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    King of the Hammers

    Even though there’s not much racing going on there is a major desert event this week. RENO (Feb. 3) – The Racing Preview for this week is still sparse but there is some action to be watched. Locally Livfast Exit 28 Motocross Track should have its usual practice sessions from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. And a special shout out for two area drivers heading to Yuma, Arizona. Shawn Natenstedt and Jake Holland will compete in the Winter Nationals at Cocopah Speedway on Friday and Saturday evenings. The event is broadcast live on, which is a

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    Rattlesnake Raceway - A modified spins into the mud.

    First Look at the 2016 racing season has something for almost any race fan. The upcoming season is like looking at a puzzle where most of the pieces are already in place. But there are a few more to be added including three events, two of which are new. As is usual the desert racers in the MRANN (Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada.) will begin the season with two events in February. The first is in the traditional area north of the Nixon off ramp located east of Fernley on I-80. It’s the first of the spring series. Due

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    Wild West Motorsports Park - Ultra 4's in action.

    Season Review of the 2015 year in racing for this region. With the year ending it’s time to take a look at this past season and set the stage for what is to come in the New Year. As usual the desert racers in MRANN raised the curtain for racing in this region. It was the Dead Horse event that’s staged north of the Nightingale Exit on I-80. Veteran Reece Honea won the overall with Steve Garnett not that far behind. Further down the standings Kyle Townsend ended up fifth ahead of Dan Capparelli and, rookie to the expert division,

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    Ultra4 Nationals - Wild West Motorsports Park, Loren Healy 4400 winner.

    Ultra4 returns to Northern Nevada with its brand of wild racing. SPARKS (Oct. 17) – The Nitto Tires Ultra4 Nationals visited Wilde West Motorsports Park this weekend. They brought their crowd-pleasing mayhem as drivers not only had to get around the track but also had to race over fields of boulders. And the big race of the day was the 4400 main. “It was an amazing race, we did start out a little slower this weekend but everything kind of pulled together and we’re able to get back up front,” Loren Healy said after taking the checkered flag. “Everybody was

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    Ultra 4 Nationals will be at Wild West Motorsports Park this weekend. Here is a preview Rick and I did for the event. And you’ll get to see what it looks like from the driver’s view as well as from outside the rig. THE VIDEO CAN ALSO BE SEEN ON YOU TUBE, LOOK FOR WILD WEST 2015 ULTRA 4. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO PLEASE “LIKE,” AND SHARE IT AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME.

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    Wild West Motorsports Park - Ultra 4 Nationals

    Racing preview for this weekend has a unique and major event this weekend as well as desert motorcycle racing action. The Nitto Tire Ultra 4 Nationals moves into Wild West Motorsports Park for a Saturday race. If you’ve never seen this event it is one of the wildest races on the planet. An Ultra 4 is a cross between an all out desert racer and a rock crawler. And they do race across two fields of rocks, and those rocks, well they’re more like boulders. Saturday is when the main action happened and things really start going around 10 a.m.

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    Wild West Motorsport Park - Silver State Rock Crawling Championship

    Racing preview for this week and a new event on the menu. RENO – This week is another mix of different events, some local and others national. And this time there’s something new. Two events in our area are two-day affairs running on Saturday and Sunday. The new one is the Silver State Rock Crawling Championship held at the Wild West Motorsports Park. What it might lack for speed the competition compensates by offering major obstacles for competitors to negotiate. The action begins at 10 a.m. each morning and is on the west side of the parking lot on top

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    Fallon 250 - photos not used in the article.

    Fallon 250 gallery is made up of just some of the photographs I didn’t use in the article about the race. This year the race was divided into two parts; VORRA’s classes started early in the morning and raced into the daylight and dust. A few hours later the Unlimiteds from the ULTRA4 series launched and raced into the night. This arrangement allowed the Ultra4 series to use this race as a west coast regional. This means the drivers can qualify for the Nationals in October with a good finish. All in all it was a full day of hard,

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    Fallon 250 - Loren Healy on his way to winning the Ultra 4 part of the event.

      Fallon 250 was very different as two series combined forces to stage a day into night desert racing event. SALT WELLS (Aug. 29) – This year’s Fallon 250, the last desert race on VORRA’s (Valley Off Road Racing Association) calendar, was a bit different. This time the event was a western regional for Ultra4 series and drivers could use it to qualify for their nationals in October. As a result, 50 Unlimiteds showed up plus around 70 for VORRA. The race was split for all the VORRA and limited classes raced into the daylight while the Ultra4 Unlimiteds raced

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    VORRA/Ultra 4 Fallon 250 Poster.

    Racing preview for this weekend is again a menu of varied motosport events both in our region, on TV and the Internet. This weekend Fallon is the site of two very different events. The biggest is probably the VORRA/Ultra 4 Regional race known as the Fallon 250 and the pit area is east of Fallon around Salt Wells. Registration is on Friday, at Stockman’s Casino from 1 to 5 p.m. and competitors can inspect the course but at their own risk. Then at 6 a.m. Saturday production classes, 9, 11 and Full Metal start with a time limit of 9-hours.

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