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    Virginia City Grand Prix poster.

    It’s another action packed weekend for race fans and the plate is over flowing with choices for almost anyone. Motorsports preview this week has something for all most any racing fan. Either live, on TV or the Internet. Biggest event in our area is the 45th annual Virginia City Grand Prix. A must do race for most off road motorcycle racers and a victory that many covet but few earn. The Comstock Classic starts on main street at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Riders line up in rows of 10 and are launched a few seconds apart. There are some

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  • Motorsport Preview: April 21/24-2016

    Fernley 95A Speedway - BCRA Midgets.

    Another weekend is ahead of us with another buffet of racing events. This week’s Motorsport Preview is another mixed bag of events that includes a special one in our area. This big event will be at Fernley 95A Speedway as the track hosts a double header with the BCRA Midgets and the Nevada Pro Stock Association joining the regular classes. The last NPSA winner Robert Miller should again be in B.J. Pearson’s Nuclear Banana car. If he also races his IMCA modified he’ll be going for his 100th victory in that class. We also want to give a shout out

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    EPA Editorial

    This reporter has never done an editorial on racing but this time I’m going to make an exception. Please read this carefully and help save our sport. Over the past year this reporter has heard rumblings about the EPA’s attempt to essentially restrict the conversion of a vehicles originally designed for on-street use to a racing vehicle. After receiving the latest issue of Racing Promotion Monthly, a publication for the short track industry, I decided to write this editorial. And for those that don’t know people involved in short track racing, fans or drivers, it concerns all types of racing

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    Al Lockett Off-Road and Motorsport Expo.

    Racing is really heating up as series are getting started both nationally and internationally week. Racing preview for this week has local happenings that lead into the new season, which starts next week. Out in the Fallon area two tracks have having test-and-tune sessions. South of town, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Top Gun Raceway has testing for drag racers. Just east of downtown, Rattlesnake Raceway is having its practice or play day probably starting around 10 a.m. Northern Nevada Kart Club will be in action Sunday with its annual Practice Race Day at Desert Park Raceway. The track

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    MRANN - racers decend a hill.

    It’s finally here, the long wait is over as it’s the start of season when motors roar and the green flags wave. Racing preview this time has a host of events that one can view as well as the first race in our area to get this season started. East of Fernley and 10 miles north of the Nightingale exit on I-80 is where the Trail Blazers motorcycle club will host the first MRANN race of the year. It’s the Fireball Ridge 100, the 18th Hare and Hound race. On Saturday the Pee Wee racers get things started at 10

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - A modified spins into the mud.

    First Look at the 2016 racing season has something for almost any race fan. The upcoming season is like looking at a puzzle where most of the pieces are already in place. But there are a few more to be added including three events, two of which are new. As is usual the desert racers in the MRANN (Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada.) will begin the season with two events in February. The first is in the traditional area north of the Nixon off ramp located east of Fernley on I-80. It’s the first of the spring series. Due

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    Wild West Motorsports Park - Ultra 4's in action.

    Season Review of the 2015 year in racing for this region. With the year ending it’s time to take a look at this past season and set the stage for what is to come in the New Year. As usual the desert racers in MRANN raised the curtain for racing in this region. It was the Dead Horse event that’s staged north of the Nightingale Exit on I-80. Veteran Reece Honea won the overall with Steve Garnett not that far behind. Further down the standings Kyle Townsend ended up fifth ahead of Dan Capparelli and, rookie to the expert division,

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Zach Cail heads for the checkered flag.

    Rattlesnake Raceway has several young champions and here are two of them. FALLON (Nov. 23) – Racing champions, especially those that compete on short tracks, are a varied group. They come from all types of occupations and age groups. This year, among its champions Rattlesnake Raceway had two that are in high school and compete in very different types of racing. On the oval this year’s track champion is high school senior Zack Cail, who now races in the IMCA Modified division. And he’s no stranger to being a champion. “Last season I drove a Sport Mod, won the championship

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    NASCAR - Kyle Busch making a pit stop at the Texas race.

    RENO (Nov. 12) — Although racing in our region has ended for the year there is still some action. For those motocross riders that want to sharpen their skills or just stay sharp, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday there are practice sessions at the Livfast Exit 28 track. In Southern Nevada the annual Duel in the Desert is underway. Qualifying and preliminary mains begin this afternoon in a three day show that leads up to Saturday night’s 40-lap IMCA Modified main. We here at want to wish the best to all the Northern Nevada drivers

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    Wild West Motorsports Park - Ultra 4 Nationals

    Racing preview for this weekend has a unique and major event this weekend as well as desert motorcycle racing action. The Nitto Tire Ultra 4 Nationals moves into Wild West Motorsports Park for a Saturday race. If you’ve never seen this event it is one of the wildest races on the planet. An Ultra 4 is a cross between an all out desert racer and a rock crawler. And they do race across two fields of rocks, and those rocks, well they’re more like boulders. Saturday is when the main action happened and things really start going around 10 a.m.

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    Northern Nevada Kart Club night race.

    Racing preview for this week is a buffet of different types of racing, live, on TV and the Internet. There is a varied menu for racing fans in this area with three different live events to fill the weekend. On Saturday afternoon the Northern Nevada Kart will bring down the curtain on their season with the annual night race at Desert Park Raceway. Practice begins around 4 p.m. and after qualifying racing will begin as they roar into the night. Any championships that are up for grabs will be decided by the time the final checkered flag waves. Fernley 95A

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - David Ausano wins the Hobby Stock main.

    Rattlesnake Raceway ended the regular season with its champion’s night. FALLON (Sept. 12) – The point season ended for the track and division champions were recognized. And fans got to see a varied program that included cars, Outlaw Karts and Mad Metal Mud Drag Racing. After winning the Hobby Stock main, Dave Ausano was beside himself with joy. After taking a victory lap he jumped on top of his car and waved the checkered flag. “It’s been a long year and feels great. Man, that was one heck of a race, Royce was almost flawless, made one bobble and here

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - Zach Cail chases Vince Evenson for the lead.

    Rattlesnake Raceway had its championship night to close the regular season on Sept. 12. Here is the video from that night. If you enjoy this please “like,” it ans share it as widely as possible. Comments are welcome.  

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    Ferney 95A Speedway - Super Stock 4 class.

    Racing preview for this week has something for just about every race fan. And one traditional event, not returned to its original venue is doing something special to honor the sport’s history. With Labor Day weekend here, one regional track is ending its 2015 season while another is continuing on. With few races left in the season points are becoming critical for many drivers. Fernley 95A Speedway hosts its second race in as many weeks, starting at 6 p.m. Saturday and all the car classes will be in action. Further north, in Susanville at the fairgrounds, Diamond Mountain Speedway stages

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    VORRA/Ultra 4 Fallon 250 Poster.

    Racing preview for this weekend is again a menu of varied motosport events both in our region, on TV and the Internet. This weekend Fallon is the site of two very different events. The biggest is probably the VORRA/Ultra 4 Regional race known as the Fallon 250 and the pit area is east of Fallon around Salt Wells. Registration is on Friday, at Stockman’s Casino from 1 to 5 p.m. and competitors can inspect the course but at their own risk. Then at 6 a.m. Saturday production classes, 9, 11 and Full Metal start with a time limit of 9-hours.

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