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FERNLEY (NOV. 12.) – BATTL BORN MX fall series ended today with great weather and some hard racing. Hosting the event was the Reno Chapter of the Old Timers and there were 206 riders on hand that signed up for 309 racing slots.

And on this day there were two pro races with the 30 Plus being the first.


30+ Pro winner Jordan Burroughs (95) is chased by Matt Manha.

“Yea it was really close, I’m tired, worn out, had a long workweek,” Jordan Burroughs said after winning. “Started to push but just wanted to take it easy as I’ve got one more moto to go and I’m worn out.”

Then he thanked is dad as well as wife, friends and family.

When his second moto began Burroughs was in the lead with James Swain in hot pursuit. Soon second place was taken over by Manha, who kept the pressure on for the remainder of the moto.

After pulling a gap over second in the last lap Manha began to reel the leader in and they crossed the finish line almost side-by-side.

Since it both motos were a mixed class event there were other winners as well. Swain was the 30+ Intermediate winner while the 38+ victor was Dana Belton. In 45+ Expert Tony P. Fagundes won while the only 38+ Master was Kevin Decarli.

The other pro race was in the 250/450 division. When that second moto began Aaron Siminoe was on point but not far behind was desert racer Austin Serpa.

All during the race Siminoe was able to hold a gap a bit over 1 second on his determined rival. They ripped around the course leaving everyone in their dust and the gap between them stayed constant until the final lap when it increased slightly.

While Siminoe was the pro winner Serpa’s second place earned him the 250/450 Intermediate victory while further back, Tim P. Stone topped the 25+ Open class.


Aaron Siminoe on his way to winning the 250/450 Pro race.

After the race Siminoe said, “It was close for a while and I was making a ton of mistakes out there, the bike’s not dialed so going back to the drawing board Monday. Hands are a little numb right now, can’t really feel them definitely got to practice more and just get the bike dialed.”

Then he thanked his sponsors, Broken Clothing, Fly Racing, X-Brand Goggles, Number Tech Graphics, his grandfather, father, mother and girl friend.

During the day a couple of the classes were split and another close race was the second 250 Intermediate moto. During that moto Julian Domingo was pressed by Alec Green as they turned the contest into their own private battle.

In the end Domingo scored the victory with Green close behind in second while Kyle Brink wasn’t too far behind and ready to pounce if either leader made a major mistake.


In the final 125/250 Intermediate moto winner Julian Domingo had Alec Green right behind him. Later Domingo would score his second victory of the day in the Schoolboy class.

After after taking the checkered flag Domingo said, “On the last lap I made a mistake in one of these corners and he was right there but I made no mistakes on the last lap so it was good. I want to thank my dad, Testa Motorsports, they help me out with everything. I like rough tracks, it’s definitely my type of track right now.”

Later he added sponsors Pro Taper, Blue Crew, Yamaha, Oakley Goggles, Bell Helmets and everybody that has helped him.

This time there were only seven women and unlike past events their motos they raced with the older riders in the 45+ Junior, 52+ Junior and 52+ Intermediate classes.

The older folks were launched first then after a brief time the women. During the race women’s winner Potratz caught and passed several of the men.

Potratz won the Women’s A class followed by Ashtyn Shepard and Ashleigh Trapanese. The Women’s B group was won by Jasmyne Herrera followed by Hayden Losey, Amanda Ross and Denise Schwartz.

At the top of the age ladder the winners were Mark Laye, the only 52+ Intermediate rider and Chris Ober, who won the 52+ Junior class. Dropping down to the 45+ group Ty Reilly was the Junior winner while Tony Fagundes won the Expert class.

At the bottom of the age ladder are the Pee Wee riders, youngsters just earning their racing spurs. And since they are so little they race on a shorter track where a by pass is used to make it a bit better for them.

The Beginner winner was Branden Kuhn while Pierson Potratz won the Junior division. Joseph Mitchell was the Intermediate winner and Jesse Miller won the Open race.

The 65cc Beginners run with the Pee Wees as those riders are learning how to shift and also use the short track. Doug Pena was the winner there while Rogen Hill topped the 65 Junior class, which races on the big track.


