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RENO, NV (Sept 23) – EnduroCross visited the Livestock Events Center here for round two of this year’s series. It’s one of the largest venues the series will race in and made for an action packed night.

This type of racing is more like motorized Steeple Chase but with more obstacles and no water trap. There were logs to race across plus two rock gardens, as well as a tabletop filled with chopped up wood that would present a different path every time a rider crossed it.

The longest race of the night was the Super EnduroCross main a 14-laps long challenge for the experts. And just about everybody went down at least once during the race.


Cody Webb scored a triple when he won three events including the Expert Main.

“It was a long race so it gave me time to recover from a couple of mistakes,” Webb said on the podium. “The track was really fun tonight and made for some great racing as there were multiple lines in a lot of sport.”

When the gate dropped 15 riders charged into a sweeping left hander that led to a virtual wall with a huge long on top of it. Then over obstacles and into the “pin wheel,” made of logs radiation from a central point.

After that there was another straight turn, across the tabletop where two sharp left turns, with a short straight between them led to the rock garden. This uphill area brought many riders to grief.

At the start Kyle Redmond was on point until Colton Haaker got past him then crashed. Web also crashed and dropped out of the top three.

Local Ty Tremaine was close to the front and when Haaker got stuck he made it into second. He later came to grief in the rock garden when he went off his bike and over the side but he was able to recover and finished sixth.

The order went back and forth as most riders would fall at least once if not more.

Redmond was chased by Noah Kepple then by a charging Cody Webb, who finally took the lead when they encountered stalled riders on the rock garden. Haaker also sliced his way back toward the front and would finish third.

For Webb it was a great night since he also won the gate pick race as well as the bracket race where riders square off against each other in a one-lap dash. Haaker was in the final round but went down right after the first turn handing Webb an easy victory.

Before the Experts raced their main it was the Women’s turn and they ran the exact same course as the men. Eight of the women took off when the starting gate dropped but at least one didn’t make it over the first obstacle, at least on their first attempt.

Shelby Turner, from Barons, Alberta, Canada was first on point followed by Kacy Martinez and Tarah Geiger. Lap after lap they worked their way around the course with Geiger taking second after getting past Martinez.


Women’s winner Shelby Turner in the rock garden.

“I started in motocross when I was a kid and then I’ve been kind of switching disciplines back and forth, I’ve rode a lot of off road, did the Six Days for Team Canada then I got into Endurocross pretty heavy back in 2007 at a track at our house. Ever since it’s just been getting better obstacles and trickier rides,” Turner said. “I’ve been doing Endurocross since 07 but I was on 85’s.”

She won the first round in Las Vegas and asked about her race here in Reno she said, “That was probably my best ride of the day, really comfortable, I didn’t get tired as sometimes when you get up front you get a little tense. I told my dad I didn’t ride that good all day as I had little mistakes a couple of times during the amateur race and practices but in the main event I pulled it all together, held my line and just kept going.”

Then she thanked A&E Racing, a local shop in Canada that supports her. FXR gear, V Rubber Tires, Oakley, Alpine Star Boots, Atlas Bracing, Tire Balls and her parents that drove her to Reno.

Prior to the Women’s main there was an expert B Main/LCQ and apparently two riders made the cut. Mitch Carvolth and Spenser Wilton were able to finish one-two in that race.

One of the more interesting races was the Trialcross main. Here riders rode trial bikes, which are really designed for a much slower type of competition although they are designed to go over all types of obstacles.



Trailcross winner Anthony Johnson goes over a log at the Pin Wheel.

Anthony Johnson won the that race followed by Josh Mouzakis, Coleman Johnson, who is 12-years-old and Sparks rider Tyler Seehuetter.

The Vet main was won by long time off road racer Destry Abbott, who is now a cancer survivor, followed by David Stirm and Dan Hayakawa in second and third. There was a local rider in the race and Willy Heiss from Reno ended up seventh.

There were two amateur races, an Open and the other a B main.

When the Amateur Open began Josh Greco was on point with Jacob Kinkel and Joey Fiasconaro giving chase. The first pass through the pin wheel was quite a site as several went down while others struggled to get through the mess.

