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LOVELOCK, NV (May 26) – After being rained out two weeks ago Lovelock Speedway finally got its season going. Unlike the earlier date the car count was pretty slim but the track when ahead and opened its 2017 season.

After the dust settled on the IMCA main winner K.C. Kubichek said, “I don’t think I’ve got a lot of horsepower but I’ve got pretty good drive off the corner. The slick part was Turn 2 and if you come in to there it was pretty tacky right in 1 but you had to feather it off in 2 as it was slicking off pretty good there. It’s getting greasy over there and I’d try an come in a little easy.”

Then he thanked sponsor Desert Disposal as well as his family, friends and those that come out and support his efforts.

Lovelock Speedway

A happy K.C. Kubichek after winning the IMCA main.

His main competition should have been Cory Sample but an electric motor in his transporter failed and that made sure the car could not be unloaded. So for the main Fred White loaned his car to Sample, who only got two hot laps to get used to it.

Every car is set up a bit different to suit it driver so no two handle exactly alight. Getting into another car cold and racing it is no mean feat.

When the green waved on the 25-lap main Don Childs was on point with J.D. Jurad right behind him. Then Jurad took the lead only to give up later in that lap when Childs got it back.

Behind him Kubichek had moved into third and had a bead on the lead duo. Behind them Sample was moving towar the front.

Then on lap-8 Sample lost the handle in Turn 2, slid sideways and wound up against one of the tires that mark the inside of the track. This caused a caution and Sample had to rejoin the race at the back of the pack.

When the green waved Kubichek grabbed the lead followed by Don Childs while Jurad and Shaun LaRoque began a many lap duel for third. Four laps later Childs spun out of second in Turn 11.

On the restart Kubichek took off while Jurad and LaRoque resumed their duel but for second this time.

Just as Jurad and LaRoque caught Myers he lost the handle and spun. This allowed LaRque moved into second while Jurad dropped back and eventually finished sixth.

After his second spin Myers headed for the pits. But up front it was all Kubichek with Sample, now in second, giving chase. During the race Kubichek set the fastes lap of 16.670 seconds.

Asked if he know how Sample was Kubichek said, “I felt him coming up behind me, I knew he was there.”

In the end Kubichek prevailed with Sample running a close second. LaRoque and Don Childs took the next two places.

Unfortunately only four Hobby Stocks showed up and their race was a Bob Shank benefit.

When their 15-laps main began John BeBrum was briefly in the lead while heat race winner Shank used the outside line in Turn 1 to claim the poing. After that is was all Shank as he ran away with the race.

Behind him Alex Kniestedt and John DeBrum were disputing second place. But in the end Kniestedt wound a distant second.

Lovelock Speedway

Bob Shank wins the Hobby Stock main.

After the race Shank said, “It was fun and the high side was really working for the car tonight. Going into 1 was pretty slick and 3 was pretty slick but up high it had grip for days. I need to thank Tony Taylor, Tim Wearin and my wife Wendy, my son Alex, CMF, Butts Up Doc Graphics and Custom Metal Fabrication>

Next race for Lovelock Speedway will be on Friday, June 9 with a 7 p.m. start time.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the resuts.


  • NASCAR has spent the last two weeks at its home in Charlotte, North Carolina where virtually all the teams are located.

In Saturday’s Xfinity race Brendan Gaughan started 17th and finished ninth. Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600 is the longest race of the year and a passing storm made it a marathon.

At the end of the 600 miles Kyle Busch just ran out of time and ended up second while older brother Kurt finished 8th.

• If you, or someone you know, are interested in motocross and would like to help the events in this area there is an opportunity, even if you don’t ride. The clubs are looking for more people to do lap checking and you’ll get paid for helping.

Interested? Well if you or know someone that is, please call Ronda Gentry at 775-742-2914.

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IMCA Modifieds:

+ Heat #1: 1. K.C. Kubichek, 2. Shaun LaRoque, 3. Don Childs, 4. Fred White.

DNS: Cory Sample.

+ Heat #2: 1. Jeff Macedo, 2. J.D. Jurad, 3. Alec Childs, 4. Todd Myers.

+ Main (25-Laps): 1. K.C. Kubichek, 2. Cory Sample, 3. Shaun LaRoque, 4. Don Childs, 5. Alec Childs, 6. J.D. Jurad, 7. Jeff Macedo, 8. Todd Myers.

Hobby Stocks:

+ Heat: 1. Bob Shank, 2. Alex Kniestedt, 3. John DeBrum, 4. Krystal Kotney.

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Bob Shank, 2. Alex Kniestedt, 3. Krystal Kotney, 4. John DeBrum.


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