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A bit under the weather on Monday so this was slightly delayed.

FERNLEY (June 11) – The final round of the Battle Born MX spring series was highlighted with rain and wind. Despite this over 200 riders were on hand, some to just race while others were after points and maybe clinching a title.

While the overall turnout might have been a bit higher some classes have very good turnouts. In fact the 125/250 Beginner gate had 26 at the gate for the first moto and 23 for the second. Another good sign for the future was the Pee Wee Class where there were 14 Beginners and 4 Juniors. All of these youngest racers are starting their climb up the racing ladder.

And the last small bike class, 85cc the Open division had a dozen line up. Within a year or three most of these riders will move up to the big bike classes. In addition the 85cc Beginner Class fielded 23 riders and these riders will also rise in the ranks.

Battle Born MX

Tony Evans on his way to winning the 2-Stroke Open race.

There were only two pros on hand, Tony Evans and Collin McHaney, whose presence clinched the 250/450 title. Evans also won the 2-Stroke Open and showed that he still has speed even if he’s been out of it for a while before this year.

“The race was great, track was good, a little slick, was having some issues with my tear offs but the 2-Stroke is running good,” Evans said after winning his last moto. “Want to thank my family for letting me ride dirt bikes, RMS for always helping me out and Next Generation Dry Wall.”

One of the several racers tuning up for the Mammoth Motocross event was Dylan Thorwaldson, who scored a double with victories in 125/250 Junior and Schoolboy. In the 125/250 Junior final moto Ethan Lewis was running a close second for the entire race.

Battle Born MX

Dylan Thorwaldson flies over a jump as heads for victory in the 125/250 Junior Class.

After taking the checkered flag Thorwaldson said, “He (Lewis) was very close. It does help for Mammoth as the concrete starts are very good practice. I’d like to thank my dad, who owns Moto Source, my mom, my sisters as they bring me out to the races and help support me.”

That last moto victory should have clinched the 125/250 Junior title for the spring series.

Moving down the age ladder Owen Bills scored victories in both the 65cc Intermediate and Open classes.

Another rider tuning up for Mammoth was Tommy Jackson, who was racing in the series for the first time. While he did win the Supermini motos it was close as Trevor Hargett was giving him a run for his money and they were very close at the end.

“Oh yea I knew he was there, I hit bars with him so I knew he was right next to me,” Jackson said after taking the checkered flag. “The starts weren’t as bad as the track is drying so we can actually get off the line a little better.”

Then he thanked Testa Motorsports, him mom and his trainer Aaron Siminoe. Jackson will head for Mammoth in a few days as part of Team Testa.

While there were several close points battles going into the final race two of the youngest riders were actually tied. Aidan Conner and Pierson Potratz each had 66 points when the motos began.

After the second moto finished Drew Marsen won the day but Conner appeared to have the advantage with his second overall while Potratz finished fifth.

Other Pee Wee winners were Aidan Conner in Junior and Richard Duncan in the Beginner class.

In 65cc Beginner the margin was only two points between leaders Skyler Roberts and Rodger Facey. But at the end of the day Rowdy Richardson won the overall and Robert finished second, which should clinch that title.

Connor Gaarenstroom not only won the 65cc Junior title but his second place finish behind Owen Bills. in 65cc Open probably clinched a second title for him.

Another double winner was veteran Sedanna Losey as she topped the 38 plus Intermediate and Women’s A classes. In the first she ran against the men while in the second it was she and her sister Shami Potratz as they had their own private duel that settled that championship.

Going into the day Losey held a 12 point advantage and her winning their second moto probably sealed the deal for that title. But it wasn’t easy as Potratz won their first moto but after taking the lead made a mistake in the second, tipped over that allowed Losey to take the lead and win.

“I believe that last moto wrapped that championship up for me,” Losey said later. ” Shami beat me in the first moto then in the second she got the hole shot. I was right behind her then I passed her in the second turn. I led her for about a lap, she put a good pass on me and I just figured I’ve got to leave the pressure on her and see if I can make her make a mistake.

Battle Born MX

Early in the final Woman’s A moto sisters Shami Potratz (left) and Sedanna Losey were dueling for the lead.

