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FALLON (July 4) – Rattlesnake Speedway hosted its traditional Independence Day races as well as the town’s fireworks show. It was an evening with fireworks on the ground as well as in the sky.

The Mod Mini division put on the race of the night. When the green waved Suzi Schmidt was on point with Steve Singley giving chase.

Things changed when Schmidt spun out of the lead in Turn 4. There was no caution and everyone continued on as Jesse James was moving from the back toward the front.

There was another caution when Schmidt spun again. On the restart James tried to make an inside lunge for the lead but Singley held on.

After several side-by-side laps James then spun in calamity corner or Turn 4. Now there were only five laps to go and time was running short.

Rattlesnake Raceway

Closest race of the night was the Mini Mod main where Jesse James just beat Steve Singley at the line.

James was able to catch Singley and on the final corner took the outside line heading toward the checkered flag. That gave him enough of a run to take the victory as he edged Singley by a half car length.

The calamity race of the night was the IMCA main event. After much discussion about dust the race was finally started after the outside of the track was watered.

Well it took eight attempts before the entire field completed a single green flag lap due to various cars spinning. After the first two attempts the field was told to line up single file and they would be starting in that order.

Unfortunately some drivers didn’t seem to comprehend this so it took some time for the officials to finally get everyone into a single file.

Finally the green waved and launched the field where Cory Sample was on point with Gene Kay in 3n after him. Then three laps later there was another short caution.

On the restart Kay used an outside move to take the lead and the chase was on but this time Shawn Natenstedt inserted himself and made it a three-way fight for the lead.

Rattlesnake Raceway.

Cory Sample wins the IMCA main.

After several laps the top three spread out then there was a lead change where Sample took the point followed by Natenstedt an Kay and they would finish in that order.

The evening races began with the Street Stocks that had the biggest comeback of the night for Shane Cazel.

Rattlesnake Raceway

Hobby Stock winner.

However during a heat race Shane Cazel wound up in the wall then made repairs that were good enough to earn him the victory with Chuck Davis and Dillon Kintz taking second and third.

The Gen-X main began after a second attempt due to a car slowing before the field completed a full lap. On the second try Aalana Foreman was briefly in the lead until Will Evenson used an outside move in Turn 1 to grab the lead.

After that is was all Evenson as he roared away to claim the victory followed by Josh Evans and Foreman.

Rattlesnake Raceway

Will Evenson takes the checkered flag to win the Gen-X main.

After the race Evenson said, “We had started then a caution, then on the second start I took the lead.”

Then the thanked Evenson Law Office, Shane Krogg Auto Glass and Jimpoints Tires.

It would take three attempts to get the Dwarf Car main rolling. During the first try the leader spun out, in Calamity Corner and somehow everyone missed him.

On the third try, which was single file, things got rolling and Nick Winters was on point but not for long as Joe Frock was moving rapidly toward the front.

Eventually Frock took the lead and went into cruise control on his way to scoring another victory. At the end Glenn Sciarani took second with Christopher Winters third followed by Nick Winters and Roy Petersn.

Rattlesnake Raceway

Joe Frock wins the Dwarf Car main.

After the race Frock said, “It was a challenging track. Really had to exercise some caution when working through traffic. Nice night of racing with the fireworks and fires.”

The fires he was referring to were some set during the fireworks, right behind a launch point. The arriving fire fighters made quick work of it but for a while it got somewhat exciting.

Finally the night ended with the biggest class the Hobby Stocks. Around 20 cars started that main and Ray Miller briefly lead until Dan Dias took the point.

There would be a short caution after Shane Boyd clipped the Turn 4 wall in his car and limped to the pits. On the restart Dias took off with another car in hot pursuit.

The next caution came when a car lost a tire and would be towed to the pits. On lap 5 there was a two car tangle when one of them lost a wheel and Wade Lumsden apparently got some air when his car went over it.

Three more cautions would slow the pace but by now all restarts were single file.

In the final laps David Ausano was giving Dias a run for his money. That it is until Calamity Corner claimed Ausano as he spun out of contention.

From that point on the race belonged to Dias as he was unopposed and raced to the victory.

Rattlesnake Raceway

Dan Dias wins the Hobby Stock main event.

After the race he said, “In the beginning of the race the high side was really fast. Thanks to the coaching from my guy in the pit stands he told me to protect that bottom so just slowed it down, got on the bottom. Turned it into a motorcycle race, motocross without the jumps. That was awesome.”

