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FERNLEY (July 29 – After being dark since last fall the Fernley 95A Speedway came alive this weekend. The event was round 10 of the Sprint Car Challenge, which usually races in the Northern California region.

Not only did the event attract what may have been the largest crowd of fans to the track and 27 sprint car teams as well as five Midgets from the Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) were on hand. And several of the early arrivals took advantage of the free test sessions on Friday.

The Tour uses 360 winged sprint cars and has had good turn outs for all their races.

After qualifying, heats and a dash the 21-car sprint car was filled and ready to go.

Fernley 95A Speedway

After winning the Sprint Car Challenge A main Shane Golobic and his crew celebrate.

“Glad we were able to get it in and had fun running with Buddy there. Have to dedicate this one to Jeffe, our truck driver as he’s like family to me, he just got diagnosed with cancer this week and it’s really hurting us not having him here. I hope he’s watching, hope he’s happy and he’s got a smile on his face,” Shane Golobic said after winning the A main.

Then he thanked his car owner Keith Davis of Keith Davis Trucking and Elk Grove Ford for supplying the engines in the car. Golobic also set the fastest qualifying time of the night.

Before the main began all the cars lined up on the front stretch for introductions. Then they were all push started, these cars have no starters, and once everyone got going the field lined up for the traditional 4-wide salute to the fans.

Fernley 95A Speedway

Before the Sprint Car A main began the field did the traditional 4-wide salute to the fans.

After that they formed in their two rows for the start of the 35-lap A main.

When the green waved, sending the racers on their way Michael “Buddy” Kofoid led the charge with Golobic right behind him. Running third was points leader Kyle Hirst with the pack chasing the leaders.

After about five or six laps the leaders began catch lap traffic. Right about that time Gologic took advantage of a slight mistake by Kofoid and grabbed the lead.

Without radios or mirrors lapping slower cars is a bit tricky for the faster drivers.

“We had to figure out how to get a good run down the straightaway and sneak under them to show them you were there so they can kind of change their line a little bit and get out of your way,” Golobic said. “But passing Buddy there for the lead was really tough, really had to get a good drive off the corner and beat him to the next one.”

Not far behind the lead duo was points leader Kyle Hirst. At one time he closed in on Kofoid but was never able to really catch him.

There was a caution in the first half of the race then a few in the last laps. In one of them then only Nevada driver in the field, Mark Tabor Jr. spun in Turn 2 but after getting a push start was off and running.

Unfortunately he also ran over something that gave a slow leak in his right rear tire and that eventually put him out of the race.

With two to go there were a pair of cautions but in the end Golobic was able to out gun Kofoid on the restarts and claimed the victory. So Kofoid had to settle for the runner up spot ahead of Hirst.

Asked about his race Kofoid, who is a 15-year-old driver said, “We just barely slipped up in traffic and Shane got by so we just hung on for second. Wish we could have gotten it done at Dan’s track but we’ll take another podium.”

Track owner Dan Simpson owns the team Kofoid races for. His young driver expressed appreciation for this and also thanked sponsors Gary Silver Wrenches as well as Show and Paint Center.

Supporting the sprint cars were five entries from the Bay City Racing Association (BCRA). They race Midgets while the Sprint Car Challenge races 350 Sprint Cars.

Winning the BCRA main, a 20-lap affair, was Michael Faccento. Points leader Maria Cofer did her best but just couldn’t catch him and had to settle for second.

Fernley 95A Speedway.

BCRA points leader Maria Cofer did her best but could not catch the BCRA winner Michael Faccento.

The ageless Floyd Alvis finished third while Bobby Wilson, the only Nevada driver in that field, ended up fourth.

Everyone seemed pleased with the track and hopefully the Sprint Car Challenge Tour will return next year to 95A Speedway. Some of the drivers now head for the Knosville, Iowa 360 Nationals while Golobic is headed for the Belleville Midget Nationals in Belleville, Kansas.

