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FERNLEY (Oct. 1) – Round two of the BBMX fall series was held at the Sandbox, which is the Fernley/Wadsworth Lion’s Club Motocross Track. Reno chapter of the Over The Hill Gang was the host and Mother Nature gave the riders great weather for racing.

Although three pros were on hand to contest the 250/450 motos it came down to a two-rider duel between Dylan Galliett and Tony Evans.


Dylan Galliett (45) and Tony Evans had a place swapping duel in the first 250/450 pro moto.

When their first moto began and after a short side-by-side duel through the first turn Galliett took the point with Evans in hot pursuit. Then Evans took the lead until the final laps when Galliett took it back and won the race.

When the gate dropped starting the second moto Jesse Gore was briefly in the lead followed by Galliett and Scott Stillmock while Evans, who had a bad start, was fifth. Soon Galliett took over the point and after Evans grabbed second the chase was on.

In the end it was a sweep for Galliett while Evans wound up with a pair of seconds.

“I got two good starts and just pulled away from there,” Galliett said after his second victory. “He (Evans) got me a couple of times in the first moto and it took a little bit to get around him.”

Then he thanked Tech One Designs, Menace Motorsports, Answer and his parents for their support.

It wasn’t all bad for Evans has he ran away with both 30 Plus Pro victories, although the wasn’t in the lead for part of the second moto and Jordan Burroughs wound up second in both of their races.

Asked about the races Evans said, “I just got a bad start in the second race and just rode around him and rode my line. The track is in good shape, I really like it when it’s rougher.”

Evans then gave thanks to his family, Next Generation Dry Wall, RMS, Tech One Designs and everyone that helps him.

Another close race was in 250/450 Junior as the top two swapped places in the first and second moto.

On the first go around Blayne Herrera won the moto with Andy Fahey taking second. After a race long chase they swapped places as Fahey won their second moto and earned the day’s victory.

The 250/450 Intermediate motos also had place swapping as two riders from Sparks switched their finishing order. Victory in the second moto gave Austin W. Johnson the top spot while first moto winner Cole Carmichael wound up second overall.

Several of the races combine two or more classes. A good example was the 18+ Open won by Dylan Galliett, that was combined with Schoolboy, won by DylanThorwaldson, and 25+ Open class.

Up front the duel for overall was between 25+ riders Jordan Burroughs and Tim Stone. In the end Burroughs won the day but it wasn’t by much as Stone ended up a solid second.

“Yes I knew he was close, my friend Tim Stone was coming on me,” Burroughs said. “But I held him and I got it so it gives me a sweep on the 25+. I am 36, I’m not 25, I’m plus.”


In the second 25+ moto Jordan Burroughs (95) leads Tim P. Stone.

Then he thanked his wife, friends and those that got him there. And he gave special thanks to his dad, David Shelton, who is no long with us.

Years ago the Sandbox could have been called the House of Stillmock as brothers Butch and Scott ruled the roost. Well this week both showed why.

During both Club motos each brother won one of them. Butch won the first while Scott the second but Kevin Hargett used his two runner up finishes to claim the big prize for the day’s overall.

In the Women’s A class it was all Shami Potratz as she ran away with both of her motos. Ashtyn Shepard was second in the A class while the B class winner was Jasmyne Herrera, who swept both of her races.


Shami Potratz swept both Women’s A motos.

The Women race with the Supermini riders and Chase Cannizzaro swept both of his motos.

At the top of the age ladder, in the 52+ Classes, Rod Rohrbacher won in Intermediate while Chris Ober was the Junior winner.

Going to the bottom of the age ladder where the youngest riders compete there was some great riding and racing. These kids are earning their racing spurs and doing a good job of it.

Probably the closest race came in the Pee Wee Junior second moto where Richard Duncan, after finishing second in the first race took the lead with Pierson S. Potratz giving chase. Their duel lasted until the final laps when Potratz took the lead giving him a sweep.


In 50cc Beginner Pierson S. Potratz (124) swapped wins with Richard Duncan (1).

In the Beginner class Branden Kuhn won while Richard Duncan ran away to sweep both of his motos.

65cc is where young riders learn to shift as they don’t have to when riding a 50cc Pee Wee bike. And it’s the first time these youngsters ride the full course like their older brethren.