Young K.C. Clinton scored four victories on Sunday. Here he is heading for victory in the 65cc Open race.

One of the younger riders scored the most victories of the weekend and that was K.C. Clinton. This youngster won the 65cc Intermediate and Open races when went on to earn victories in 85cc Junior and Open races.

The 85cc Beginner winner was Jett Lloyd an Nakana Domingo won the Supermini division.

Julian Domingo won two races topping the 125/250 and Schoolboy motos.

After almost disappearing from our area the sport of Motocross is appears healthy once again. Several classes had many riders on the gates like 85cc Beginner that had 21 riders start those motos.

Another sign of things to come was the 65cc Beginner class as there were 20 of those youngsters in the gate for their motos. There were so many 125/250 Beginner riders that class was broken into two divisions to get all 33 riders into the gate slots.

With the hard racing some riders did go down but most didn’t need the medics to check on them although a few did. Fortunately no one earned an ambulance rider to the Hospital.

Now motocross racing is over for the year and won’t resume until next spring. Until then those that won trophies and bragging rights will enjoy that until the Sandbox calls them back to Fernley in the new year for the 2018 sprint series.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.


  • This Saturday is when the Super Nationals kart races are held in Las Vegas and there will be some local drivers down there competing. Hope to have results next Monday.

• I will be on the Teresa’s Garage Radio Show on Tuesday around 2:15 p.m. It’s an hour long show that is focused on automotive subjects and concentrates on women in those fields.

Teresa's Garage Radio Show.

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Fernley/Wadsworth Lion’s Motocross Track – Nov. 12

Pee Wee:

+ Beg: 1. Branden Kuhn, 2. Walker Segale-Vandover, 3. Keagan Brocchini, 4. Garret Berrington, 5. Chance      Hawkins, 6. Abigail McIntyre, 7. Riley Gentry, 8. Stephen Worrall, 9. Payeton Segale, 10. Graeson  Kahabka, 11.      Destine Tabor, 12. Brayden Smith.

+ Jr: 1. Pierson S. Potratz, 2. Aidan Conner, 3. Richard Duncan, 4. Gage L.  Carlucci, 5. Jaiden M. Roberts.

+ Intrm: 1. Joseph Mitchell.

+ Open: 1. Jesse Miller, 2. Richard Duncal, 3. Pierson S. Potratz, 4. Aidan Conner, 5. Jaiden M. Roberts, 6.Gage L. Carlucci, 7. Keagan Brocchini, 8. Garrett Berrington, 9. Riley Gentry, 10. Stephen Worrall.


+ Beg: 1. Doug Pena, 2. Nicholas McGee, 3. Zachery O’Neill, 4. Jaydin  Morgan, 5. Nathan Riippi, 6. Hudson Losey, 7. Hub Losey, 8. Max Roby, 9.  Joseph Mitchell, 10. Colby Olson, 11. William Teninty, 12. Hadleigh  Kahabka, 13. Jace Conner, 14. Rylan Skulason, 15. Elyse Clinton, 16. Kolton Sego, 17. Wyatt Rankin, 18. Jocob Surane, 19. Chance Hawkins, 20. Charlie  Albert.

+ Jr: 1. Rogen Hill, 2. Connor Gaarenstroom, 3. Cooper Bergeron, 4. Brock Ward, 5. Rowdy Richarson.

+ Intrm: 1. K.C. Clinton, 2. Sam McCord, 3. Rowdy Richardson.

+ Open: 1. K.C. Clinton, 2. Sam McCord, 3. Connor Gaarenstroom, 4. Rowdy  Richardson, 5. Cooper  Bergeron, 6. Nathan Rippi, 7. Zachery O’Neill, 8.  Jesse Miller, 9. William Tenity, 10. Hadleigh Kahabka, 11. Jace Conner.