Another leader that wasn’t up front at the end was Dante Oliveira and he was being chased by Kevin Dupuis and Greco at that time.

After crashes and bottle necks, usually in the rock garden where riders would either go down or get crossed up and stop Dupuis won the race with Fiasconaro and Tyler Smith taking second and third.

The Amateur B Main also had a lot of crashes plus other road blocks due to stuck riders. In the end Jordan Gamboa won followed by Colton Aeck and David Stirm while local Reece Honea, who usually races off road, ended up fourth.

According to the EnduroCross press release the event is described as insane as the obstacles provide something very different from the usual desert or motocross racing we see in this area.

The next stop for the tour is Saturday in Denver, Colorado at the National Western Events Center. While it’s a smaller venue than the Reno Livestock Center the racing will be thrilling.

REPORTER’S NOTE:There is a photo gallery after the results.

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EnduroCross Series – Round 2

Reno Livestock Events Center – Sept 23.

+ Super Endurocross Main (14-Laps): 1. Cody Webb, 2. Kyle Redmond, 3. Colton Haaker, 4. Trystan Hart, 5. Noah Kepple, 6. Ty Tremaine, 7. Geoff Aaron, 8. Mason Ottersberg, 9. Ty Cullins, 10. Joan Paul Segura-Verdageur, 11. Cooper  Abbott, 12. Mitch Cardvolth, 13. Wallace Palmer, 14. Cody Miller, 15. Spenser Wilton.

+ Superendurocross B Main: 1. Mitch Carvolth, 2. Spenser Wilton, 3. Ryan Wells, 4. Joey Fiasconard, 5. Travis Coy, 6. Quinn Wentzel, 7. Austin Schiermeister, 8. Tyler Kinkade, 9. Richard Larsen.

DNF: Destry Abbott, Kevin Dupuis, Dante Oliviera.

+ Super EX Bracket Racing: 1. Cody Webb, 2. Colton Haaker, 3. Kyle Redmond, 4. Cooper Abbott, 5. Ty Tremaine, 6.Trystan Hart, 7. Geoff Aaron, 8. Ty Cullins, 9. Mason Ottersberg, 10. Cody Miller, 11. Joan Pau Segura- Verdaguer, 12. Noah Kepple.

+ Expert: 1. Kevin Dupuis, 2. Dustin McCarthy, 3. Harrison Oswalk, 4. Zane Roberts, 5. Reece Honea, 6. Jacob JT Baker, 7. Anson Maloney, 8. Drew Lehr, 9. Josh Greco, 10. Colton Aeck.

+ Amateur Open: 1. Kevin Dupuis, 2. Joey Fiasconaro, 3. Tyler Smith, 4. Josh Greco, 5. James Flynn, 6. Anson Maloney, 7. Zane Roberts, 8. Lochlan Campbell, 9. Drew Lehr, 10. Nick Saia, 11. Jacob Kinkel, 12. Brandon      Magann, 13. Jacob JT Baker, 14. Dante Oliveira.

DNF: Gavin McCarthy, Harrison Olwald.

+ Amateur Open B Main: 1. Joran Gamboa, 2. Colton Aeck, 3. David Stirm, 4. Reece Honea, 5. Nick Buechler, 6. Carter York, 7. Kekoa Estrella, 8. Clayton  Rianda, 9. Dan Hayakawa, 10. Kristofer Roos, 11. David Kamo, 12. Tyler      Gainous, 13. Cole Wilton.

+ Trialcross: 1. Anthony Johnson, 2. Josh Mouzakis, 3, Coleman Johnson, 4. Tyler      Seehuetter.

+ Vet: 1. Destry Abbot, 2. Davi Stirm, 3. Dan Hayakawa, 4. Eric Schettler, 5. Craig Thompson, 6. Wayne Dickert, 7. Willy Heiss, 8. Nick McGowan, 9. Alex Hehr, 10. Kyle Smith, 11. Jeff Evans, 12. Andrew Dickson.

+ Women: 1. Shelby Turner, 2. Tarah Geiger, 3. Kacy Martinez, 4. Morgan Tanke,      5. Tatum Harris, 6. Sharon Mowell, 7. Ryann Bradley, 8. Bibi Carmouche.



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