For further information on the tour please check out, or on their Face Book page. For information on the BCRA midgets please go to

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.


  • Rattlesnake Raceway was also in action Saturday with the youngest Outlaw Kart divisions racing around noontime followed by a water balloon battle. Nice thing to do on a very hot afternoon and the young drivers enjoyed it.

Corbin Seay won the Beginner main while the Box Stock B main was won by Guage Felzke and Even Gularte was the A main winner. Blake Rauscher won the 250cc main while Jacob Dias was the 500cc winner.

Full results are listed low for the karts and car.

• Several members of the Northern Nevada Kart Club were in Davis on Sunday to race in the current round of the KPX series.

In Briggs 206 Masters class Brian Rivera won with Jeff Wamre ending up eighth while in Briggs 206 Senior Zack Rivera was second with Jess Peterson finishing up eighth.

Bryce Berry ended up 17th, even after being taken out, in Junior II while Tarron Graves was fourth in the Kid Kart main.

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  • Sprint Car Challenge Tour – Round 10

+ Heat Race Winners: #1 Shane Golobic, #2 Kyle Offill, #3 Willie Croft, #4 Cory Eliason.

+ Dash: 1. Michael “Buddy” Kofoid, 2. Shane Golobic, 3. Willie Croft, 4. Kyle Hirst, 5. Mason Moore, 6. Cory Eliason, 7.Justyn Cox, 8. Steven Tiner.

+ B Main* (15-Laps): 1. Mitchell Faccinto, 2. D.J.Netto, 3. Tony Gualda Jr., 4. Dustin Golobic, 5. Zach Lynskey, 6. Jodie Robinson, 7. Daniel Keen, 8. Orry Stevens.

* – Top six transfer into the A Main.

+ A Main (35-Laps): 1. Shane Golobic, 2. Michael Kofoid, 3. Kyle Hirst, 4. Cory Eliason, 5. Justyn Cox,  6. Steven Tiner, 7. Michell Faccinto, 8. Willie Croft, 9. Andy Gregg, 10. Ryan Bernal, 11. D.J. Netto, 12. Kyle Offill, 13. Kalib Henry, 14. Mason Moore, 15. Cody Lamar, 16. Tony Gualda Jr., 17. Jodie Robinson, 18. Zach Lynskey, 19. Dustin Golobic, 20. Colby Copeland, 21. Mark Tabor Jr., 22. Ryan Robinson.


+ Heat Race: 1. Michael Faccento, 2. Maria Coffer, 3. Bobby Wilson, 4. Floyd Alvis.

+ Main (20-Laps): 1. Michael Faccento, 2. Maria Coffer, 3. Floyd Alvis, 4. Bobby Wilson,5. J.R. Williams

• Rattlesnake Raceway Outlaw Karts- June 29


+ Heat winners: #1 Alexis McBroome, #2 Kaden Detomasi.

+ Main: 1. Corbin Seay, 2. Alexis McBroome, 3. Kaden Detomasi, 4. Kiley Detomasi, 5. Peyton Albury, 6. Logan Goffinet.

Box Stocks:

+ Heat Winners: #1 Rowyn Shupe, #2 Brysyn Simeral, #3 Evan Gularte, #4 Tanner Danielson.

+ B Main: 1. Guage Felzke, 2. Logan Cassel, 3. Ragen Shupe, 4. Robert  McBroome, 5. Sadie Galindo, 6. Aaliyah Galindo, 7. Hayden Leach, 8. Will  Jarden, 9. Aasleigh Evenson, 10. Maddison Davis, 11. Ryatt Older, 12. Mallory Evenson.

+ A Main: 1.Evan Gularte, 2. Brysyn Simeral, 3. Guage Felzke, 4. Logan Cassel, 5. Ragen Shupe, 6. Sadie Galindo, 7. Robert McBroome, 8. Tanner Danielson, 9. Aaliyah Galindo, 10. Rowyn Shupe, 11. Will Jarden, 12. Hayden      Leach.


