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RENO, NV (Jan 10) – Racing Preview for this week has the Biggest Little City is hosting a very different racing event. It also includes information about two motorcycle races in Northern California as well as one special annual event in Oklahoma.USA Cycling has brought its Cyclocross National Champions ship to Reno and the venue is Rancho San Rafael Park.

USA Cycling

At the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships the 70+ race is led by a 74 year old at the start.

While most races are about horsepower is about pedal power and there is a class for just about every age group. People from across the country are coming to Reno for this and fortunately it will be good weather, and maybe clear air all through the weekend.

If one is interested in the schedule there is a PDF you can download from the organization’s website, and Sunday’s races will be live streamed, starting at 9 a.m., on the USA Cycle channel on

USA Cycling

The leaders in the 65 to 69 year old race round the final turn of lap 1.

Over the hill in Northern California there are two very different motorcycle events going on this weekend as well as some practice sessions.

Latest word from REP racing is that, due to the rains, all three tracks are closed until the weekend. So if all goes well E Street MX Park should have practice sessions from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that one wants to call the hotline at: 1-775-265-7223 just to check ahead.

Gold Cup Series.

Round One of this winter’s Gold Cup series will at at the Riverfront MX track this weekend.
Graphic courtesy – REP Racing.

Riverfront is hosting Round 1 of this spring’s Gold Cup series. Practice is supposed to be Saturday and Sunday is race day.

Over at Prairie City that track is hosting the West Kenda SRT Hare and Hound event. There will be racing both Saturday and Sunday for this early off road motorcycle event.

AMA District 36

AMA District 36 Hare and Hound poster.

Hammerking, the folks that bring you King of the Hammers and the Nitto Tire Nationals in October just announced a Triple Crown for the Ultra 4 series. This will not only be the rough and tumble Ultra 4 type of racing but also incorporate a Best in the Desert Event, the Mint 400, as well as the Crandon short track race.


Hammerking Triple Crown poster.
Graphic courtesy – Hammerking.

Down in South America the Dakar Rally is still rolling along as it goes into this coming weekend. It’s probably the toughest of all off road races.

To our east in Oklahoma there are two classic races on tap this weekend for the weekend. Saturday has the Tulsa Shootout for the micro midgets while the final race in the Chili Bowl Nationals will be on Saturday. Actually the Chili Bowl is having prelims all through the week and you can access them on

Chili Bowl Nationals

The Chili Bowl Nationals is always an action packed event.
Photo courtesy –

Finally Supercross is moving to Houston, Texas for its second round of the 2018 season. We’ll see if anyone begins to dominate the standing as this traveling road show continues on its way.

Due to the press of time, and being under the weather, won’t put a TV or Internet schedule in this preview article. If you want to catch up on events mavtv has some as does and

That’s it for this weekend and see you next week.


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Teresa’s Garage Radio Show.

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