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    Northern Nevada Kart Club night race.

    Racing preview for this week is a buffet of different types of racing, live, on TV and the Internet. There is a varied menu for racing fans in this area with three different live events to fill the weekend. On Saturday afternoon the Northern Nevada Kart will bring down the curtain on their season with the annual night race at Desert Park Raceway. Practice begins around 4 p.m. and after qualifying racing will begin as they roar into the night. Any championships that are up for grabs will be decided by the time the final checkered flag waves. Fernley 95A

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    Rattlesnake Raceway: David Ausano celebrated winning the Hobby Stock main Saturday.

      Rattlesnake Raceway ended its 2015 season with it annual end of the season event. FALLON (Sept. 27) – One sign if fall is the annual Dirt Track Championships here. It’s two days of racing full shows and a driver’s combined finishes determines where they place. After the dust settled on Saturday’s IMCA event Robert Miller said, “It is definitely a plus starting on the pole, I mean there’s not doubt about it. About halfway I had some brake issues and didn’t know if I was going to be able to hang on as I was struggling to keep a

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    MRANN Wild Horse Hare Scrambles - first and second Austin Serpa (left) and Dan Capparelli.

      MRANN headed east for Round 2 of its Fall series and did a rare one-day event. TOULON (Sept. 27) – Western States Racing Association had a busy weekend here. On Saturday they ran an Enduro event for AMA District 36 the on Sunday the club hosted round 6 of the MRANN racing series, The Wild Horse Hare Scrambles. “I think I started riding over my head really early in the second loop,” Austin Serpa said after winning the big bike race “I had a lot of close calls and Capparelli got really close to me in the middle of

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    Silver State Rock Crawling Championships - Truck Roll Over.

    Rock Crawlers converged on this area for a two-day show, one that gives them a chance to display their driving skills in a very challenging environment. MUSTANG (Sept. 26/27) – This weekend a new event, Silver State Rock Crawling Championship, was held at the Wild West Motorsport Park. Good weather and 57 competitors help make it a success.Unlike the other events at Wild West this one was located on top of a hill on the west side of the parking lot. “I don’t think I could have expected it to go much better than it did,” promoter Jesse Haines said

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    Special Notice for this week: Since I have to work Monday the racing articles will be delayed. If possible I’ll try and get one of the three out Monday night. If not then they will appear on Tuesday with the third probably out by Wednesday. Sorry.

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    Wild West Motorsport Park - Silver State Rock Crawling Championship

    Racing preview for this week and a new event on the menu. RENO – This week is another mix of different events, some local and others national. And this time there’s something new. Two events in our area are two-day affairs running on Saturday and Sunday. The new one is the Silver State Rock Crawling Championship held at the Wild West Motorsports Park. What it might lack for speed the competition compensates by offering major obstacles for competitors to negotiate. The action begins at 10 a.m. each morning and is on the west side of the parking lot on top

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    Air Race Photo Gallery has just a few of the many shots I took at this year’s races. My favorite is of the young fans that were, well over whelmed by it all. Hope you enjoy this and if so please “like,” it and share these as much as possible. Comments are welcome.

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    National Championship Air Races - Hoot Gibsone and owner Tiger Destefani with the winner's trophy.

    Air Races end on a Sunday, a special day for pilots and crews as its time to let it all hang out. STEAD (Sept. 20) – Sunday is the golden day for the six air racing classes as that when their respective national championships are on the line. So for the pilots and the teams it’s a golden day, one that ends about a year’s worth of preparation and effort that gives the winners bragging rights for a full year. The stars of the show are the Unlimiteds, piston powered, propeller driven and usually war birds. And the Breitling Gold

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    National Championship Air Races - Strega returns from winning the Unlimited Gold.

    Racing recap is a bit short this time as it’s a preview of what will come late Sunday afternoon or early evening when the full article is posted. STEAD – This Sunday was a day for records may have been broken, dreams came true, history was made and a popular racing aircraft showed more promise than it has for the past several years. But this recap is going to be very short. By tomorrow evening the full article from Sunday will be posted. Hopefully I can get quotes from two pilots and then I’ll have something from all the Gold

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    National Championship Air Races - Strega wins Unlimited Gold heat race.

    Racing recap for Saturday, the day when the fast Unlimiteds met again and the oldest jet in the class won its first race. STEAD AIRPORT: Showdown day for the fastest Unlimiteds, as they vie for the pole position in tomorrow’s Gold race. The winner gets the place closest to the pace jet, which gives them the initial inside line. When the field was let go Rare Bear briefly head the lead until Strega roared past. After the it was all over but for the shouting as Hoot Gibsoon roared away to the victory. Behind him Rare Bear and Voodo dueled

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    National Championship Air Races - Chiwami Takagi-Read heads to the sky.

    Women at the Air Races covers a broad spectrum of involvement. From pilots, to controllers, to crew members, to journalists; here is an article about two of them. STEAD AIRPORT – This year the Sport Class has been growing and one of the new rookie pilots is Chiwami Takagi-Read. She’s racing the plane owned by Richard Ogg although its his name listed in the program. “I’ve been in aviation since 1995 and was a helicopter pilot first, now I’m an instructor and teach from private to ATP,” she said. “When I was a little child I always wanted to fly,

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    Air Race recap has first time the fastest Unlimiteds went head to head. Plus other winners. STEAD AIRPORT – Today the fastest Unlimiteds finally took to the skies in their first showdown of the year. And a popular racer showed that it was back after holding off another popular aircraft. On the start Stewart Dawson, flying Rare Bear, took the point with Hoot Gibson in Strega right behind him. Lap after lap they ran nose-to-tail and sometimes almost wingtip-to-wingtip. In the end Dawson prevailed with Gibson not far behind while Steven Hinton cruised to a solid third place. Dennis Sanders,

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    National Championship Air Races - Rick Vandam laid down the fastest lap during qualifying.

    Fastest pilots at the Air Races put down ripping laps during qualifying. And now here they are. STEAD – Now that everyone had raced its time to introduce the fast qualifiers at this years NCAR. These are the ones that everyone wants to catch and pass. Fastest of all is Rick Vandam, who flies a L-39 jet and posted his fast lap at 491.036 mph. He bumped Sean Cushing off the pole on the final morning of qualifying. “Qualifying went great, did a little work on the airplane and it went faster. It was windy and bumpy but everyone had

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    Thom Richard - IF1 and Unlimited racer

    Highs and Lows have marked one racer’s year. And now he’s ready to race at the NCAR. Thom Richard is having a very different and unexpected NCAR experience. But his Florida resident is still having fun in Reno. “This the first time I’m fielding two different race classes at the same time, that’s a bit of a chore to begin with,” he said. “And both airplanes were top contenders so that’s a lot of work. Top line aircraft are very labor intensive as you know.” But before he came to Reno there was a matter of competing in two overseas

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    Racing recap has highlights from the first full day of racing at the National Championship Air Races. STEAD – First, a correction from yesterday. It was mentioned on various posts that Stewart Dawson in Rare Bear had declared a Mayday. While I thought it might be true turns out it actually never happened. A source within the team informed me that Dawson was up just in case Steven Hinton, in Voodo, decided improve his qualifying speed. In fact both pilots orbited high above the course but neither tried to get in another fast lap. Today was the first full day

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