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After being dark for several years a popular motocross park reopens with a special race.

MILFORD, CALIF. (June 19) – MRANN (Motorcycle Racing Association of Northern Nevada) made its return to the newly reopened Honey Lake MX Park this weekend. It was the annual Corey Herring Memorial “Go Big or Go Home!” race. The event honors the young rider lost eight years ago and helps fund scholarships created in his name. It also marks the end of MRANN’s spring racing season.

Due to the length of the course each class, Expert, Amateur and Novice got a separate timed event on Sunday.

“I really got a bad start so after that I just tried passing as many people as right away. The dust and the silt was super bad but I stayed up, never crashed and made it happen Ty Tremaine said after winning the Expert race. “I got some clear air for a while then we ran into some lappers and it got pretty bad. The hill was really fun, there were some pockets but overall it was a really good race.”

Then he thanked his father Bill Tremaine for taking the family out there, the team, FMF, RPM, KTM Racing Team, Maxxis, Natures Bakery, and his cousin Tanner, who only raced that day but is his mechanic.

MRANN: Honey Lake Expert start.

Joeb Fiascoraro leads the charge as the Experts begin their two-hour timed race.

The start was when a banner was dropped this sent the 55 riders up a wide hill that narrows then makes a sharp right turn. Joeb Fiascoraro led the charge up the hill and into a sharp right.

Back in the pack Tremaine was on a tear and it took a bit less than two laps to catch and pass leader Fisacoraro. After that everyone was eating the leader’s dust.

MRANN; Joeb Fiascoraro, early expert leader.

Joeb Fiascoraro led the first lap or two of the Expert race until he was caught and passed by Ty Tremaine.

Honey Lake can be configured in several ways. This time the riders raced through a rocky wash then go over and back a ridge that lead them to the hill.

This time they didn’t use the full length of the hill as the course wound around the area. And the expert race was two hours before the checkered flag waved.

MRANN: Ty Tremaine, Expert winner.

Ty Tremaine heads out of the pits and on his way to winning the Expert race at Honey Lake MX Park.

In the end Tremaine posted a time of 2:04:34.973, while runner up Fiascoraro posted a time of 2:09:25.515. They were the only two riders that passed the finish line just before the checkered came out so it took third place Nathan Gibson only 2:01:07:321 to complete the race.

Next up was the Amateur class and they ran a 90-minute timed race.

When the banner dropped and sent the riders off it was 40+ rider Tom Chattin that led them up the hill. Soon however young Dallas Serpa swept past him and roared away ito the lead.

MRANN: Tom Chattin leads the Amateur start.

Tom Chattin, who races in the 40+ class leads the amateur start.

Lap after lap Serpa kept extending and would end up by putting almost a lap on the entire field. He also passed the finish line just before the checkered flag waved so his elapsed time was 1:35:23:151.

MRANN: Dallas Serpa, Amateur winner.

Dallas Serpa heads into the scoring chute. He won the Amateur race at Honey Lake.

Runner up Jake Himphill also had to do an extra lap and his elapes time was 1:38:47.953 while third place Tyler Toline was 1:30.27.339.

After winning the race Serpa said, “It was fun, it was a bit slick out but it was a good track. Once I got into the lappers the dust got pretty bad but just had to try and stay out of their dust and get around them as quick as I could.”

Serpa explained both he and his brother are off to the Mammoth Motocross this weekend. He’s racing 250 C and Schoolboy 2 while Serpa thought his brother Austin will at least race 250 B.

Then he thanked his father Keith Serpa, Carson Motorsports, X-Brand goggles, Bell Helmets and everyone that has been supporting him so he can keep riding at the level he’s riding at.

One problem the new owners are facing is that apparently they don’t have a pump as the previous owner might have sold off the water rights. So the truck has to go to a nearby farm to fill up.

MRANN: Dust at Honey Lake.

Due to the heat and wind, along with a lack of water, dust was a problem this weekend. Just one of the challenges the new owners of the park are dealing with.

And the tanks that used to be on the hill aren’t there any more as they’ve broken down.

All this and reopening the track is a challenging experience.

Finally it was time for the 46 Novice riders to line up for their hour and 15 minute race. On the launch Ian Prince took off with the pack hot pursuit.

MRANN: Novice start.

Ian Prince led from start to finish in the Novice race.

Once he established the lead Prince was in command although Kody Gray was somewhat close to him for a couple of laps.

At the end the first four riders were within less than five minutes from each other. But this time dust actually helped the winner.

MRANN: Ian Prince, Novice Winner.

Ian Prince on his way to win the Novice race.

He explained that a due from a couple of lappers slowed him down on the final circuit. The result was arriving at the finish just as the checkered flag was displayed so his time was 1:15:10:931.

