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BOTTLE CREEK, NV (Oct 29) – Mason Valley Dirt Squirts once again ended MRANN’s season at Bottle Creek. The Hare Scrambles event was called the Silver State Howl-A-Wheelie.

The site is about 40-miles north of Imlay or 30 miles northwest of Winnemucca and is reached by good dirt roads. The course was fast with some waterfalls, hills, canyons and some silt areas, especially leading to the scoring chute.


Dan Capparelli roars into the finish only second ahead of the second placed rider.

“The course was fantastic and went out on the second lap but knew I had the advantage on Brody,” Dan Capparelli said after winning the race. “Knew he caught me up in the waterfalls but it was dusty and knew I had to ride my best.”

Then he thanked his sponsors Chindester Transport Racing, Sidi, Viral Goggles, SSX Skid Plates, Kenda Tires and his wife.

The start was on the dry lake bed near the pits then riders swung around about 180 degrees, crossed a road where the hole shot was recorded and headed toward the mountains on the course.

First expert to reach the road crossing was Wyatt Brittner and dust would be a factor for all those behind the leaders so it paid to be first when possible.

When the amateurs were launched Colton Scudder reached the road first and the first novice rider crossing the road was Jeff Eveler, who races in the 50+ class.

Later Eveler crashed in the silt leading to the scoring chute but got back up, shook it off and finished the race winning his class.

Two riders, Drew Chattin and Tristian Furlong wore pink tutus as they were helping the Breast Cancer Awarness week. Made an interesting contrast as both wore black riding suits.

Up front the action was fast and furious as there was a real battle for the lead between and Capparelli, Brody Honea and Corey Fletcher.

Capparelli was first to reach the pits with a time of about 1 hour 26 minutes followed a few seconds later by Fletcher then Honea. Further back Stephen Tichenor, who was catching the leader group, Drew Chattin and veteran Ed McCoy had the next three places.

Back in the pack there was a father-son duel between Josh and Austin Wilson. At first the elder Wilson had an advantage as Austin was stuck back in the dust cloud.

When they ended their first loop Austin was only a few seconds ahead of his father. After that the younger Wilson put a pretty good gap between himself and his father.

Back further back Beth Legenbauer, the only woman racing Sunday, used a steady ride to finish 36th out of a field of 63 that started the race.


Only one woman raced on Sunday and that was Beth Legenbauer shown here crossing the road after the start.

After two 47-mile loops the finish might have been the closest of the year with the top four all being within one minute of their elapsed times.

Capparelli reached the checkered flag a scant nine seconds before Honea got there only 22 seconds ahead of Fletcher, who was just 23 seconds ahead of Tichenor.


At the end of the first lap Brody Honea was third but at the finish he was in a very close second place.

After finishing Honea said, “I was pretty good in the tight stuff but after we got into the waterfalls where there was no dust I made a little bit of time but as soon as we hit the siltty roads Cap pulled on me. It was a good race though.”

Then he thanked his parents, girl friend, Trail Blazers, Summit Funding and the rest of those that support him.

Corey Fletcher was a close third and asked about the race he said, “I loved it, it was an epic race, made a few mistakes on the second lap as I was trying to push to catch up to Cap. I ended up having Brody pass me so just tried to catch them all day.”

Then he thanked his parents, Kenda Tires, FMF, MSR, MoJo and everybody that’s helped him.

After that Stephen Tichenor arrived at the finish and like the others was covered with dust.

“I had a lot of fun, was making a lot of dumb mistakes but that’s racing,” he said. “I busted my head pipe pretty good on the first lap and had these two gents get in front of me but it was good. Had a great start, bike was running good up until the header incident, they did a really good job with this course despite the dusty conditions.”

He gave special thanks to his wife and pit crew, Kevin Brittner for their fantastic job. Then he added Reno Motorsports, DH1 and DDC.


Dean Kemp was the first amateur to finish both laps.

Finishing 17th overall was Dean Kemp, who was the first amateur to complete both laps.

Not far behind him in 19th place was the first novice Tristan Furlong.


Triston Furlong was the first Novice to finish both laps. He was wearing a pink Tutu to help the Breast Cancer Awareness week.