Sunday’s winners were Nicholas McGee in Beginners, Rogen Hill in Juniors, K.C. Clinton was the Intermediate winner while Connor Gaarenstrom won the Open class.

Motocross looks healthy for this area as some of the gates had over 20 riders starting motos. And even the Pee Wee classes had a bunch of riders.

OTHG president Layne Kolbet said that almost 200 riders showed up for Saturday’s practice. Not counting those that signed up but weren’t able to start their races there were 302 entries for Sunday and took 19 motos to get all the classes in.

Next up for the BBMX fall series will be anther practice and race at Fernley on the weekend of October 14/15.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery at the end of the results.

There was a photographer selling prints at the race and I hope you racers gave him your support. Sorry don’t have his link to send you to but I think he’ll be at the next race as well.


  • This reporter will be on Teresa’s Garage on Tuesday around 2:15 p.m. Hope you can listen to the entire program as her guest will be talking about keeping auto shop classes in schools and the program runs from 2 until 3 p.m.
  • Teresa's Garage

    Teresa’s Garage A great show be sure to listen.

• Team Testa from Gardnerville was over the hill this weekend for the Fly Racing event. They put out a release on how some of their riders did and here it is.

“Great weekend for Team Testa and the 775..I am so proud of every single one of you. So hold on this may be a long one. Parker Ross 2 Championships on the 65 and 2 Second Place Trophies on the 85. You are a ROCKSTAR..Samuel Mccord 2nd OA and a hole shot..your heart is bigger than that little body, and you never give up.. Terry Bostard you are more than a trainer but true inspiration on and off the track. We are so blessed to have you. Elijah Auble you have made leaps and bounds keep pushing yourself. Collin Mchaney and Chad Heishman you both make it look effortless. Chad you are always so positive and encouraging and Collin you are just a smooth rider making it look easy. Owen Bills, you just got your first Championship Title and you rode your butt off, Congratulations.. Tommy Jackson don’t ever give up… you have all of the tools now let’s put them together. Tj Taylor I have seen you come soooooo far. I know that the overall results weren’t what you wanted, but some things are out of control. Your riding this weekend was RIDICULOUS..I am so freaking proud of you…and to my husband the heart and soul you put in to helping these kids is truly AMAZING. And last but not least to all the parents,siblings, and grandparents thanks for spending your weekends with us!!!!!”

• At last weekend’s Polaris RZR Silver State race for the Best in the Desert series several riders from our area competed in the motorcycle side and did well.

Finishing fourth overall and first in the Over 40 pro class was the team of Chad Thornton, Dennis Belingheri and Steve Tichenor. Fifth overall and fourth in Open Pro were Wyatt Brittner and Jason Alosi.

Locals Colton Scudder and Ian Price were 21st overall but first in Open Amateur.

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BBMX Fall Series – Round 2

Fernley/Wadsworth Lion’s Club Motocross Track – Oct. 1

Pee Wee:

+ Beginner: 1. Branden Kuhn, 2. Riley Gentry, 3. Walker Segale-Vandover, 4. Jayden Latham, 5. Garrett Berringten, 6. Abigail McIntyre, 7. Graeson Kahabka, 8. Stephen Worrall, 9. Grayson Kromberg, 10. Jessa Hysell.

DNF: Keagan Brocchini.

+ Jr: 1. Pierson S. Potratz, 2. Richard Duncan, 3. Aidan Conner, 4. Jaiden M. Roberts, 5. Gaven Giomi, 6. Gage L. Carlucci.

+ Open: 1. Richard Duncan, 2. Gaven Giomi, 3. Aidan Conner, 4. Jaiden M. Roberts, 5. Pierson S. Potratz, 6. Gage L. Carlucci, 7. Walker Segale-Vandover, 8. Garrett Berringten, 9. Stephen Worrall, 10. Graeson Kahabka, 11. Keegan Brocchini.


+ Jr: 1. Chris Ober, 2. Larry Mulock, 3. Jerry Fox, 4. Ted Griffin, 5. Patrick L. Fye, 6. Jeff McCollum.

DNS: Devin Cobbs.

+ Intrm: 1. Rod Rohrbacher, 2. Mark Lane.


+ Jr: 1. Chad Johnson, 2. Chris D. Gaarentstroom, 3. Martin Moran, 4. Bob Woebbeking, 5. Joe Breed, 6. Chris Stone, 7. Perry Sparks.

