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RENO (Sept. 17) – Racing recap has results from two tracks that ended their season. The main Air Race article will either be out Monday or Tuesday evening.

This year’s National Championship Air Races ended on a high note with one of the two close races ending the week.

Reno Air Races

Jay Consalvi heads out in Strega. He would win the Unlimited Gold championship in final race of this year’s Air Races.

There is a new Unlimited Gold Champion but the race went down to the final two laps. In the end defending champion Steven Hinton made a slight miscalculation but at almost 500 miles an hour it cost him the race.

Chasing Hinton was Jay Consalvi, who took advantage of the error and roared off to claim the victory.

The closest race of the day came in the T-6 Gold event. In fact it was only settled in the final few yards when John Lohmar edged out Nick Macy for the title.

Rano Air Races

The T-6 Gold race was the closest of the day when John Lohmar (88) edged Nick Macy for the title.

There will be an enlarged article either on Monday night or Tuesday evening that will cover all the classes in this year’s Air Races.

On Friday Winnemucca Regional Speedway ended its 2017 season with four divisions one hand. Then Lovelock Speedway ended its season on Saturday fielding four divisions as well

The full results are posted at the end of this article. Will include the final points totals at a later day.

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  • Winnemucca Regional Raceway – Sept. 15

Dwarf Cars:

+ Heat: 1. Joe Frock, 2. Michael Quillici, 3. Glen Sciarani, 4. Bryan Phinney, 5. Bill Phinney, 6. Unlisted, 7.Steve Winters, 8. Christopher Winters.

+Main (20-Laps): 1. Joe Frock, 2. Glen Sciarani, 3. Bryan Phinney, 4. Christopher Winters, 5.Steve  Winters, 6. Michael Quillici, 7. Bill Phinney, 8. Unlisted.

Mod Minis:

+ Heat: 1.Cole Jones, 2. Suzi Schmitt, 3. Bob Gardner, 4.Anthony Messman, 5. Daniel Rogers, 6. Rich Evans.

+ Main (25-Laps): 1. Suzi Schmitt, 2. Rich Evans, 3. Bob Gardner, 4. Daniel Rogers, 5. Cole Jones.

DNS: Anthony Messman.

Hobby Stocks:

+ Heat: 1. Shayna Neiman, 2. Ray Davis, 3. Kevin Wynia, 4.Krystal Kontny, 5. Joey Roysdon, 6. Joe Quillici.

+ Main (25-Laps): 1. Shayna Neiman, 2. Krystal Kontny, 3. Ray Davis, 4. KevinWynia, 5. Joe Quillici, 6.Joey Roysdon.

IMCA Modifieds:

+ Heat #1: 1.Cory Sample, 2. Matt Murphy, 3. Chris Judy, 4. Brad Schmitt, 5. Travis Roysdon.

+ Heat #2: 1. Don Childs, 2. Johnathan Delavega, 3. David Carrera, 4. Jeremy McKinnon, 5. Scott Foreman.

+ Heat #3: 1. Alec Childs, 2. Shaun LaRocque,3. KC Kubicheck, 4. Andy Strait, 5. Anthony Messman.

+ Main (30-Laps): 1. Cory Sample,2. Alec Childs, 3. Scott Foreman, 4. Matt Murphy, 5. Travis Roysdon, 6. Andy Strait, 7. KC Kubicheck, 8. Jeremy McKinnon, 9. Shaun LaRocque, 10. Brad Schmitt, 11. Anthony Messman, 12.Don Childs, 13. Chris Judy, 14. David Carrera, 15. Johnathan Delavega.

• Lovelock Speedway – Sept. 16

360 Sprint Cars:

+ Heat: 1. Bob Cooney, 2. Jeff Macedo, 3. Wade Lumsdan.

+Main (10-Laps): 1. Bob Cooney, Jeff Macedo, Wade Lumsden.

Dwarf Cars:

+ Heat #1: 1. Joe Frock, 2. Calvin Ryle, 3. Roy Peterson, 4. Kenny Martin, 5. Billy Cannon, 6. Skip Wise.

+ Heat #2: 1. Christopher Winters, 2. Glen Sciarani, 3. Phillip N., 4. NickWinters, 5. Steve Winters.

+ Main (19-Laps): 1. Joe Frock, 2. Christopher Winters, 3. Billy Cannon, 4. Phillip N., 5. Kenny Martin, 6. Steve Winters, 7. Roy Peterson, 8. Glen Sciarani, 9. Calvin Ryle, 10. Skip Wise.

DNS: Nick Winters.

Hobby Stocks:

+ Heat: 1. Shayna Neiman, 2. Dan Diaz, 3. Chris Christiano, 4. Crystal Kontny, 5. Kevin Wynia, 6. Shane Cazel.

+ Main (25-Laps): 1. Shayna Neiman, 2. Christ      Christiano,3. Shane Cazel, 4. Dan Diaz, 5. Crystal Kontny, 6. Kevin Wynia.

IMCA Modifieds:

+ Heat #1:1. JD Jurad, 2. Shaun LaRocque, 3. Jay Bradley,4. Jonathan Delavega, 5. Anthony Messman.

+ Heat #2: 1.Cory Sample, 2. Jeff Olschowka, 3. KC Kubicheck, 4. Steve Anderson.

+ Main (25-Laps): 1. Jeff Olschowka, 2. Shaun LaRocque, 3. KC Kubicheck, 4. JD Jurad, 5. Jay Bradley, 6.Steve Anderson, 7.Cory Sample, 8. Johnathan Delavega, 9. Anthony Messman.

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