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Hot August Nights fills the streets of Reno and Sparks with cars from years past and brings thousands of people to this area.

RENO/SPARKS (Aug. 4/5) Hot August Nights is one of the happiest events of the summer in this area. People come from all over and locals dust off their prize older cars to show and parade around in the cruises that high light the event.

Things actually began in July when a local radio station helps push cruise nights that happen in several locations. But now the real thing is in full swing.

Down on Virginia Street, owners line up their cars to be shown off while others will cruise down the middle. Over at the Events Center there are the “Big Toys for Big Boys,” exhibit.

Want wheels, headers or just about anything you can get or decorate a car with, you’ll find it here. And if you want a shirt, some CD with songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, well you can get them as well.

And if you’re into neon signs, there is one exhibit that’s a wall full of these things.

All the casinos have areas set aside for cars to be displayed. The Grand Sierra has its northwest parking lot for this while both the Peppermill and Atlantis not only have cars on display but there is a route where cars can cruise through these areas.

They also have entertainment and vendors in all the areas.

And the Barrett-Jackson Auction is right across the street or sky bridge from the Atlantis.

As far as cruising, well Sparks is the place many locals go to in the evening. The cars begin cruising at 7 p.m. and run for at least three hours.

And if you get there early you’ll see many in the cruise parked for a closer look.

And the Sparks Nugget even has burnouts and drag racing in its west parking lot.

For further information check out HAN’s website as each day’s activities are listed. You can find it at,

So if possible make your way to Reno or Sparks this week. It’s one great, big party.

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