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QUINCY, CALIF (JULY 22) – The American Valley Speedway had a two-day show one week after the Pro Stocks visited. Saturday was a night of some hard racing, with more cars than usual and a wild IMCA feature.

One reason was that Lovelock cancelled its race so several of those planning on racing there made the tow to Quincy and raced here. As a result there were 20 cars in the IMCA field.

“It’s so hard to hit a rhythm if you only make two or three laps at a time and after that red for the cable that was on the track, man, I just could not get in the turn and keep the car straight. I was just stopping getting into the turn, that’s the only thing I could do,” Ryan McDaniel said after winning the IMCA main. “It seemed like we ran 200-laps and after that long green flag run I’d look up at the flagman and still no white and thought I was going to run out of fuel before long.”

Then he thanked two drivers for their help with the first being Jeff Olschowka for loaning him a needed gear and Vincent Evenson for giving him some carburetor pills that really helped keep the car running. Then he included sponsors Icon Pistons, Domco Plumbing and the people that helped him get to the race.

American Valley Speedway

Ryan McDaniel salutes the fans as he wins the IMCA Modified main at American Valley Speedway.

When the race began it took only a lap before the cautions began to happen. Starting from the Pole McDaniel took charge and led the pack into Turn 1 followed by Anthony Slaney and the pack.

Then there were five cautions due to various spins and other things and the race was briefly stopped for a red flag due to an unusual situation.

The flagman noticed some lights moving and saw a cable had fallen onto the front straight so he put out the red flag. Fortunately the track crew was able to gather it up and get it off the racing surface as it wasn’t a power cable.

Due to the amount of cautions the race resumed around lap 4 but came to another halt when two cars got hooked together in Turn 2 and blocked the track.

After a period of time the cars were unhooked and on lap 9 the green flew again. Up frond McDaniel took off only to find his car’s handling wasn’t what he wanted.

Not far behind and closing was Cory Sample followed by Jeff Olschowka. In the final laps McDaniel and Sample pulled a gap on Olschowka as their duel continued.

At the finish McDaniel won the day followed by Sample, Olschowka and Slaney. Further back Vince Evenson managed to dodge the carnage and used a stead driver to claim fifth place ahead of Glenn Plake who started from the back then fell to the back after a flat but still managed a sixth place finish.

Asked about the race Sample said, “It was a good race, felt like I was there, needed a good restart, got one and then we lost another one. We were close there just seems like we can never get over the hump.”

One reason is that Sample doesn’t have a point average at the track so he usually has to start deep in the field.

Then he thanked his family, girl friend and all the Plakes as it has been a fun weekend. He also won in Friday’s race at Winnemucca.

When the Northern Sport Mod man began Brittney Nieman briefly was on point. Then the California points leader, 15-yeaer-old Shane Devolder whipped around every one and took over the lead just after he exited Turn 2.

From that point on it appeared as thought the race was his. Further back Craig Nieman was moving toward the front and after taking over second the chase was on.

American Valley Speedway

Despite some motor problems, Shane Devolder wins the Northern Sport Mod main.

Up front Devolder wasn’t out of the woods as his motor’s sound began to change and he wasn’t able to really get on the power until he was part way down the straights. All the while Nieman was working to make up the two-corner advantage the leader had.

In the end Devolder won followed by Nieman, Jason Emmot and Steve Gordon.

After the race Devolder said, “I hope the motor isn’t laying down but its definitely losing power. Got to thank my mom and dad for letting me do this and my dad for bringing out here. And Stevenson’s Suspension and Victory Circle Chassis and parts for all they do.”

A dozen Dwarf Cars were on hand and when the green flag sent them off for their main Joe Frock was on point with Ben Wiese, Dan Geil and Josh Wiese giving chase.

As the laps rolled by Frock extended his lead but that advantage disappeared after a caution on Lap-11 of the 15-lap affair. On the green Frock took off with Geil now in second but another caution with two to go kept everyone bunched up.

That restart didn’t go so well as two cars tangled in Turn 4 so the field had to be put back into order and sent off again. This time Frock took off and claimed the victory followed by Geil, Wiese and Colby Wiese.

“Yes the restarts always make it interesting. Curt Nieman and the American Valley Speedway crew gave us a great track to race on. Always love coming to Quincy,” Frock said later.

“I got a great start at the beginning of the race. Just focused on hitting my line and being smooth,” he continued. “I could hear Josh behind me on some of the restarts so, just wanted to make sure not to make any mistakes. Car wasn’t really handling that well but did what we had to do to keep it up front.”

Then he thanked Todd Damron with Damron Racing Las Vegas, Wild Island, Ryan Diatte with DRI, Voss Fab and John Randall.

The closest race of the night came in the Hobby Stock main. When that 15-lap race began Lance Bain lead after getting clear of Colby Russell.

A flat tire dropped Russell out of contention but up front Shayna Nieman took over the lead. Soon Shane Cazel was in the second and the chase was on.

Coming out of Turn 4, and heading toward the checkered flag Cazel got a good run and won the race by a car little less than a car length at the flag.

When the Mini Stocks began their main Tyler Eckels briefly lead until Will Evenson used an outside move to take the point. The favor was returned as they came back around to Turn 1 when Eckels used an inside move to take it back.

Behind the leaders Connor McMillian was moving toward the front as was Colton Lawson. By now Eckels had a good lead and was extending it.

Things changed when Billy Gibson and Mad Maddy tangled bringing out a caution after Evenson spun.

