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RENO (Dec 9) – The Northern Nevada Kart Club assembled at the Grand Sierra to honor its champions, hand out special appreciation awards and present one driver with the club’s top special award. It was a festive gathering and a buffet was served for dinner.

The meeting began with outgoing NNKC President Brian Rivera thanking the previous board. Besides Rivera they were Jason Graves, Troy Berry, Cody Kay and Stephanie Callahan.

Then he introduced the new board.

Rodney Rivera is the new president, Alec Beaudoin is the vice president while Michael Dulude is the treasurer, Rachel Anderlin is Secretary and Troy Berry stays on as an advisor.

NNKC Awards

NNKC’s 2018 board are (Left to right) Troy Berry, President Rodney Rivera, Michael Dulude and Rachel Anderline.

In his remarks outgoing president Rivera said, “the best thing about the sport of Karting is not just winning on the track but the people you meet doing it. Please be patient with the new board and give them some time. The club needs you as much as you need the club. Cherish the memories.”

Interspersed between awards was a raffle as there were a variety of prizes to be won.

Another part of the evening were Individual Recognition awards given out to honor those that have helped the club during the year. The first was to Suzanne Diaz for her efforts to keep the registration process running smooth.

Then Ed Deiderich took the lecturn and presented trophies for the Jr. 1 LO 206 class. Starting with sixth place Korey Sander he went up the ranking naming Isiah Nobles, Heavyn Hill, Landon Kwapich and finally class champion Brooks Anderline, who won his second title.

After that the Most Improved Junior Driver award went to Bryce Berry.

Next presenter was Cody Kay’s, who also was Director of Competition during race weekend. His task was to present the awards to the Junior 2 LO206 class.

Starting with fifth place the trophies went to Wyatt Sander, Tanner Schultz, Bryce Berry and runner up Chase Dulude. This season’s class champion, who dominated the season, was Issac Bourque.

Then Deiderich took over and gave an Individual Recognition plaque to Stephanie Anderline for her efforts in the tower as she took care of scoring.

Next up was the Senior LO206 class where veteran Nat Sombatsiri was fourth, Kelly Chinander was third.

The championship came down to the final race as it appeared that Alec Beaudoin had it in the bag until his chain broke three laps from the end, which dropped him to second in the points race. Taking the victory and class title was Jacob Ciari

Beaudoin also picked up the Hard Charger of the Year award. Next Stephanie Callahan received an Individual Recognition plaque for her work with registration as well as marketing and promotion for the club.

Now it was Rivera’s turn and he gave the trophies for the Masters LO206 class. Mike McMullen was third with Doug Hunter second and veteran Steve Dow won the championship.

While Dow wasn’t present his granddaughter Heavyn Hill accepted the trophy and jacket for him.

Next was the Kid Karts division. These are the youngest racers and just finishing a race is kind of win for them.

Every Kid Kart racer gets an award at each race but the final ranking depends on how many races they entered. The trophies are special and taller than these youngsters are.

NNKC Awards.

The Kid Karts class has the youngest racers and they receive a trophy that’s actually taller than they are.

Hunter Graves was fourth, Tarron Graves third and Tervor Graves was second. At the top of the rankings this year was Jeremiah Nobles, the Kids Kart champion.

The next Individual Recognition award went to new flagman Derek Anderline.

Due to the light turn out there was only one trophy awarded to the 125 Stock Moto class and that went to Jeff Wamre.

Kelly Chinander won the Most Improved Senior Driver of the Year award. After that Jack Schrady was given the Junior 1 Rookie of the Year award.

The club awarded the Primary Sponsor Award to Acme Boiler and Water Heating Company for their support. Another Individual Recognition award went to announcer Zachary Sheridan

As is tradition the evening ceremony ends with the highest award the NNKC has, the Karter of the Year trophy. Those honored have their name engraved on it and they keep it for the next year.

.This time it went to Jacob Ciari for his contributions in time and effort he gave to the club during this past year. So he is the 2017 Karter of the Year.

NNKC Awards.

Jacob Ciari is this year’s Karter of the Year, it’s the highest honor NNKC has.

“To be honest I wasn’t expecting it at all, surprised to get it,” he said. “I was just volunteering, doing stuff with the club I figured you should be doing to begin with. So I didn’t think it was above and beyond what the club was expecting. I’m really grateful the club thought I was able to be part of this trophy and what it means to the club.”

Finally Brian Rivera ended the evening by thanking all those that have sponsored the club this year.

They are Nevada Kart Sport, Acme Boiler and Heading, Western Nevada Supply, Douglas Disposal, Sierra Tahoe Ready Mix, Kay Motosport, Ital Kart, Cole Nelson Racing and Nat Sombatsiri.

After that the meeting adjourned as many headed for the bowling alley.

Before leaving Rodney Rivera, the club’s new president shared his views of what has been happening.

“We have a lot of new people that have joined the club in the past couple of years and I think these people want to go in a new direction,” he said. “I get a lot of feedback at my shop and they don’t feel they’re being listened to at some of the meetings. I saw that and a lot of these people have good ideas and want to take the club to another level.

“I want to accommodate that and I may be guilty of getting stale in that regard also. I’ve been part of the club for 23-years and it’s time we get some new people in here. I feel the club is in a big transitional period right now and I think in the next few years I think if we can do the things we really want to do, this club’s really going to grow.”

He also feels the future is bright as far as karting and the club are concerned.

“I’m definitely optimistic,” he said. “With the economy being the way it is, it was hard in the last few years. It seems like people have a little extra money to play around with this type of sport. Motor racing is not inexpensive and you have to have that extra bit of cash to do this type of stuff. But now more than ever karting is easier to get into, it’s a lot less expensive now and getting into the entry level classes is a lot less expensive than it has been in the past.”

Now the NNKC is off for the winter but soon everyone will start preparing for next year’s campaigns, either locally or over in Northern California. In just a few months the club will host it annual practice event where people get their skills back in order and wait for the 2018 season to start.

For further information please check the club’s website at, or their Face Book page.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery at the end of the article.


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