+ Beg: 1. Jett Lloyd, 2. Connor Gaarenstroom, 3. Zachkery Paulson, 4.  Brock Ward, 5. Connor Clifford, 6. Blair Rankin, 7. Drew Johnson, 8. Landon  Martin, 9. Liam Spears, 10. Dawson Daniels, 11. Joshua Paley, 12. Hannah      Munoz, 13. Bryce Doble, 14. Charlie Grubb, 15. Doug Pena, 16. Truman  Belingheri, 17. Colby Olson, 18. Chris Whalen, 19. Jacob Holt, 20. Otto  Albrech, 21. Cash Dunbar.

DNF: Matt Dufur, Kaden Solinski.

+ Jr: 1. K.C. Clinton, 2. Rogen Hill, 3. Cole Palotas, 4. Ollie M. Bonner,  5. Greg Bradshaw, 6. Declan  Kahabka, 7. Aren B. Duncan, 8. Colby Booth,   9. Sam Roby, 10. Rodger E. Facey III, 11. Christian Strange.

+ Open: 1. K.C. Clinton, 2. Rogen Hill, 3. Declan Kahabka, 4. Greg  Bradshaw, 5. Cole Palotas, 6. Aren B. Duncan, 7. Colby Booth, 8. Otto  Albrecht, 9.  Zackery Paulson, 10. Rodger E. Facey III, 11. Connor  Cllifford, 12. Ollie M. Bonner, 13. Christian Strange, 14. Landon Martin,  15. Liam Spears, 16. Sam Roby, 17. Mason Kauffman.

+ Supermini: 1. Nakana C. Domingo, 2. Tyler Nichols, 3. Ollie M. Bonner,  4. Declan Kahabka, 5. Mason Kauffman.


+ Jr: 1. Chris Ober, 2. Ted Griffin, 3. Patrick L. Fye, 4. Ron McGinnis.

+ Intrm: 1. Mark Laye


+ Jr: 1. Ty Reilly, 2. Martin Moran, 3. Chris Stone.

+ Exp: 1. Tony P. Fagundes, 2. Layne Kolbet, 3. Chris  M. Ponsock.


+ Beg: 1. Jason Daniels, 2. Bill Whalen, 3. Ryan  Albert, 4. Brian Murdock,  5. Frank Abrott.

+ Jr: 1. Jamie Bonner, 2. Nickolas Belingheri, 3. Martin Hokenson, 4.  Martin Moran.

+ Intrm: 1. Dana Belton, 2. Chad Olson, 3. Jeromie D. Sorhouet, 4. Kirk Sego.

+ Master: 1. Kevin Decarli.


+ Jr: 1. Chance Lambert, 2. Casey Segale, 3. Dan Rankin, 4. Larry Owens, 5. Zach Howell, 6. Jesse Cunnally, 7. Jason Martinez, 8. Nick Petz, 9. Casey Johnson.

+ Intrm: 1. James Swain, 2. Kile Fye, 3. Michael Worrall, 4. Danny Martin,  5. Matt Wilkins.

+ Pro: 1. Jordan Burroughs, 2. Matt Manha.


+ Open: 1. Tim P. Stone, 2. Kenny Fye, 3. Jordan  Burroughs, 4. Reynold Hysell, 5. Jeffery Butler, 6. Trevor Johnson, 7. Tony Van Dover.

Club: 1. Matt Manha, 2. Tony P. Fagundes, 3. Layne Kolbet, 4. Jeromie D. Sorhouet, 5. Chad Olson, 6. Chris Ober, 7. Ted Griffin, 8. Denise Schwartz, 9.  Matt Wilkins, 10. Danny Martin.

DNF: Kirk Sego.


+ A: 1. Shami Potratz, 2. Ashtyn Shepard, 3. Ashleigh  Trapanese.

+ B: 1. Jasmyne Herrera, 2. Hayden Losey, 3. Amanda Ross, 4. Denise  Schwartz.

18+ Open: 1. Michael Jepsen, 2. Austin Serpa, 3. Alec Green, 4. Jacob Kinkel, 5. Zayne Bissell.

2-Stroke Open: 1. Trever N. Tellez, 2. Kai J. Papahee, 3. Chris McPartlin, 4. Trevor Hargett, 5. Thomas Huggans, 6. Martin Hokenson.

