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RENO (August 10) – Hot August Nights is a high of summer here and celebrates a time gone by, one known for both its music and cars. It draws people to the Reno/Sparks area from several states.

The celebration kicks of on the Comstock at Virginia City where there is a huge show n’ shine for two days then it moves down to the Bonanza Casino for their traditional kick off show.

Hot August Nights

The first cruise is an open one in Sparks. Here a vintage Hudson tows a Vintage Trailer down Victorian Avenue.

Monday is a slow day but on Tuesday things really get rolling with the open cruise in Sparks. This year a new category has been added, the Vintage Trailer Revival, and several of them were towed through the cruise before retiring and being on display at Rancho San Rafael Park.

One traditional part of Hot August Nights is the Show N’ Shine in downtown Reno. Cars are on display for several blocks including by the Arch.

Hot August Nights

Hot August Nights draws many people to Reno for over a week. And Virginia Street is the site of one of the Show-n-Shines.

Only a couple of blocks away, in the Reno Events Center, is the Big Boy’s Toy Store featuring just about anything a person would want for a car. A person can also buy shirts and even lights that look like old time signs.

For the ladies there is The Dazzling Diva clothing show in the Reno Ballroom, just across the street from the Event’s Center. And on Thursday there was also a Prom at Baldini’s Casino in Sparks.

Wednesday marks the start of the official cruise nights where only registered cars can participate. Both Reno and Sparks had cruises the continue every evening through Saturday.

Hot August Nights

“Sparky” led the first controlled cruise through Sparks.

North of downtown Reno is the Livestock Events Center where a huge swap meet is held and there are also many types of cars for sale, some of which need a huge amount of loving care while others not so much.

Last year Drifting was introduced to the event and once again it was done in part of the Livestock Event Center’s parking lot. This year Autocross, where drivers race the clock in on a very twisty course, was also added.

Hot August Nights

One of the Drifting drivers at the Livestock Events Center parking lot.

Another place to buy a car that has been restored or cared for is at the MAG Auction at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. The auctions are broadcast and the cars range from exotic or classic and everywhere in between.

For those drag racing or burnout fans there is a small strip that’s about 1/16th of a mile long on the west side of the Nugget Casino in Sparks . And like the other events cars built 1976 or earlier are eligible.

There is also a entertainment all during the week in the outdoor venues as many stars and others entertain the fans.

Sparks has a nightly Show-N-Shine along Victorian Avenue where the cars are usually on the sidewalk so fans can get close to them and their owners. Other places are at the Atlantis Casino and the Peppermill Casino but the largest is probably at the Grand Sierra Resort in their huge northwest parking lot.

Downtown there are also Poker Walks and Runs for people to enjoy as well as the other activities. There’s something for about anyone.

Finally on Sunday the 31st annual Hot August Nights ends with the Grand Finale` Parade down Virginia Street in downtown Reno. Prizes are awarded to participants and everyone gets one last chance to see the cars in action before they all head home.

Then many of the attendees will load up their cars and head for their respective homes. But for now there are two full days ahead with much to do and see so if possible try to visit the area.

And next year HAN will return in the summer of 2018 for its 32nd year. For further information please check the HAN website at,

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery at the end of this article.

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