With only two or three laps to go the green waved and but there was another caution immediately after that. Then, after another attempt to restart the race the caution came out for a slow car in Turn 4.

Finally, with two to go, the green waved and Colton Lawson, who was in the lead by then, roared off to win the race followed by “Crazy Kate” Robertson and Mcmillian with Evenson working his way back to fourth.

• On Friday there was no Hobby Stock main as all three of the cars had problems and weren’t able to run.

Chase Nieman ran a good race and won the IMCA main while “Crazy Kate” Robertson was the Mini Stock winner.

• To the east of Reno the Winnemucca Regional Raceway was in action where Cory Sample was the IMCA winner, Anthony Messman won in Mod Minis and the Pure Stock winner was Heinz Woellei.


  • Last week was a big one for NASCAR. The Camping World Trucks started things off on Wednesday with their annual dirt race at Eldora where Matt Crafton won.

The action then moved to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where the Xfinity and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series ran separate races. In Saturday’s Xfinity event Kyle Busch finished 12th while Brendan Gaughan was 13th. At the end of the Brickyard 400 on Sunday both Busch brothers wrecked out with Kurt ending up 29th while Kyle was credited with 34th place.

• This week’s cruise night moves to Carson City, at the Carson Mall on Wednesday from 5:30 until 7: 30 p.m. while the A&W has its Show N’ Shine and cruise from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.

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AmericanValley Speedway – July 22


+ MAIN (20-LAPS): 1. Ryan McDaniels, 2. Cory Sample, 3. Jeff Olschowka, 4. Anthony Staney, 5. Vincent Evenson, 6. Glenn Plake, 7. Matt Murphy, 8. Jim Smith, 9. Chase Nieman,10. Eric Buhr, 11. Larry McCracken,12. Richard      Papenhasuen, 13. Eli Zuker, 14. Jake Dresbury, 15. Bobby Higgins, 16. Paris Archie, 17. Chris Lewis, 18. Chris Nieman, 19. Bill Pearson, 20. Cole Peard.

Northern Sport Mods:

+ Main (16-Laps): 1. Shane Devolder, 2. Craig Nieman, 3. Jason Emmot, 4. Steve Gordon,5. JR Svensson, 6. Joe Wood, 7. Tom Froggett, 8. Brittney Nieman.

Hobby Stocks:

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Shane Cazel, 2. Shayna Nieman, 3. Michael Burns, 4. Lance Bain, 5. Colby Russell.

Dwarf Cars:

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Joe Frock, 2. Dan Geil, 3. Ben Wiese, 4. Colby Wiesz, 5. Josh Wiesz, 6. Glen Sciarani, 7. Roy Peterson, 8. Kenney Martin, 9. Nick Winters, 10. Phil Hitchcock, 11. Skip Wise, 12. Chris Winters.

Mini Stocks:

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Colton Lawson, 2. Kate Robertson, 3. Connor McMillian, 4. Will Evenson, 5. Tyler Eckels, 6. Mad Maddy, 7. Matt Canada, 8. Larry Whitebird, 9. Billy Gibson, 10. Jacob Foster.

• Friday, July 21

+IMCA Modifieds (24-Laps): 1. Chase Nieman, 2. Scott Foreman, 3. Larry McCarcken, 4. Jeff Olschowka, 5.Matt Murphy, 6. Chase Nieman, 7. Jay Sears, 8. Anthony Slaney, 9. Eric Buhr, 10. Chris Lewis, 11. Richard Papenhasuen, 12. Jake Dewsbury, 13. Jim Smith, 14. Joe Blackwell, 15. Unlisted, 16. Vince Evenson, 17. Bill Pearson, 18. Ryan McDaniel.

+ Northern Sport Mods (15-Laps): 1. Shane Devolder, 2. Craig Nieman, 3. Jason Emmot, 4. Tom Froggett, 5. JR Svensson, 6. Brittney Nieman, 7. Joe Wood.

+ Mini Stock (13-Laps): 1. Crazy Kate Robertson, 2. Larry Whitebird, 3. Connor McMillian, 4. Colton Lawson, 5. Madison Hood, 6. Matt Canada, 7. Joe  Blackwell.

• Winnemucca Regional Raceway – Friday, July 21

Mod Minis:

+ Heat: 1. Rich Innis, 2. Suzi Schmitt, 3. Cole Jones, 4. Bob Gardner, 5. Anthony Messman, 6. Daniel Rogers.

DNS: Rich Evans.

+ Main (19-Laps): 1. Anthony Messman, 2. Suzi Schmitt, 3. Bob Gardner, 4. Daniel Rogers, 5. Rich Innis, 6. Cole Jones.

Pure Stock:

+ Heat: 1. Heinz Woellei, 2. Jacob Frazier, 3. Joe Quilici, 4. James Richardson, 5. Kevin Wynia.

+ Main (20-Laps): 1. Joe Quilici, 2. Heinz Woellei, 3. Kevin Wynia, 4. Jacob Frazier, 5. James Richardson.


+ Heat #1: 1.Randy Artz, 2. Cory Sample, 3. Alec Childs, 4. Glenn Plake, 5. Chris Judy.

+ Heat #2: 1. Shaun LaRocque, 2. Reeze Artz, 3. Don Childs, 4. Brad Schmitt, 5. Anthony Messman.

+ Main (25-Laps): 1. Cory Sample, 2. Randy Artz, 3. Alec Childs, 4. Shaun Larocque, 5. Don Childs, 6. Glenn Plake, 7. Reese Artz, 8. Brad Schmitt, 9. Anthony Messman, 10. Chris Judy.


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