+ Exp: 1. Rich Thorwaldson, 2. Tony P. Fagundes, 3. Layne Kolbet.

+ Master: 1. Butch R. Stillmock.


+ Beg: 1. Jason Daniels, 2. Frank Abrott.

+ Jr: 1. Corey Mathisen, 2. Jamie Bonner, 3. Nickolas  Belingheri, 4. Martin Moran, 5. Bob Woebbeking, 6. Chris Ward.

+ Intrm: 1. Jeromie D. Sorhouet.

+ Exp: Kevin Hargett.

+ Master: 1. Scott Stillmock.


+ Beg: 1. Jason Martinez, 2. Nick Petz.

+ Jr: 1. Chance Lambert, 2. Patrick A. Griffith, 3. Zach Howell.

+ Intrm: 1. Kile Fye, 2. Michael Worrall, 3. Tyler Rasmussen, 4. Tyler T. Bryant, 5. Matt Wilkins, 6. James Swain.

DNF: Danny Martin.

+ Pro: 1. Tony Evans, 2. Jordan Burroughs.


+ Open: 1. Jordan Burroughs, 2. Tim P. Stone, 3. Travis McIver, 4. Kennny Fye, 5. Greg W. Pheasant, 6. Mikey Chick, 7. Jesse See, 8. Arie C. Lucas.


+ Beg: 1. Nicholas McGee, 2. Doug Pena, 3. Hub Losey, 4. Colby Olson, 5. Joseph Mitchell, 6. Zachery O’Neill, 7. Hayden Himplie, 8. Hadleigh Kahabka, 9. William Teninty, 10. Hudson Losey, 11. Luke Kunkel, 12. Rylan      Skulason, 13. Elyse Clinton, 14. Jace Conner.

+ Jr: 1. Rogen Hill, 2. Connor Gaarenstroom, 3. Brock Ward, 4. Rowdy Richardson.

+ Intrm: 1. K.C.Clinton.

+ Open: 1. Connor Gaarenstroom, 2. K.C. Clinton, 3. Rowdy Richardson, 4. Joseph Mitchell, 5. William      Teninty, 6. Hadleigh Kahabka.


+ Beg: 1. Connor Garrenstroom, 2. Jacob Latham, 3. Jett Lloyd, 4. Joshua Paley, 5. Otto Acbrecht, 6. Brock      Ward, 7. Drew Johnson, 8. Michael  Valerie, 9. Landon  Wilkins, 10. Connor Cifford, 11. Christian Strange, 12. Doug Pena, 13. Zachery Paulson, 14. Dawson Daniels, 15. Liam Spears, 16. Lucas Evans, 17. Landon Martin, 18. Bryce Doble, 19. Seth Clark, 20. Lanndon Tabor, 21. Charlie Grubb, 22. Colby Olson, 23. Truman Belingheri.

+ Jr: 1. Nakana C. Comingo, 2. Treyton Maskaly, 3. K.C. Clinton, 4. Wyatt Brixey, 5. Ollie M. Bonner, 6. Rogen Hil, 7. Cole Palotas, 8. Declan Kahabka, 9. Colby Booth, 10. Rodger E. Facey III, 11. Cody Zimmer, 12. Aren B. Duncan.

DNS: Phil Mascorro.

+ Intrm: 1. Demetre Proutsos, 2. Chase Cannizzaro.

+ Open: 1. Demetre Proutsos, 2. Chase Cannizzaro, 3. Nakana C. Domingo, 4. K.C. Clinton, 5. Rogen Hill, 6. Treyton Maskaly, 7. Aren B. Duncan, 8. Ollie M Bonner, 9. Cole Palotas, 10. Colby Booth, 11. Declan Kahabka, 12.      Tyler Nichols, 13. Joshua Paley, 14. Rodger E. Facey III, 15. Zackery Paulson, 16. Connor Clifford, 17. Liam Spears, 18. Drew Johnson, 19. Seth Clark, 20. Mitch Nichols, 21. Lucas Evans.

DNS: Landon Martin.

+ Supermini: 1. Chase Cannizzaro, 2. Nakana C. Domingo, 3. Tyler Nichols, 4. Colby Booth, 5. Christian Strange.

