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SPARKS, NV (1-2-18) – This area is populated by a number of small shops turning out high quality work. Nate’s Precision is one of these, one that does service as well as offering accessories and fabrication.

Several magazines have highlighted some of the shop’s custom creations.

Like many entrepreneurs owner Nate Jensen used his background and interests to form the company in June, 2007.

“I worked at a dealership and built a lot of custom stuff on my own time,” he said. “So I had a lot of dealership background, automotive schooling, stuff like that. This was my passion and that’s why I opened the shop.”

In the menu of things the shop does complete automotive service. In addition they offer Fleet Services, Alignments, Custom Exhaust Work and they’ll also do complete conversions.

“Whether it be motor swaps in older cars to complete custom suspension,” he said. “We do a little bit of everything.

When walking into the lobby one will notice all the plaques on the wall that have articles about the shop’s custom work.

Nate's Precision

Nate Jensen in the waiting room of his shop. On the walls are reprints of magazine articles about some of his shop’s creations.

“We’ve been very fortunate to build some one off trucks and have gotten recognized for it. And that’s really what I’d love to do but the general maintenance is a consistent and a service I like to offer,” he said. “Just cause we’re an honest facility, I believe in offering that to everybody.”

He added that the service part is the steady work as the custom work isn’t always there or takes time.

Nate's Precision

A Jeep receiving some custom work.

“Custom isn’t always fast so you use your basic maintenance, brake jobs, alignment work to fill in the voids and to keep the shop functioning,” he said. “I’d say it’s a 60/40 split with 60% being the maintenance and general basics. On the other side of it is the custom work.”

He added there are months where there are no custom jobs so the service work fills in the gaps as well as provides a steady revenue stream.

Nate's Precision

A customer’s Toyota being worked on.

Jensen explained that he faces challenges like any business owner.

“The biggest challenge is trying to keep the time correct to get a custom job done,” he said. “If you’ve got a basic service or a fleet customer, they need their vehicle to stay on the road so you’ve got to pull away from your custom or you lose that time. You’ve got that give and take of time and getting the customer to understand on a custom job that sometimes you’ve got to back up and just do the day-to-day work.”

He like many in business keeps an eye on the future.

“I’d actually see some more growth, I’d like to expand the business a little more. Maybe find more qualified, good, honest employees and keep growing,” he said.

That part about the employees is another challenge he faces.

“A lot of the skilled trades in our area have been removed from the local high schools so you’re not getting that involvement early,” he said. “So it has to be their passion to pursue it after high school. It’s hard to find these kids that have the basic knowledge to come into this industry.”

Despite this he’s still optimistic.

The future is good. We’re going to keep going, I didn’t open to fail so I keep pushing hard. I can see people need their cars, you’ve got to have them so as long as your honest with them they are going to keep coming back,” he said.

Nate's Precision.

Nate’s Precision is located at 1565 Glendale Ave., in Sparks. It’s at the end of a driveway off the street.

For a full list of services the shop provides as well as more information please check out their website at, Their phone number is, 775-358-2555.

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