our site. The company is owned and operated by veteran racer Gil Grieve and his capable staff. When asked how long he’s been in business Grieve said, “31 years and in this location 29. Well I started in the back building, as times passed and the business grew we went from the big back building all the way to the current location to where I have all three buildings, my 40,000 square feet and my two and a half acres.” And last year there

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