Then he thanked, Dias Family Racing, Affordable Painting, my financee Angela and Johnson Family Racing.

• Earlier in the Day the Rattlesnake Outlaw Karts took to the small track inside the large oval. The Box Stock division has become huge and now needs a B main, which speaks well for the kart division.

Payton Albury was the Beginner victor while the Box Stock B main was won by Ainsleigh Evenson and Evan Gularte was the A main winner.

The 250cc and 500cc karts ran a combined event. Taking first overall in a 500cc was Jacob Dias and second place went to Blake Rauscher, who was the first 250cc racer to reach the finish.


  • This reporter is on Teresa’s Garage most Tuesday afternoons around 2:15 p.m. Pacific time.
Teresa's Garage

Teresa’s Garage Poster.

REPORTER’S NOTE: As of Friday afternoon the results from the car classes had not been posted on My Laps although the Outlaw Kart results had. Could not wait any longer and was disappointed I could not post the total finishes.

The result is no full results and could only focus on the winners although I don’t know the name of one of them. Hope this is corrected in the future.

Want to apologize to the Outlaw Karts for not arriving earlier so I have not photos of them. Will correct that the next time I’m there when they race as I appreciated them getting their full results to me.

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Rattlesnake Raceway – July 4



+HEAT 1: 1. # 5 Peyton Albury, 2. # 72 Michael Johnson, 3. #1R Adrian Richard,4. # 24 Alexis McBroome, 5.# 7 Kiley Detomasi

+HEAT 2: 1. # 87 Logan Goffinet, 2. # 7c Corbin Seay, 3. # 79 Audrey Packer, 4. # 6 Kaden Detomasi

+MAIN EVENT: 1. # 5 Peyton Albury, 2. # 7c Corbin Seay, 3. #87 Logan Goffinet, 4. # 72 Michael Johnson, 5. # 6 Kaden Detomasi, 6. # 24 Alexis McBroome, 7. # 1R Adrian Richard, 8. # 7 Kiley Detomasi, 8. # 79 Audrey Packer.


+Heat: 1. # 51 Jacob Dias (500), 2. # 3r Blake Rauscher, 3. #926 Ollie Gibbons, 4. # 07 Evan Rauscher, 5. # 01 Chase Cassel (500), 6. # 1w Trey Walters (500)

+MAIN EVENT: 1. # 51 Jacob Dias (500), 2. # 3r Blake Rauscher, 3. # 926 Ollie Gibbons, 4. # 07 Evan Rauscher, 5. # 1w Trey Walters (500), 6. # 01 Chase Cassel (500)


+HEAT 1: 1. # 59 Ragen Shupe, 2. # 12 Ainsleigh Evenson, 3. #10w Mallory Evenson, 4. # 71 Bo Taylor, 5. # 72 Shaylah Taylor.

+HEAT 2: 1. # 17m Evan Gularte, 2. # 13 Rowyn Shupe, 3. # 18b Michael Boyd, 4. # 23 Logan Cassel, 5. # 7 Jesse Boyd.

+HEAT 3: 1. # 14 Brysyn Simeral, 2. # 47 Gauge Felzke, 3. # 74 Robert McBroome, 4. # 26 Austin Enox, 5. # 83 Hayden Leach.

+HEAT 4: 1. # 08 Ryatt Older, 2. # 9L Luke Hayes, 3. # 80 Aaliyah Galindo, 4. # 53 Aaron Slighton.

+B MAIN EVENT: 1. # 12 Ainsleigh Evenson, 2. # 71 Bo Taylor, 3. # 23 Logan Cassel, 4. # 72 Shaylah Taylor, 5. # 18b Michael Boyd, 6. # 80 Aaliyah Galindo,7. # 7 Jesse Boyd, 8. # 26 Austin Enox, 9. # 83 Hayden Leach, 10. #      74 Robert McBroome,11. # 53 Aaron Slighton

+A MAIN EVENT: 1. # 17m Evan Gularte, 2. # 9L Luke Hayes, 3. # 47 Gauge Felzke, 4. # 13 Rowyn Shupe, 5. # 12 Ainsleigh Evenson, 6. # 18b Michael Boyd, 7. # 71 Bo Taylor, 8. # 59 Ragen Shupe, 9. # 08 Ryatt Older, 10. # 23 Logan Cassel, 11. # 14 Brysyn Simeral, 12. # 10w Mallory Evenson


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