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SPANISH SPRINGS, NV (Feb. 10) – Battle Born MX held its fall series awards banquet and ceremony this weekend. It was an almost standing room only crowd that attended the function.

Dana Losey was the MC for the event and his sister-in-law Shami Potratz acted as the presenter.

When people entered the hall and signed in to their left were several tables full of things for raffle prizes as well as some gifts for the award winners.

BBMX Awards.

Dana Losey started the gathering by thanking all the sponsors that donated gifts.

After lunch Losey got up and thanked all the sponsors for those gifts. They were One Eleven Concepts, Big Valley Honda, Reno Motor Sports, Tech One Designs, Tyres International, Jenni Massman Farmers Insurance, Carson Motor Sports, Motosource, Testa Motorsports, Sonoma Cycle, Eks Brand, Bolt Motorcycle Hardware, Independent Specialists of Reno, PJ’s & Co., Berrington Hay Farm and Team Sports Inc.

He added a special plug for the promoters that kicked in a bunch of free practice and race entries for the raffle. Those were Reno OTHG, Nevada Old Timers and Winnemucca MX Club.

Then it was time to hand out the hardware or in this case banners, gifts plus jackets for the class champions.

BBMX Awards

85cc Beginner Brock Ward was the only rider receiving a 4th place award.

While most classes only had awards for the top three 85cc Beginner had a fourth place and that went to young Brock Ward.

At the bottom end of the age scale are the Pee Wee racers, the youngest of all racers and they compete in four classes. Garrett Berrington was the beginner winner, Pierson Potratz won the junior class while Joseph Mitchell and Richard Duncan were the Intermediate and Open winners.

BBMX Awards

At the bottom of the age and experience ladder are the 50cc Beginners and Garrett Berrington won that class championship.

At the other end of the age scale are the 45+ an 52+ classes.

Bob Woebbeking and Layne Kolbet were the 45+ Junior an Expert winners. Moving up to the 52+ classes Chris Ober and Mark Lane were the Junior and Intermediate winners.

BBMX Awards.

At the top of the age and experience ladder was Mark Lane, the 52+ Intermediate champion.

The awards started with all the third place winners then moved to second place and finally to the champions.

K.C. Clinton made the largest haul as this young rider won four championships in 65cc Intermediate and Open as well 85cc Junior and Open. The other riders to score multiple titles was Nicholas Lapin, who won in 125/250 Beginner as well as 250/450 Beginner and 25+ Open and 30+ Master champ Jordan Burroughs.

BBMX awards.

The big winner at the BBMX awards was K.C. Clinton as he won four championships.

After the awards there were several grand prizes handed out in a raffle style drawing. Those eligible were the racers that rode in all five rounds.

Kile Fye won a Risk Starting Gate to practice his starts on. It runs on a signal and will drop from two to five seconds after activated but not always at the same time.

Other winners were Kai Kapahee, who got some Fox Gear, Ollie Bonner earned a Garmin Virb X Helmet Cam while Rogen Hill drew for Tech One Designs Graphics Kit. Charlie Grubb won four trailer tires from Tyres International.

Last season some of the events has a Hole Shot contest on Saturday. Losey added that this season the fees collected from those events will go into a new scholarship fund.

After all the awards were handed out and raffles done, Losey let any BBMX member that had not won a prize come up and choose what they wanted on the tables.

Next up for BBMX is on the weekend of February 24/25 when the OTHG club hosts the return of the Sandbox Grand Prix at Fernley.

Next weekend, February 18/19, some of the racers are heading for the Riverfront MX track in Marysville for the Loretta Lynn area qualifier.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery at the end of this article.


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+ Beg: 1. Garrett Berrington, 2. Abigail McIntyre, 3.      Keagan Brocchini.

+ Jr: 1.Pierson Potratz, 2. Richard Duncan, 3. Aiden      Conner.

+ Interm: 1. Joseph Mitchell.

+ Open: 1. Richard Duncan, 2. Pierson Potratz, 3.      Gage Carlucci.


+ Beg: 1. Douglas Pena, 2. Nicholas McGee, 3. Joseph      Mitchell.

+ Jr: 1. Rogen Hill, 2. Connor Gaarenstroom, 3. Brock      Ward.

+ Intrm: 1. K.C. Clinton

+ Open: 1. K.C. Clinton, 2. Connor Gaarenstroom, 3.      Rowdy Richardson.


+ Beg: 1. Connor Gaarenstroom, 2. Jett Lloyd, 3. Otto      Albrecht, 4. Brock Ward.

+ Jr: 1. K.C. Clinton, 2. Rogen Hill, 3. Ollie Bonner.

+ Open: 1. K.C. Clinton, 2. Rogen Hill, 3. Ollie      Bonner.

Supermini: 1. Nakana Domingo, 2. Tyler Nichols.


+ Beg: 1. Nicholas Lapin, 2. Justice Doyle, 3. Garret      Linnell.

+ Jr: 1. Jared Mariscal, 2. Casey Carmichael, 3. J.W.      Thompson.

+ Interm: 1. Alec Green, 2. Julian Domingo.


+ Beg: 1. Nicholas Lapin, 2. Bryce Stapleton, 3.      Garret Linnell.

+ Jr: 1. Blayne Herrera, 2. Jared Mariscal, 3. J.W.      Thompson.

+ Intrm: 1. Alec Green.

Schoolboy: 1. Julian Domingo, 2. Casey Carmichael, 3.      Chet Maga.

18+ Open: 1. Michael Jepsen, 2. Alec Green.

25+ Open: 1. Jordan Burroughs, 2. Tim Stone, 3. Kenny      Fye.

2-Stroke Open: 1. Blayne Herrera, 2. Kai Kapahee.


+ A: 1. Ashtyn Shepard.

+ B: 1. Jasmyne Herrera, 2. Lucy Moran, 3. Hayden      Losey.


+ Jr: 1. Chance Lambert, 2. Jason Martinez, 3. Nick      Petz.

+ Intrm: 1. Kile Fye, 2. James Swain, 3. Michael      Worrall.

+ Master: 1. JordanBurroughs.


+ Beg: 1. Jason Daniels, 2. Frank Abrott.

+ Jr: 1. Jamie Bonner.

+ Intrm: 1. Jeromie Sorhouet.

+ Exp: 1. Kevin Hargett.


+ Jr: 1. Bob Woebbeking, 2. Chris Stone.

+ Exp: 1. Layne Kolbet, 2. Tony Fagundes.


+ Jr: 1. Chris Ober, 2. Patrick Fye.

+ Intrm: 1. Mark Lane.














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