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MILFORD, CALIF. (June 18) – MRANN ends its spring season with the Corey Herring Memorial. The event honors a young rider lost nine years ago and is traditionally run on Father’s Day weekend.

This year the 5-mile course wound around the area including a run up the hill “395” and back down as well as including sending riders through both washes on each side of the park.



Vaughn Wilk wins the Expert race at the Corey Herring Memorial.

“Got the hole shot, dropped into this wash over here (north side), was just cruising and my mechanic, myself, the fuel line popped off,” Vaughn Wilk said after winning the Expert race. “So it just died and I was just sitting there holding the button for a few minutes, nothing happening until I finally figured out there was gas pouring all over my foot. I hooked it back up, got going and eventually made my way back to the front.

“It took four or five laps to catch Reece then once I got by him just tried to say smooth. The course was good, it was super good and for a local MRANN race it was awesome.”

Then he thanked his wife for her support, Dicks Racing, Roseville Yamaha and all his sponsors.

When the 32 riders were released and charged up the hill into the first right hand turn Wilk was in the lead with Reece Honea giving chase.

When the second lap began Honea was in charge and there was a small family battle going on as his nephew Brody Honea was trying to catch his uncle.

Behind them Max Parker and Austin Wilson were also in the hunt.

After reattaching his fuel line, Wilk was back in the hunt and went on to score the victory after working his way past Reece Honea.

Behind him Reece was beginning to fade due to the heat as was his nephew Brody Honea, who was catching him. In fact after crossing the finish line both appeared pretty exhausted from the 2-hour long race.

Max Parker was fourth followed by Austin Wilson and Ross Walong. Further back in 24th place was 69-years-young Pete Prichard.

The temperatures caused problems for many including Ricky Dahlberg as the heat seemed to have gotten the better of him and he pulled out for a short spell. Then he rejoined the fray and finished 20th overall.

From the start of the morning temperatures climbed throughout the day and ended around 92 by the final race. Now the Amateurs, who got to race first had a slight benefit as the weather was a bit cooler.

With this course all three big bike classes had separate timed races.

The Amateurs had a troubled start as some warning tape that would have directed them to take a different turn was missing. So after racing for a complete lap the field was ordered to reform, the tape replaced and they started their 90-minute race again.

During the first attempt Skylar Mattison got the hole shot but on the second go around Kyle Banta led the charge into the first turn. He later would fade and finished 32nd.

Before the field even reached the long up hill section Kurtis Gray was in the catbird’s seat and had a lead of almost a full minute.


Kurtis Gray won the Amateur race at the Corey Herring Memorial held at the Honey Lake MX Park.

The race stayed that way with Gray taking the checkered flag. Behind him Tyler Thompson took second while Kody Gray worked his way to a third place finish ahead of Russell Tontum.

After the checkered flag Gray said, “It was good, another guy got the hold shot then he took the jump line and I just went past him on the left. It was pretty fun and it is a great course. The uphill was fun because I’ve got at 250 and the rock sections, they were all great, the whole course is awesome.”

Then he thanked his father, Jim Gray for all the time he puts into helping his son. And then he included sponsors CMS, DDC Drive Components and Country Financial.

The day ended with a one-hour, fifteen-minute race for the Novice riders. As this was during the hottest part of the day these riders had their work cut out for them.

A banner start was used for all races. After everyone shut down their bikes a banner is raised for a time determined by those holding it.

Once it drops the riders kick their bikes to life and take off.

Evyn Smith not only got the hole shot but also had a pretty good lead before he event reached the first turn.

Behind him Tyler Fowler, Chase Rychlik and Christian Parker were doing their best to try and reel in the leader. But it was to no avail as Smith wound up wit over a minute lead at the end.

However it wasn’t a cake walk.

Heading into the final lap Smith had a rear flat tire and Fowler had been closing the gap. After heading past the timing chute Fowler had a very brief pit stop while ahead of him Smith was dealing with an ill handling bike.


Evyn Smith takes the checkered flag to win the Novice race at the Corey Herring Memorial

In the end Smith won the day and crossed the finish line a little over a minute ahead of Fowler. Behind them Rychlik and Parker ended up third and fourth.

“I started drifting everywhere and it didn’t make the uphills easy that’s for sure,” Smith said after taking the checkered flag. “I crashed multiple times, its rough out there.”

The he thanked his dad for coming out on Father’s Day. Smith was riding a new bike for the second time and the elder Smith was a part of getting it ready.

