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FALLON, NV (Oct. 21) – Two tracks and a mud drag series combined their awards banquets this evening. Rattlesnake Raceway, Lovelock Speedway an the Dynamic Diesel Mud Drag Series were all present for a night of food and celebration not to mention honoring their champions.

LARA president Chris Lumsden got things rolling by comments about the season and also indicating that the Northern Nevada Tracks were starting to work together. That is something many have looked forward to for a long time.

First up were the Rattlesnake Outlaw Karts and first award was for beginner Kiley Detomasi as she was the Most Improved Beginner driver.


Kiley Detomas was the first to get an award and was named the Most Improved Beginner Outlaw Kart driver.

Then the trophies were handed out. The Beginner champion was Logan Goffinet, also Rookie of the Year, while Brysyn Simeral was the Box Stock champion. Moving up to the big karts. Balke Rausher was the 250 champion while Jacob Dias topped the 500 class.

Moving to the car classes Crystal Kontny was both the Street Stock champion and Rookie of the Year for that class. In the Mod Mini Jesse James was the champion for that class.

After that Mad Metal took the stage. They had mud drag races inside the track and their Stock champion was Eric Dixon while Tom Jones topped the Super Stock division and Larry Labarr was the Modified champ.

Then the program went back to Rattlesnake Raceway where Josh Evans was the Pure Stock champion and  Rookie of the Year.

Any special awards were named for former competitors at the track. Winning the Dennis Kern Best Sportsmanship award was Aubry Burgess.

After that it was Lovelock Speedway’s turn and J.D. Jurad is this year’s IMCA champion. It’s his fifth title at the track.earned his fifth IMCA championship at the track.

Back to Rattlesnake and Cory Sample earned the Sam Bradley IMCA championship for the track while Todd Myers was named Rookie of the Year.


Cory Sample is the 2017 IMCA champion and track champion at Rattlesnake Raceway.

Back to Mad Metal where Richard Lozano earned the Pro Mod title while Byron Hill was the Unlimited champion.

After that it was Lovelock’s turn again and Crystal Kontny earned both the Hobby Stock title as well as picking up another Rookie of the Year award.


Crystal Kotny scored a double as she earned the Hobby Stock and Rookie of the Year honors at Lovelock Speedway.

In the Jim Bagland Hobby Stocks Cody Morris was named the champion while Ray Davis picked up the Most Improved Driver award.A few years ago Stephani Benham ran the pit gate where all the drivers and crews signed in. She was a young single mom that greeted everyone with a smile and good nature.

Sadly one Sunday after a race she went to bed and never woke up. This year and new award Most Appreciated Volunteer was named in her honor. Accepting this award was Alan Fudge.

Alan Fudge received the first Stephani Benham Most Appreciated Volunteer award.

And the Mark Lee Bad Luck Award went to Jeff Tuttle, who is going to take over heading the Outlaw Kart program.

Earlier in the day the annual Kris Kringle charity race was held at the track. This event ends racing there for the year but helps the needy in Fallon.

During the banquet a special boot was presented to Lumsden and people were encouraged to place contributions in it. These funds will also go toward helping others in Fallon that need assistance.

Now everyone is taking a break but after the New Year some or many will begin to prepare for the 2018 racing season.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.

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  • Rattlesnake Raceway*:

+IMCA Modifieds:1.Cory Sample, 2. Fred White,3. Byron Hutchinson, 4. Todd Myers (ROY), 5. Mark Skender, 6. Glen Plake, 7. Malen Gonzalez, 8. Travis White.

+ Hobby Stock: 1. Cody Morris, 2. Dan Dias, 3. Jimmy Ray Hoffman, 4. Bob Shank,5. Ray Davis, 6. Crystal Kontny (ROY), 7. Tami Buehn, 8. Ray Miller,  9. Mikki Beuchat, 10. Dennis Buehn, 11. Cameron Knight, 12. Dave Ausano,      13. Michael Bartlett, 14. Jeff Willis, 15. Robert Vaden, 16. Edwin Cedeno, 17. Shane Ramthum, 18. Jimmy Berhorst, 19. Larry Connor, 20. Chris Jimenez.

+ Street Stock: 1. Crystal Kontny (ROY), 2. Shane Rasmussen, 3. Dillon Kintz, 4. A.J. Kintz, 5. Rich Miller, 6. Chuck Davis, 7. Michael Burns.

+ Mod Mini: 1. Jesse James, 2. Steve Singley, 3. Stephen Crook Jr., 4. Suzi Schmitt (ROY), 5. Tom Vukovich, 6. Richard Innis, 7. Dennis Crook, 8. Kevin Rueter, 9. Jeff Tuttle, 10. Galen Reese, 11. Rich Evans, 12. Dan Piettri, 13. Stephen Crook Sr., 14. Randy Darst.

+ Pure Stock (Gen-X): 1. Josh Evans (ROY), 2. Sienna Burgess, 3. Jesse Showe, 4. Travis “Shorty” Showe, 5. Alana Foreman.

* – Members only listed.

• Lovelock Speedway:

+ IMCA Modifieds: 1. JD Jurad, 2. Cory Sample, 3. Shaun Larouque, 4. Don Childs, 5. Joel Myers, 6. Robert Miller, 7. Steven Anderson, 8. KC Kubicheck, 9. Alec Childs, 10.Glen Plake, 11. Travis White, 12. Wade Taylor, 13. Fred White, 14. Johnathan Delavega, 15. Chris Judy, 16. Anthony Messman, 17. Brad Schmitt, 18. Chris Neiman, 19. Vincent Evenson, 20. Jeff Macedo, 21. Lisa Taylor, 22. Ty Gamble, 23. Matt Murphy, 24. Walter Ball, 25. Malen Gonzalez, 26. Todd Myers, 27. Dillan Ogedn, 28. Eli Zuker, 29. Mark Skender, 30. Will Fryckman, 31. Jacob Dewsbury, 32. Shawn Natenstedt, 33.Scott Foreman.

+ Hobby Stocks: 1. Crystal Kotny, 2. Bob Shank, 3. Alex Kniestedt, 4. Shayna Neiman, 5. Ray Davis, 6. Scott Tenney, 7. Chris Christiano, 8. Cody Morris, 9. David Ausano, 10. Mark Heney, 11. Dan Diaz, 12. John DeBrum, 13. Danielle Arroway, 14. Kevin Wynia, 15. Jimmy Ray Hoffman, 16. Shane Cazel, 17. Kevin Wynia, 18. Robert Miller.

• Dynamic Diesel Mud Drags by Mad Metal Motorsports:

+ Stock: 1. Eric Dixon, 2. Laura Nelson, 3. Lynn Smokey.

+ Super Stock: 1. Tom Jones, 2. Jessica Anthony, 3. John Frank III.

+ Modified: 1. Larry Labarr, 2. Jeff Pishion, 3. Nathan Week.

+ Pro Mod: 1. Richard Lozano, 2. Larry Labarr, 3. Rick Crawford.

+ Unlimited: 1. Byron Hill, 2. Richard Lozano, 3. Bryan Lewis.





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