Schoolboy: 1. Julian Domingo, 2. Gage Knecht, 3. Austin Serpa, 4. J.W. Thompson, 5. Mason Kauffman, 6. Kyle J. Zimmer.

DNF: Dallas Serpa, Taren J. Turn


+ Beg, Div. 1: 1. Nakana C. Domingo, 2. Hayden A. Fagundes, 3. Zayne Bissell, 4. Justince Doyle, 5. Brian Belton, 6. Holland Losey, 7. Cali Vail, 8. Cody Zimmer, 9. Reynold Hysell, 10. Paul Pullen, 11. Logan Holmes, 12. Dylan W. Thiessen, 13. Nathan Gonzalez, 14. Wyatt Fry, 15. Tristen Strange, 16. Joseph Frowk.

DNF: Arie Furlong.

+ Beg, Div 2: 1. Trevor Hargett, 2. Nicholas Lapin, 3. Chance Morlan, 4.  Korey Combs, 5. Joe O’Brien, 6. Tyler Nordell, 7. Zach Rosenbarrough, 8. Anthony Decarli, 9. Kyle Lahson, 10. Garret Linnell, 11. Brendin Pinkston,      12. Brett Buck, 13. Kevin Gonzalez, 14.Terrance Fetterly, 15.Colin Belton, 16. Aaron Hobson.

+ Jr: 1. Ethan Lewis, 2. Trever N. Tellez, 3. Jared Mariscal, 4. J.W. Thompson, 5. Tyler Gunn, 6. Cooper Lara, 7. Chandler M. Beveridge, 8. J. Papahee, 9. Tristen, 10. Drew Nelson, 11. Cameron Solinski, 12. Jaxon Pokorny, 13. Russell Tonjum, 14. Evyn J. Smith, 15. Chandler Munoz, 16. Collin D. Hutson, 17. Nickoll Klemish, 18. Cory K. Sego, 19. Dustin Gledhill.

DNF: Mason Patterson, Taren J. Turnage.

+ Intrm: 1. Julian Domingo, 2. Alec Green, 3. Kyle Brink, 4. Gage Knecht, 5. Dallas Serpa.


+ Beg: 1. Bryce A. Stapelton, 2. Nicholas Lapin, 3. Paul Pullen, 4. Isaiah Johnson, 5. Jonathon Gibbons, 6. Jerrett Gallagher, 7. Cody Zimmer, 8. Chance Morian, 9. West Lawrence, 10. Garret Linnell, 11. Justice Doyle, 12. Lukas Tonjum, 13. Sean Dingley, 14. Wayne Snooks, 15. Bill Whalen, 16. Devin Leonard, 17. Terrance Fetterly, 18. Tristen Strange, 19. Jesse Adams.

+ Jr: 1. Tristen Mathisen, 2. Jacob Kinkel, 3. Chris M. McPartlin, 4. J.W.      Thompson, 5. Ethan Lewis, 6. Tyler Gunn, 7. Tony Van Dover, 8. Kyle J. Zimmer, 9. Chandler M. Beveridge, 10. Jared Mariscal, 11. Nickoli Klemish, 12. Drew Nelson, 13. Thomas Huggans, 14. Arie C. Lucas, 15. Kyle Brink, 16. Riley Farrell.

DNF: Mason Patterson, Blayne Herrera.

+ Intrm: 1. Austin Serpa, 2. Alec Green, 3. Colton M. Lara.

+ Pro: 1. Aaron Siminoe, 2. Michael Jepsen.


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  1. jerry swain /

    so awesome ! love my son an so proud of him ! thanks battle born !!! peace out jerry swain !!!

    1. Dan McGee / Post Author

      Glad he did well, there is a great crop of young riders moving up the ranks and it
      speaks well for motocross in our area.

  2. Anonymous /

    Thank you for giving my son his dream! Thanks battle born!! and Good Luck #21 Jerrett Gallagher this year it will be a Great one!!

    1. Dan McGee / Post Author

      Glad you liked it, we have a great crop of up coming young riders. It’s always fun
      to watch them succeed and get better.

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