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Racing began a day earlier this week and there was a bunch of hard racing to get the weekend started.

Lovelock, NV (June 9) – The second round for the Lovelock Speedway was on Friday and it was the first of a three-race series held on three different tracks. And the race of the night came from the class with only four entries, the Hobby Stocks.

Lovelock Speedway

Mark wins the Hobby Stock main.

“That was the wildest ride I’ve had in my life and it was so much fun. I’ve never gone on an apron like that and gone up to the wall,” said Mark Hain after winning the feature. “I figured we’d just stay in the slick part until it dried out. It was crazy as you would slide all the wan until Turn 3 until you hit that marbley stuff then the car would bite.”

Then he thanked sponsors Need 2 Speed and Hain Enterprises.

When the green flag waved Ray Davis took off with Bob Shank not far behind him. Exiting Turn 4 Shank used the highline to grab the lead and took off as he was rim riding around Turns 3 and 4.

However Hain, after finding the the low line wasn’t working began to move up and started closing the gap with Shank. Soon they were nose-to-tail.

Asked about that Hain said, “I thought if I can get the car to hook thought the apex of Turn 4 then I can get him. Tried about with six to go but it worked but didn’t get enough of a run.”

Lovelock Speedway

Mark Hain (2) chases leader Bob Shank down the front straight at Lovelock Speedway.

Two more attempts and Hain finally got the run he needed, as well as the inside line, to get past Shank. In those final laps Shank tried but his car seemed loose to Hain was able to extend and win with about a 5 second gap.

Five Super Stock 4 racers, or Mini Mods as they are sometimes called showed up. In the heat race Jesse James just took off and left everyone in his dust but the feature was very different.

When the race began Suzi Schmitt was first on point until Rich Innis used an inside move exiting Turn 4 to grab the lead. For his part James had to start in the back so he had to get past the others.

By the time James took over second there wasn’t enough time to even mount a challenge as Innis had lapped most of the field and was closing in on the second place James.

The winning margin was a bit over 15 seconds or almost a full lap.

Back in the pits Innis said, “The track was a little wet and a little sloppy but I think we got it figured out. It was really soupy down low, you got about a groove and a half up in 3 and 4 you could get a little traction.”

Then he gave special thanks to Kenny Shcmitt for build this “fast hot rod,” and to IBEW Local 401 and Northern Nevada Lath and Plaster.

Sixteen IMCA Modifieds showed up although one was lost in a crash during one of the three heats and another, due to unknown problems, chose not to race in the main.

When the green flag waved sending the 14-car field into Turn 1 Shaun LaRoque briefly led until Turn 4. Behind him Joel Myers used the outside line to take second then an inside pass for the lead in Turn 4.

Back in the pack Robert Miller used an inside pass to grab second and shortly after that Cory Sample took over third. But up front there would be no catching Myers as his car seemed to be on rails.

In the end Miller was able to close the gap a bit but ended up second three seconds behind leader Myers. Third place Sample was about two seconds behind Miller.

After the race Myers, who towed in from Sebastopol, California said, “At the start the track was real, real good, stayed together real well but when I started getting into lap traffic the started pealing up really bad going into Turn 3. Coming out of Turn 4, if you missed the part that pealed up down the straightaway you’re fine. The car never got upset and was real drivable. The car was unbelievable, it was on a rail, every easy to drive and I like coming out here, only wish there were more Friday nights.”

Then he gave special thans to Sherrie and Brian Thomas at CT Racing, Ronnie at the shop, Bills at Triple X, Mobility Systems, Lucas Oil and Zane DeVibiss.

The race originally scheduled for Lovelock on June 24 has been canceled due to so many cars heading for a race in Cedarville, California.


  • For any of you at Lovelock or the other two races this weekend Melissa Coker was on hand taking photographs. Hope you will support her efforts. Her excellent work can be seen at

There is a photo gallery after the results.


  • Rattlesnake Raceway, despite a long rain delay was able to get its program in on Sunday.

The winners were, Travis Showe in Gen-X, Stephen Crook in Mod Minis, Shane Cazel in Street Stocks, Cody Morris in Hobby Stocks and by an entire lap Cory Sample in IMCA Modifieds.

Ty Tremain Fund Raiser

Ty Tremaine fund raiser poster.

• Wednesday is the fund raiser to help Ty Tremaine afford his trip to France. Although he was named on the American team for this year’s International Six Day Enduro the riders have to raise the funds by themselves.

The event runs from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 and Tremaine will be there to sign autographs plus there is a raffle, auction and T-Shirts to support this Gardnerville native.

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Lovelock Speedway – June 9.

Super Stock 4:

+ Heat: 1. Jesse James, 2. Rich Innis, 3. Steve Singley, 4. Anthony Messman, 5. Suzi Schmitt.

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Rich Innis, 2. Jesse James, 3. Suzi Schmitt, 4. Steve Singley, 5. Anthony Messman.

Hobby Stocks:

+ Heat: 1. Racy Davis, 2. Krystal Kotney, 3. Mark Hain, 4. Bob Shank.

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Mark Hain, 2. Bob Shank, 3. Ray Davis, 4. Krystal      Kotney.

IMCA Modifieds:

+ Heat #1: 1. Cory Sample, 2. Robert Miller, 3. Vincent Evenson, 4. Glenn Plake, 5. Chris Judy, 6. Fred White.

+ Heat #2: 1. Joel Myers, 2. JD Jurad, 3. Wade Taylor, 4. Ty Gamble.

DNF: KC Kubichek.

+ Heat #3: 1. Travis White, 2. Shaun LaRoque, 3. Lisa Taylor, 4. Brad Schmitt, 5. Will Fryckman.

+ Main (25-Laps): 1. Joel Myers, 2. Robert Miller, 3. Cory Sample, 4. Travis White, 5. Wade Taylor, 6. Ty Gamble, 7. Shaun LaRoque, 8. KC Kubichek, 9. Vincent Evenson, 10. JD Jurad, 11. Glenn Plake, 12. Brad Schmitt, 13. Chris Judy, 14. Will Fryckman.

DNS: Fred White, Lisa Taylor.


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