“Sure enough, she tipped over in a turn and I was able to take the win. I’d like to thank Moto Source, Butch and Scott Stillmock for helping keep the bikes going and Dana (Her Husband) and all my kids for supporting me and cheering me on.”

In this season the Women’s Class was divided into separate parts, even though they race together. Losey will be the A champion while Lucy Moran should be the B champion.

While titles can probably be figured out they will be unofficial until all the results and points are totaled. To earn a class championship a rider had to compete in four of the six events.

Now, except for any riding days that might be arranged, the Sandbox will be a quiet place. That is until the fall schedule is set then it will again echo with the sound of motocross bikes.


  • Please remember and try to attend the fund raiser to help Ty Tremaine fund his trip to France in August he was picked to be part of the American ISDE team over there. Unfortunately each rider has to fund their own travel expenses.
Ty Tremain Fund Raiser

Ty Tremaine fund raiser poster.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There will be a photo gallery below the results. Wasn’t able to get all the winners but have shots of many of the.

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Battle Born MX – Round 6

Fernley/Wadsworth Motocross Track – June 11, 2017

Pee Wee:

+ 50cc Beg: 1. Richard Duncan, 2. Gaven Giomi, 3. Jaiden Roberts, 4. Branden Kuhn, 5. Gage L. Carlucci, 6. Jace Conner, 7. Rylan Skulason, 8. Walker Segale-Vandover, 9. Brody Roberts, 10. Abigail McIntyre, 11. Gauge Connor, 12. Broxton Potratz, 13. McKenna Evans, 14. Stephen Worrall.

+ Jr: 1. Aidan Conner, 2. Joseph Mitchell, 3. Drew Marsen, 4. Pierson S. Potratz.

+ Open: 1. Drew Marsen, 2. Aidan Connor, 3. Gaven Giomi, 4. Richard Duncan, 5. Pierson S. Potratz, 6. Jaiden Roberts, 7. Branden Kuhn, 8. Stephen Worrall, 9. Abigail McIntyre.


+ Beg: 1. Rowdy Richardson, 2. Skyler Roberts, 3. Hub Losey, 4. Charles Grubb, 5. Rodger E. Facey III, 6. Dalton Fain, 7. Joesph Mitchell, 8. Tyler Haroldson, 9. Jayden Tibbitts, 10. Hudson Losey.

+ Jr: 1. Connor Gaarenstroom, 2. Brock Ward.

+ Intrm: 1. Owen J. Bills.

+ Open: 1. Owen J. Bills, 2. Connor Gaarenstroom, 3. Cash Dunbar, 4. Rowdy Richardson.


+ Jr: 1. Chris Ober, 2. David Thomas.


+ Jr: 1. Jeff R. Tubbs, 2. Bob Woebbeking, 3. Chad Johnson, 4. Martin Moran.

+ Exp: 1. Rich Thorwaldson, 2. Layne Kolbet.


+ Beg: 1. Jason Daniels, 2. Brian Murdock, 3. Frank Abrott.

DNF: Joe Breed.

+ Intrm: 1. Sedanna Losey, 2. Jeromie D. Sorhouet, 3. Chris J. Leone.


+ Beg: 1. Tate Morehead, 2. Cuff Richardson, 3. Steve Worrall, 4. Nick  Petz, 5. Jason Matinez.

+ Intrm: 1. James Swain, 2. Sedric Robinson, 3. Danny Martin, 4. Matthew Sorhouet, 5. MichaelWorrall.

+ Exp: 1. Matt Manha, 2. Jeff Simas.

+ Pro: 1. Tony Evans.

25+ Open: 1. Frank Cody, 2. Daniel Pearce, 3. Jeff Simas, 4. Chris J. Leone.

18+ Open: 1. Jarrin Conn

Club: 1. Kevin Hargett, 2. Matt Manha, 3. Danny Martin, 4. Shami Potratz, 5. Sedanna Losey, 6. Chris Ober, 7. Denise Schwartz, 8. Bob Woebbeking, 9. Layne Kolbet, 10. Sedric Robinson, 11. Matthew Sorhouet, 12. Tate Morehead,      13. Jeromie D. Sorhouet, 14. Deanna Sorhouet.

