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Mustang – The Battle Born Moto Fest returned to the Wild West Motorsports Park this weekend. Unlike last year it was a two-day affair with two very different events.

While Freestyle MX was planned the winds were too great for that to happen. However the rest of the racing went on.

On Sunday there was the Wild West Hard Enduro, a race that went for 90 minutes and the course was anything but easy.

After starting on the main straight the riders went up the hill, down the ski jump and headed for the rocks, but unlike Ultra 4, they raced up those then over and down the sand part of the climb, up some more rocks and up the large hill on the east side of the track.

For the winner, well he was on a mission and the closest anyone got to him was right after the start.

Battle Born Moto Fest

Promoter Matt Musgrove waves the checkered flag for Hard Enduro winner Kyle Redmond.

“The course was good, had fun, pretty short laps so you were just kind of going and going. But it was fun and glad I made it out,” Kyle Redmond said after completing 12 laps. “Was good, was a good tough track. When it was clear it wan’t that bad as you could kind of carry your momentum but when there were people in the way it was tricky to find new lines and stuff.”

Then he thanked SRT, Husqvarna, Kenda Tires, Craig Thompson for getting him out here.

On the start Redmond took off and was the first up the rocks and over the top. The same couldn’t be said for the pack as most riders found themselves in a huge bottleneck and really weren’t going anywhere soon.

Battle Born Moto Fest

The bottleneck that caught most of the riders.

In fact when Redmond made it around he was faced with the majority of the field still bogged down on the rocks. However he found and used different lines and get through and on his way to start his second lap.

It would take many in the bottleneck most of the first hour just to get through the rocks and up the hill. While Redmond was the best Mitch Carvolth, who was a lap or so behind him also found a way through as did third overall Mike Aranda.

There were other tricky parts including negotiating an up hill with tall grass and rocks. Plus some obstacles along the fence by the stands, it was a challenging course to about everyone.

Once the 90 minutes expired a rider was given a time and not just a lap. Redmond had 38 seconds as he completed his 12th lap just after the time limit so he was credited with 11 full laps..

Carvolth took a bit longer and completed nine laps plus 5 minutes, 33 second while third place Mike Aranda only completed four laps but did a fifth with an added time of 20 minutes 18 seconds.

Promoter Matt Musgrave said that only 30% of the riders actually completed the full time. In the pros there were three DNF’s while in the amateurs, there were six and Sparks rider Tyler Seeheutter seems to have scored the class win.

In the end many said they would return next year and challenge the Hard Enduro course again.

Saturday was a whole different event that had both a hill climb as well as a Verticcross where two riders did the hill climb. Like he did on Sunday Kyle Redmond topped the finals as well as the pro division.

And Sparks riders, using an extended motorcycle won the 251-450cc Extended class. Those bikes have a much longer trailing arm than the normal motorcycle so they are longer and all the climbers used a rear tire that had ribs kind of like paddles.

At the end of Sunday promoter was asked about the weekend and he said, “Pretty well, as far as thre racing end we had a higher turnout than last year in the IRC Tires Silver State Motoclimb. The hill was much better and we had a good 20 foot ledge at the end and everyone seemed to have fun.

“The Hard Enduro was awesome, a lot of guys dropped out which is good, the course was difficult, we had Kyle Redmond here and he said good things about it. So we can only go uphill from here, the turnout was a little lower than expected but we expect to do better in the years to come.”

For further information on the series there is a website, as well as a Face Book page.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results. As I didn’t have a riders list there will be very few names listed, will do better next year.

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Battle Born Moto Fest – Wild West Motorsports Park

  • Sunday, June 4:

+ Hard Enduro (Pro):

  1. Kyle Redmond, 2. Mitch Carvolth,3. Mike Aranda, 4. Tyler Gainous,  5. Joshua Mourzakis, 6. Phillip Allen, 7. Lance Smith.

+ Hard Enduro (Sportsman):

1.Tyler Seehuetter, 2. Craig Thompson, 3. Wyatt Naccarato, 4. Tom  Walker, 5. Clayton Rianda, 6. Warren Harris, 7. Jeff Robinson, 8. Erik Schaffer, 9. Alex “Feeki” Ficco, 10. Dennis Matthews,11. Nathan Burt,12. Tyler Gnutzman.