“The only problem I had was when some of my hair was in my face when my mom put the new goggles on,” Furlong said. “In some sections I kept just dumping it and making easy mistakes. This one was pretty bad then there were some other little sections that were bad here and there, like your front end would wash out and when you were trying to pass someone you could not see like you hand in front of your fact.”

Then he thanked his pit crew, RMS and CMS for their support and help.

Somewhere on the course the club also put a few things like a huge spider, a blow up bottle of rum and another item. If a rider picked one of them up they got $100 for bringing it back to the pits and it appears that last in the event no one had gotten the spider.

While some riders crashed and at least one on Sunday may have been injured no one was transported. So all in all it was a pretty safe weekend.

Although everyone was covered in silt, not to mention their bikes, every rider said they enjoyed the race and beautiful weather this weekend. Now most will take the winter to ride and get ready for the 2018 campaign.

For further information on MRANN and what the organization offers please check their website at,


  • Marysville Raceway in California staged its Sprint Spooktacular on Saturday and two Nevada drivers as well as another that competed a bunch at 95A Speedway in Fernley were in the event.

Reno’s Trey Walters, driving a pink car in honor of Breast Cancer Awarness was sixth in his heat and finished fifth in the wingless sprint car main. Jeff Macedo, part of the Lovelock Posse, drove his Economy Sprint car to third place in his heat and third in the main.

Young Buddy Kofoid was a regular at 95A Speedway when they had sprint cars races there several time a year. This young talent drove his 360-sprint car to third place in the 22-car feature race.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results and we need to thank ace photographer Troy White for his photos and information from the sprint car race at Marysville.

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Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada – Round 8

Silver State Howl-A-Wheelie – Oct. 28 & 29

  • Sunday, Oct. 29

+ Big Bike Overall: 1. Dan Capparelli, Open Exp, 2. Brody Honea, 250 Exp, 3. Corey Fletcher, 200 Exp, 4. Stephen Tichenor, 4-Stk Exp, 5. Drew Chattin, 6. Ed McCoy, 50+ Exp, 7. Austin Wilson, 8. Josh Wilson, 30+ Exp, 9. Chris Maas, 10. Jake Himphill, 11. Cory Chapman, 12. Ryan Jackson, 13.Jesse Cunnally, 14. Jack Reader, 40+ Exp, 15. Dan Rankin, 16. John Levie, 17. Dean Kemp, 50+ Ama, 18. ZacharyCramer, 19. Tristian Furlong, Open Nov, 20. Thomas Duncan, 4-Stk Ama, 21. James McMurray, 30+ Nov, 22.  Alan Morton, 23. Dan Johnson, Open Ama, 24. Thomas Lay, 25. Justin Bradley, 26. Kyle Marsh, 30+ Nov, 27. Kelly Jon, 28. Caleb Bonneville, 200 Nov, 29. Keith Alosi, 30. Christian Parker, 31. Henry Anderson, 32.Chris Sunderland, 33. Anthony Monachelli, 34. Shaun Austin, 35. Jeff Eveler, 50+ Nov, 36. Beth Legenbauer, Wmn Ama, 37. Cody Kemp, 38. Peter Pensotti, 40+ Nov, 39. Matt Davis, 40.Stephen Helms, 41. Ross Walton, 42. Justin Cormer, 43. Casey Segal, 44. Ian Prince, 45. Riley Wood, 46. Nathan Owen, 47. Wyatt Brittner,  48. Steven Walkefield, 49. Ray Sbriglia, 50. Michael Harding, 51. Steven Morgan, 52. Thomas Sangster, 53. Clay Renner, 54. Jeff Renner, 55. John Barrow, 56. Colton Scudder, 57 Gerald Lutzyk, 58. Robert Miller, 59.Casey      Walsh.

DNF: Ron Horner, Frankie Honeyman, Rodney Hubbard, Harry Thompson.

• Sunday Classes:

+ Over 50:

+ Novice: 1. Jeff Evewler, 2. Jeff Renner, 3. John Barrow.

+ Ama: 1. Dean Kemp, 2. Keith Alosi, 3. Steven Morgan.

+ Exp: 1. Ed McCoy, 2. Chris Sunderland, 3. Ray Sbriglia.

+ Over 40:

+ Nov: 1. Peter Pensotti, 2. Matt Davis, 3. Gerald Lutzyk, 4. Robert  Miller, 5. Casey Walsh.