DNS: Chris J. Leone, Jeff Simas.

2-Stroke Open: 1. Tony Evans, 2. Ethan Lewis, 3. Blayne Herrera.

Schoolboy: 1. Dylan Thorwaldson, 2. Chet Maga, 3. Kyle Brink, 4. Kyle J. Zimmer, 5. J.W. Thompson.

DNF: Mitchell Keen


+ A: 1. Sedanna Losey, 2. Shami Potratz.

+ B: 1. Lucy M. Moran, 2. Natalie Russ, 3. Jasmyne Herrera, 4. Amanda Ross, 5. Claire Petrie, 6. Hayden Losey, 7. Sierra Koch, 8. Denise Schwartz.


+ Beg: 1. Cole Palotas, 2. Treyton Maskaly, 3. Cash Dunbar, 4. Tyler Nichols, 5. Cameron Radli, 6. Austin W. Walker, 7. Rodger E. Facey III, 8. Riley Blanchette, 9. Zackery Paulson, 10. Lucas Evans, 11. Drew Johnson, 12. Brock Ward, 13. Dawson Daniels, 14. Connor Clifford, 15. Landon Martin, 16. Axel  Smith, 17. Hannah Munoz, 18. Bryce Daniels, 19. Liam Spears, 20. Joshua Paley, 21. Skyler Roberts, 22. Truman Belingheri, 23. Kaden  Solinski.

+ Jr: 1. Colton Chamness, 2. Owen J. Bills, 3. Greg Bradshaw, 4. Ayden  Katzenmeyer, 5. Cody Zimmer.

+ Open: 1. Ayden Katzenmeyer, 2. Colton Chamness, 3. Greg Bradshaw, 4. Cody Zimmer, 5. Tyler Nichols, 6. Treyton Maskaly, 7. Zackery Paulson, 8. Connor Clifford, 9. Rodger E. Facey III, 10. Landon Martin, 11. Liam Spears, 12.      Cole Palotas.

DNF: Joshua Paley.

+ Supermini: 1. Tommy Jackson, 2. Trevor Hargett, 3. Ayden Katzenmeyer, 4. Beveridge Chandler.


+ Beg: 1. Jared Mariscal, 2. Trevor Hargett, 3. Collin D. Hutson, 4. Cameron Solinski, 5. Kai. J. Kapahee, 6. Mason Patterson, 7. Beveridge Chandler, 8. Chandler Munoz, 9. Larry Owens, 10. Lucas Russ, 11. Nicholas  Lapin, 12. Reile Cole, 13. Justice Doyle, 14. Zachary R. Ketchum, 15. Brandon Maigatter, 16. Wyatt T. Hovde, 17. Lucy M. Moran, 18. Philip Muhilly, 19. Holland Losey, 20. Tristen Gargano, 21. Garret Linnell, 22. Ty Schulz, 23. Terrance Fetterly, 24. Robert Morrison, 25. Paul Pullen, 26. Kevin Gonzalez.

DNS: Nathan Gozalez.

+ Jr: 1. Dylan Thorwaldson, 2. Ethan Lewis, 3. Kyle Brink, 4. Devon L. Vanderberg, 5. Tristen Mathisen, 6. Tommy Jackson, 7. Jacob F. Hofer, 8.      Payton Kenneson, 9. Kyle J. Zimmer, 10. J.W. Thompson.


+ Beg: 1. Jeff R. Tubbs, 2. Bob Woebbeking, 3. Chad Johnson, 4. Martin Moran.

+ Jr: 1. Austin W. Lewis, 2. Blayne Herrera, 3. J.W. Thompson, 4. Jacob F. Hofer, 5. Tristen Mathisen, 6. Jarrin Conn, 7. Tommy Jackson, 8. Sean Botelho, 9. Larry Owens, 10. Tim E. Trainor, 11. William K. Winters.

+ Intrm: 1. Jonathan M. Norman, 2. Matt Manha, 3. Jason Chapman.

DNS: Chet Maga.

+ Pro: 1. Collin McHaney.


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