“Asked about his new bike, Smith looked at it and said, “It’s not brand new anymore and the back wheel is a little dented. The thing was trying to throw me the whole race. I also want to thank my mom and my brother, it’s not very often they get to come out here. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them behind me.”

Saturday was for the youngest and young riders as well as the V Women, that race on Saturday, Bombers and the popular Team races.

In the Pee Wee race Jesse Miller, in the 50cc 7 & Older group was first overall while 50cc and Under 6 rider Peyton Mass was second overall.

In the Mini Bike race Carson Calder, a 100cc amateur was first overall beating Caleb Bonneville, who is a 100cc Expert rider. Further down the standings sixth place Luke Rechel was the 100cc Novice winner.

In the combined race first overall was Bomber rider Taylor Brumit while second place went to Heather Pickering, who riders in Women’s expert. Going own the list Carley “The Rocket,” Legenbauer got her first class win in Women’s Amateur race while Jamie Jankes was the Women’s Novice winner.

The Team Races are very popular as two riders join forces for these 90-minute events. Topping the list this team was Honea/Berenbak.

Over the two days there were some injuries. On Saturday two riders went by private transport to be checked out and on Sunday one rider went by private transport while another earned an ambulance ride as his condition was a bit more serious.

All in all virtually everyone had a good time and now they’ll have a couple of months to rest and get ready for this year’s fall series. Then, at the end of the year, when all the points are totaled riders will know if they won a championship or where they placed in the class and overall points.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.

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MRANN at Honey Lake -Round 5, June 17/18

8th Annual Corey Herring Memorial Race

  • Sunday, June 18


+ 1. Evyn Smith, 200 Nov., 2. Tyler Fowler, Open Nov., 3. Chase Rychlik, 4. Christian Parker, 5. Mike  Majors, 250 Nov., 6. James McMurray, 30+ Nov., 7. Jon Stringer, 4-Stk Nov., 8. Riley Wood, 9. Brandon Jacobs, 10. Levi Faul, 11. Jared Silva, 12. Henery  Anderson,13. Peter Pensotti, 40+  Nov., 14. Matt Davie, 15. Tyler Hough, 16. Mason Wyman, 17. Gayden Rosales,  18. Conner McGowan, 19. Caleb Bonneville, 20. Brian Cameron, 21. Wyatt Hove, 22. Javier Silva, 23. Anthony Monachelli, 24. Mike Marcum, 50+ Nov., 25. Oran Fewer, 26. Arie Furlong, 27. Tristan Furlough, 28. Brett Picolet, 29. John Stratton, 30. Logan Smith, 31. John Barron, 32. Cody Kemp, 33. John Fletcher,34. Jimmy McNeill, 35. Dave Childers, 36. Ronald Kelley, 37. Mickey Castonguay, 38. Kyle Holfus.

DNF: Perry Chapman, Nathan Risley.


+ 1. Kurtis Gray, 250 Ama. 2. Tyler Thompson, Open Ama. 3. Kody Gray, 200  Ama., 4. Russell Tontum, 5. Skylar Mattison, 6. Will Allen, 40+ Ama., 7. Trevor Delucchi, 8. Ian Price, 9. Jacob Dacus, 10. Nathan Owen, 4-Stk Ama., 11. AlanMorton, 30+ Ama., 12. Paul Azevedo, 13. Steve Wakefield, 14. Kit Wolverton, 15. Grey Wyman, 16. Reggie Wheeler, 17. Kelly Joy, 18. Beth Legenbauer, Wmn Ama., 19. Ryan Albert, 20. Nick Delucchi, 21. Aaron Hawkins, 22.    Clinton Pheasant, 23. Bodhi Tanner, 24. Dan Johnson, 25. Brook Williams, 26. Craig Swindells, 27. Colton Scudder, 28. Thomas Lay, 29. Cody Jones, 30. Blake Hallvik, 31. Eric Wylie, 32. Kyle Banta, 33. Luke Merriner, 34. John Rychlik, 35. Chris Verderber, 36. Seth Connors, 37. Chris LaCruze, 38. Alek Simone, 39. Sam Fiddler, 40. Jacob Holley, 41.      Steven Finch.

DNF: Steven Morgan, Branon White.