• Saturday, June 3:

+ 65cc:

  1. Wyatt Harrington

+ 79-112cc Stock:

  1. Jon Wolfson.

+ 125-250cc Stock:

  1. Kyler Baranard, 2. Jon Wolfson, 3.Tate Morehead, 4. Isaiah Roddick, 5. Matthew Gaspar,  6. Joe Maples, 7. Dennis Matthews, 7.Maxwell  McCormack, 8. Justin Watkins, 9. Natalie Saylor,  10. Chad Barnard.

+251-650cc Stock:

  1. Kyler Barnard, 2. Dan Castelhano, 3. Jon Wolfson, 4. Kevin Driver, 5. Tate Morehead, 6. Tyler Seehuetter, 7. Wyatt Naccarato, 8. Joe Maples, 9. Daniel Ludtke, 10. Dwight Hill, 11. Juan Ruan, 12. Isaiah Roddick, 13. William Watkins, 14. Jeff Robinson, 15. Trever Roland, 16. Richard Parise, 17. Derek Blais.

+ Women 0-550cc:

  1. Natalie Saylor.

+ 0-66cc Xtnded:

  1. Wyatt Harrington.

+ 85cc Xtnded:

  1. Jon Wolfson, 2. Wyatt Harrington, 3. Adriana Maples.

+ 251-450 Xtnded:

  1. Tyler Seehuetter, 2. Joe Maples, 3. Jon Wolfson, 4. Daniel Castelhano, 5. Tyler Gnutzman, 6. Daniel Ludtke, 7. Wyatt Naccarato,  8. Trever Roland, 9. Arthur Swiecki, 10. Isaiah Roddick, 11. Ben  Buserwini, 12. Dan Marino, 13. Jeff Robinson, 14. Kyler Barnard, 15.  Natalie Saylor, 16. Gabriel Gaspar, 17. Richard Parise, 18. David Byrkit, 19. Hannah Sandahl.

+ 451-550cc Xtnded:

  1. Matthew Gaspar, 2. Joe Maples, 3. Kyler Barnard, 4. Jeff Robinson, 5. Arthur Swiecki,6. Ben Buserwini, 7. Tate Morehead, 8.  Richard Parise, 9. Zachary Gaspar, 10. Tyler Seehuetter, 11. Dwight Hill, 12. Mark Allen, 13. Hannah Sandahl.

+ 0-550cc Women:

  1. Natalie Saylor, 2. Hannah Sandahl.

+ 0-550cc Xtnded Vet 35+:

  1. Dwight Hill, 2. Tate Morehead, 3. Brad Larson.

+ OTH Pro:

  1. Erik Schaffer.

+ 700 Pro:

  1. Logan Mead, 2. Joshua Mouzakis, 3. Joesph Allnutt, 4. Bailey  Dillard, 5. Phillip Allen, 6. Mike Norton, 7. Brad Larson, 8. Tyler  Gainous, 9. Kevin Newman, 10. Jacob Botelho, 11. Scott Morey, 12. Lou  Narvaez, 13. Jacob Davis, 14. Andrew Cumpian, 15. D.J. Gainour.

+ Unlimited Pro:

  1. Logan Mead, 2. Joseph Allnutt, 3. Kevin Newman, 4. Tyler Gainous,  5. Erik Schaffer, 6. Lou Narvaez, 7. Scott Morey, 8. Jacob Davis.


+ Pro: 1.

Kyle Redmond, 2. Logan Mead, 3. Joseph Allnutt, 4. Josh Mouzakis, 5.  Kevin Newman, 6. Phillip Allen, 7. Tyler Gainous, 8. Jacob Botelho, 9. Jacob Davis, 10. Mike Norton, 11. Dan Hilsabeck.

+ Finals:

  1. Kyle Redmond, 2. Joseph Allnutt, 3. Josh Mouzakis, 4. Logan Mead,  5. Kevin Newman, 6. Phillip Allen, 7. Tyler Gainous, 8. Jacob Botelho, 9. Jacob Davis, 10. Mike Norton.


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