+ Heat Race: 1. Blake Rauscher, 2. Ollie Gibbins, 3. Even Rauscher.

+ Main: 1. Blake Rauscher, 2. Evan Rauscher, 3. Ollie      Gibbins.


+ Heat: 1. Jacob Dias, 2. Chase Cassel.

+ Main: 1. Jacob Dias, 2. Chase Cassel.

• Rattlesnake Raceway (Cars) – July 29


+ Heat: 1. Josh Evans, 2. Maddison Hood, 3. Will Evenson, 4. Sienna Burgess, 5. Amanda Scramlin, 6. Jesse Showe.

+ Main (12-Laps): 1. Will Evenson, 2. Josh Evans, 3. Maddison Hood, 4. Sienna Burgess, 5. Amanda Scramlin, 6. Jesse Showe.

Mod Minis:

+ Heat #1: 1. Stephen Crook, 2. Steve Singley, 3. Randy Darst, 4. Kevin  Reuter, 5. Jeff Tuttle.

+ Heat #2: 1. Rich Innis, 2. Jesse James, 3. Tom Vokovich, 4. Suzie Schmitt.

+ Main (25-Laps): 1. Stephen Crook, 2. Rich Innis, 3. Tom Vukovich, 4. Kevin Reuter, 5. Suzie Schmitt, 6. Steve Singley, 7. Jesse James, 8. Randy      .

DNS: Jeff Tuttle.

Street Stocks:

+ Heat: 1.Mikki Beuchat,2. Trevor Quell, 3. Randy Boyd, 4. Crystal Kotney, 5. Shane Rasmussen, 6. Chris Christiano.

+Main (20-Laps): 1. Mikki Beuchat, 2. Trevor Quell, 3. Randy Boyd, 4. Chris  Christiano, 5. Crystal Kotney, 6. Shane Rasmussen.

Hobby Stock:

+ Heat #1: 1. Randy Boyd, 2. Chris Christiano, 3. Dan Dias, 4. Crystal  Kotney, 5. Alex Kneistedt, 6. Jordan Lumsden.

+ Heat #2: 1. Mikki Beuchat, 2. Shane Cazel, 3. Dave Ausano, 4. Ray Davis, 5. Shayna Nieman, 6. Jimmy Ray Huffmon.

+ Heat #3: 1.Cody Morris, 2. Chris Neal, 3. Tami Buehn, 4. Shane Boyd, 5. Bob Shank, 6. Ray Miller.

+ Main (20-Laps): 1. Mikki Beuchat,2. Dave Ausano, 3. Randy Boyd, 4. Shane  Cazel, 5. Dan Dias, 6. Chris      Christiano, 7. Cody Morris, 8. Shayna Nieman,  9. Chris Neal, 10. Alex Kneistedt, 11. Shane Boyd, 12. Crystal Kotney, 13. Bob Shank, 14. Jordan Lumsden, 15. Ray Miller, 16. Tami Buehn, 17. Ray Davis.

DNS: Jimmy Ray Huffmon.


+ Heat #1: 1. Vincent Evenson, 2. Jay Bradley, 3. Dave Sciaronni, 4. Fred White, 5. James Riggs, 6. Reldon Hatch, 7. Todd Myers.

+ Heat #2: 1.Don Childs,2. Cory Sample, 3. Alec  Childs, 4. Gene Kay, 5. Bryon Hutchinson, 6. Barry Stone, 7. Melissa Natenstedt.

+ Main (20-Laps): 1. Don Childs, 2. Cory Sample, 3. Gene Kay, 4. Dave Sciaronni, 5. Alec Childs, 6. Fred White, 7. Barry Stone, 8. Nelissa Natenstedt, 9. James Riggs, 10. Todd Myers, 11. Bryon Hutchinson,12. Jay Bradley, 13. Vincent Evenson, 14. Reldon Hatch.


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