+1. Vaugn Wilk, Open Exp., 2. Reece Honea, 3. Brody Honea, 250 Exp., 4. Max Parker, 5. Austin Wilson, 6. Ross Walton, 4-Stk Exp., 7. Irving Powers, 8. Jake Himphill, 30+ Exp., 9. Donavyn Morris, 10. Stephen Helms, 11. Jesse      Richardson, 12. Jack Rader, 40+ Exp., 13. Dan Rankin, 14. Zacory Cramer, 15. Greg Pheasant, 16. Casey Segale, 17. Ryan Jackson, 18. Chris Mass, 200 Exp., 19. Chuck Faul, 20. Ricky Dahlberg, 21. Chris Sunderland, 50+ Exp.,  22. Cliff Townsend, 23. Jesse Cunnally, 24. Pete Prichard, Over 60, 25. John Levie, 26. Nolan Rudd, 27. Wyatt Brittner.

DNF: Jason Chapman, Nick Collin, Nathan Gibson, Sean Jones, Jake Osborn.

• Saturday, June 17

Pee Wee:

+ 1. Jesse Miller, 50cc, 7 & Older, 2. Peyton Maas, 50cc, Under 6, 3. Wyatt Rankin, 4. Seth Rigsby, 65cc Novice, 5. Ava Delaney, 6. Jacob Surane, 7. Tyler Davenport, 8. Jacob Engelke, 9. Tucker Whitworth, 10. Charlie Albert, 11. Titan Allen, 12. Genevieve Miller, 13. Ryder Allen, 14. Mikele Levie, 15. Troy Pensotti, 16. Shea Zastawniak, 17. Henry Young, 18. Jaiden Roberts, 19. Cash Conners, 20. Trenton Johnson, 21. Kyra Tichenor, 22.  Hannah Engelke, 23. Kali Belsher, 24. Cole Hough, 25. Gatlin Knight, 26. Walker Segale, 27. Christa Ponsock, 28. Devan Tichenor, 29. Logan Blaire,      30. Payton Segale, 31. Hayden Himphill, 32. Anna Rigsby, 33. Quinn Connors.

Mini Bikes:

+ 1. Carson Calder, 2. Caleb Bonneville, 3. Jesse White, 4. Blair Rankin,  5. Arie Furlong, 6. Luke Rechel, 7. Austin Hough, 8. Lukas Dean, 9. Dalton Fain, 10. Dalton Legenbauer, 11. Kadyn Morton, 12. Garrett Dean, 13. Jordan      Maas, 14. Miles Silva, 15. Camie Ingram, 16. Nic Morel, 17. Cade Wilmer, 18. Anthony Braun, 19. Cody Wilmer.

Women & Bombers:

+ 1. Taylor Brumit, Bomber, 2. Heather Pickering, Wmn Exp., 3. Robert Brumit, 4. Beth Legenbauer, 5. Scott Martin, 6. Curtis Calder, 7. Taylor Kemp, 8. Carley Legenbauer, Wmn Ama., 9. Julianne Zotter, 10. Moriah McGraw, 11. Tina Boddin, 12. Colleen Connors, 13. Shannon Fiestde, 14. Sheah Ferrara, 15. Jamie Jenks, Wmn Nov., 16. Christina Courtney, 17.  Jessi Abplanalp, 18. Sierra Koch, 19. Cassie Searle, 20. Elliette Kennedy,  21. Sarah Gley, 22. Angie Figg, 23. Nicole Ellisworth, 24. Kelly Miller, 25. Morgan Martin, 26. Erin Grieve, 27. Brooke Baird, 28. Mackinzie      Dingley, 29. Johanna Stone, 30. Suzanne Andersen, 31. Shane Brumit, 32. Denise Ponsock, 33. Amanda Ross, 34. Claire Petrie, 35. Jennifer Tichenor.

Team Races:

+ 1. Honea/Berenbak, 2. Walton/Burke, 3. Honea/Van Dover, 4. Powers/Pheasant, 5. Team Wilson, 6. Berryman/Johnson, 7. Grump/Dahlberg, 8. Maas/Levie, 9. Miller/Morris, 10. Himphill/Connors, 11. Navarro/McIver, 12.  Albert/Faul, 13. Holley/Tanner, 14. Team Searle, 15. Fowler/Wymon, 16. Mason/Pheasant, 17. Bodden/Pheasant, 18. Russell/Rials, 19. Kyle/Mason, 20. Team Furlong, 21. Honea/Johnson, 22. Faul/Calder, 23. Stone/Burke, 24.      Calder/Collin, 25. Team Lacruze, 26. Tanner/Townsend, 27. Osborn/Harris, 28. Morgan/Scott, 29. Minasian/Meadows, 30. Cocking/Kemp, 31. Delgadillo/Weatherman.

* Overall finish plus class winners.


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