+ Ama: 1. Thomas Lay, 2. Steven Wakefield.

DNF: Ron Honer.

+ Exp: 1. Jack Reader.

+ Over 30:

+ Nov: 1. James McMurray, 2. Klye Marsh, 3. Thomas Sangster.

DNF: Rodney Hubbard.

+ Ama: 1. Alan Morton, 2. Justin Bradley, 3. Kelly Joy.

+ Exp: 1. Josh Wilson, 2. Chris Maas, 3. Jake Himphill, 4. Ryan Jackson, 5. Justin Cormer.

+ Women Ama: 1. Beth Legenbauer.

+ 4-Stroke:

+ Nov. Anthony Monachelli.

+ Ama: 1. Thomas Duncan, 2. Nathan Owen.

+ Exp: 1. Stephen Tichenor, 2. Jesse Cunnally, 3. Dan Rankin.

DNF: Frankie Honeyman.

+ 200cc:

+ Nov: 1. Caleb Bonneville, 2. Riley Wood, 3. Clay Renner.

+ Exp: 1. Corey Fletcher.

+ 250cc:

+ Nov: 1. Shaun Austin.

DNF: Harry Thompson.

+ Exp: 1. Brody Honea, 2. Austin Wilson, 3. Cory Chapman, 4. John Levie, 5. Zachary Cramer, 6. Ross Wallon.

+ Open:

+ Nov: 1. Tristan Furlong, 2. Christian Parker, 3. Henry Anderson, 4. Cody Kemp, 5. Michael Harding.

+ Ama: 1. Dane Johnson, 2. Ian Prince, 3. Colton Scudder.

+ Exp: 1. Dan Capparelli, 2. Drew Chattin, 3. Stephen Helms, 4. Casey Segal, 5. Wyatt Brittner.

• Saturday, Oct. 28:

+ Pee Wee Overall: 1. Jacob Engelke, 65cc Nov, 2. Peyton Maas, 50cc, Under 6, 3. Ava Delaney, 4. Troy Pensotti, 5. Tucker Whitworth, 6. Seth Rigsby, 7. Tyler Davenport, 8. Wyatt Rankin, 50cc 7 & Older, 9. Shea Zastawnlak, 10.      Destry Rigsby,11.Trenten Johnson, 7 & Older, 4-Stroke, 12. Mikele Levie,  13. Kyra Tichenor, 14. Hannah Engelke, 15. Walker Van Dover, 16.Christa Ponsock, 17. Cole Hough, 18. Payeton Segale, 19. Kali Beisher, 20. Carson  Miller, 21. Devon Tichenor, 22. Anna Rigsby, 23. Logan Blaire, 24. Noah McMurray.

+ Mini Bike/V Women/Bomber Overall: 1. Curtis Calder, Bomber, 2. Arie Furlong, 100cc Exp., 3. Scott Martin, 4. Chrystal Ponsock, Wmn Exp., 5. Christina Courtney, 6. Caleb Bonneville, 7. Taylor Kemp, 8. Carson Calder, 100cc Ama, 9. Katie Pond, Wmn Ama., 10. Julianne Zotter, 11. Jesse White, 12. Cassie Searle, 13. Blair Rankin, 100cc Nov, 14. Kayla Faul, 15. Shannon Fieste, 16. Shannon Fieste, Wmn Nov, 17. Sarah Gley, 18. Jordan Maas, 65cc Exp, 19.      Brooke Baird, 20. Kadyn Morton, 65cc Ama, 21. Austin Hough, 22. Jamie Jenks, 23. Erin Grieve, 24. Anthony Braun, 25. Dalton Legenbauer, 26. Alyson Wilson, 27. Sheah Ferrara, 28. Jessi Aboplanalp, 29. Camie Ingram,  30. Jacie Levie.

DNF: Mackinze Dingley, Elliette Kennedy, Joshua Thoompson.

+ Team Race*:1. Austin Serpa, 2. Austin Wilson, 3. Cory Chapman, 4. Drew  Chattin, 5. Scott Martin, 6. John Levie, 7. Shaun Austin, 8. Tristan      Furlong.

* – Only one rider one each team was on the results.









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