+ Club: 1. Kevin Hargett, 2. Butch R. Stillmock, 3. Tony P. Fagundes, 4. Danny  Martin, 5. Colby Olson, 6. Scott Stillmock, 7. Jamie Bonner, 8. Matt Wilkins, 9. Shami Potratz, 10. Chirs Ober, 11. Larry Mulock, 12. Ted  Griffin, 13. Bob Woebbeking, 14. MarkLane, 15. Denise Schwartz, 16. Jeromie D. Sorhouet, 17. Layne Kolbet, 18. Jeff McCollum.


+ A: 1. Shami Potratz, 2. Ashtyn Shepard.

+ B: 1. Jasmyne Herrera, 2. Lucy M. Moran, 3. Natalie Russ, 4. Hayden Losey, 5. Amanda Ross, 6. Denise Schwartz, 7. Sierra Koch.

+ 18+ Open: 1. Dylan Galliett, 2. Cole Cadrmichael, 3. Austin W. Johnson, 4.  Alec Green.

+ Schoolboy: 1. Dylan Thorwaldson, 2. Casey Carmichael, 3. J.W. Thompson, 4. Chet Maga, 5. Kyle J. Zimmer, 6. Taren J. Turnage.

+ 2-Stroke Open: 1. Austin W. Johnson, 2. Dylan Thorwaldson, 3. Blayne Herrera, 4. Jaxom Fye, 5. Greg W. Pheasant, 6. Austin Wilson, 7. Kai J. Kapahee, 8. Jesse Mulock, 9. Preston Pheasant, 10. Jesse Gore, 11. John C. Patterson, 12. Chris M. McPartlin.


+ Beg: 1. Kai J. Kapahee, 2. Collin Huston, 3. Nicholas Lapin, 4. Paul Pullen, 5. Travis Straun, 6. Jacob Silkwood, 7. Lucas Russ, 8. Garrett Rychlik, 9. Terrance Fetterly, 10. Justice Doyle, 11. Thomas Evans, 12. Reynold Hysell, 13. Garret Linnell, 14. Wyatt T. Hovde,15. Caly Vail, 16. Cody Zimmer, 17. Philip Muhilly, 18. Lucy M. Moran, 19. Natalie Russ,  20. Brendin Pinkston, 21. Dylan W. Thiessen, 22. Brett Buck, 23. Dylan Frost.

+ Jr: 1. Casey Carmichael, 2. Devon L. Vanderberg, 3. Jared Mariscal, 4. J.W. Thompson, 5. Trever N. Tellez, 6. Chase Rychlik, 7. Tyler Gunn, 8. Jesse Mulock, 9. Nickoli Klemsih, 10. Chandler M. Beveridge, 11. Jaxon  Pokorny, 12. Andy Fahey, 13. Chandler Munoz, 14. Mason Patterson, 15. Taren  J. Turnage, 16. Nathan Dains, 17. Tristen Mathisen.

DNF: Blayne Herrera.

+ Intrm: 1. Alec Green, 2. Connor Jardine, 3. Mitchell Keen.


+ Beg: 1. Nicholas Lapin, 2. Bryce A. Stapelton, 3. Chance Morian, 4. Shai  Raybuck, 5. Justic Doyle, 6. Garret Linnell, 7. Terrance Fetterly, 8. Jerrett Gallagher, 9. Wyatt T. Hovde, 10. Harry Schlegelmich, 11. Antonio  Monachelli.

+ Jr: 1. Andy Fahey, 2. Blayne Herrera, 3. J.W. Thompson, 4. Trever N. Tellez, 5. Chris M. McPartlin, 6. Hunter Roberts, 7. Mason Stone, 8. Austin Wilson, 9. Tyler Gunn, 10. Jared Mariscal, 11. Kyle J. Zimmer, 12. Tyler      Crittenden, 13. Nickoli Klemsih, 14. Chandler M. Beveridge, 15. Chet Maga, 16. Austin Schelegelmiloh, 17. Mark Gwaltney, 18. Mason Patterson, 19. Thomas Huggans, 20. Trevor Arden, 21. Tristen Mathisen, 22. Bryce Tremaine,      23. Sid Leonard.

+ Interm: 1. Austin W. Johnson, 2. Cole Carmichael, 3. Alec Green, 4. Ty Kowalski, 5. Jonathan M. Norman, 6. Tim P. Stone, 7. Mitchell Keen.

+ Pro: 1. Dylan Galliett, 2. Tony Evans, 3. Jesse Gore.


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