Coming home second was Kody Gray with a time of 1:16:22.715 followed by Alex Carpineta at 1:17:23.785 and Prince’s cousin Colton Scudder, who had a time of 1:18:45.846.

At the end Prince was a bit overcome by all the dust and heat. And yes it was a warm day so it took him a couple of minutes to recover .

“My dad’s my number one fan. Got the hole shot, wanted to stay up front and kick up as much dust as I could,” he said. “I got two clean laps in before I started seeing any dust I think that’s really what got me ahead. Wasn’t too many lappers but getting behind them was kind of rough.”

He too said the rock wash was his favorite part of the track. It was also special that Prince was celebrating the win with his dad on Father’s Day.

Asked about the time of arriving to the checkered flag, Prince said, “I was hoping it was on the last lap. I’m happy I just barley got in there.”

Then he thanked his parents, his dirt bike as, “it did all the work,” his KTM 300 and Jesus Christ.

Then Prince joined his cousin Scudder, who finished fourth, for more celebration.

• Saturday also had a full program for the other classes. Draven Cleveland was the Pee Wee winner as he riders in the 65cc Novice classs while third place Jacob Engelke was the first 50cc rider to finish.

In the Mini Bike race Casey Cormichael was the winner on a 100cc bike while 15th place Austin Hough was the first 65cc rider to reach the checkered flag.

The Saturday Women and Bombers had a combined race and Drew Chattin won the overall on his Bomber. Heather Pickering was the women’s winner and she was fifth overall.

Team races ended the day and there were 108 riders in 54 teams during a 90 minute event. Team Berenditt Hones won with a time of 1:31:01.633 a bit more than a minute ahead of runner up Team Stone Serpa.

During the two days eight riders, four on Saturday and four on Sunday, needed the attention of the medics. However only one had to be transported for further checks.

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Corey Herring Memorial European Scrambles

MRANN Round 4 – Honey Lake MX Park

  • Sunday, June 19*:

+ Expert Overall: 1. Ty Tremaine, 2. Joeb Fiascoraro, 3. Nathan Gibson, 4. Vaughn Wilk, 5. Austin Serpa, 6.Reece Hoea, 7. Bordy Honea, 8. Anson Muloney, 9. Ross Neely, 10. J.T. Baker, 11. Levi Hutchings, 12. C.J. Crandall, 13. Michael Berenbak, 14. Stephen Tichenor, 15. Irving Powers, 16. Hayden Florez, 17. Dennis Belingheri, 18. Drew Chattin 19. Jesse Richardson, 20. Sean Jones.

+ Amateur Overall: 1. Dallas Serpa, 2. Jake Himphill, 3. Tyler Toline, 4. Devin Genovese, 5. Kurtis Gray, 6. Ryan Pedersen, 7. A.J. Brumit, 8. Chris Faul, 9. Nicholas Lumpin, 10. Devin Walker, 11. Chris Drake, 12. Blake Tayler, 13. Chris Verderber, 14. Dino Rosa, 15. Thomas Duncan, 16. Tom Chattin, 17. Alek Simone, 18. Bodhi Tanner, 19. Sean Connors, 20. Sid Leonard.

+ Novice Overall: 1. Ian Rince, 2. Kody Gray, 3. Alex  Carpinteta, 4. Colton Scudder, 5. Jordain Flores, 6. Shane Brumit, 7. Alan Morton, 8. Brendan Driscoll, 9. John Rychlik, 10. Christian Parker, 11. Gary Hamrey, 12. Jimmy      McNeill, 13. John Thorton, 14. Reggie Wheeler, 15. Blake Halivik, 16. Will Dearing, 17. Tyler Hough, 18. Rico Hammock, 19. Colby Atkins, 20. Javier Silva.

Big Bike Classes:

+60: 1. Chris Loer, 2. Pete Prichard.

+ 50:

Nov: 1. John Thorton, 2. Mike Marcum, 3. Jim Furia.

Ama: 1. Drew Hardie, 2. Steven Morgan.

Exp:1. Ed McCoy, 2. Jeff Miller.

+ 40:

Nov: 1. John Rychlik, 2. Dennis Rechel, 3. Brian Camernea.

Ama: 1. Chris Faul, 2. Chris Verderber, 3. Tom Chattin, 4. Sean Connors, 5. Dony Clingar, 6.Adam Carpieta, 7. Mike Cullen, 8. Craig Swindells, 9. Steve Wakefield, 10. Kevin Listman, 11. Jeff Orr, 12. Denny Davis, 13. Ryan Albert, 14. Nicholas Prater, 15. Darren Tullegad, 16. Jim Gray, 17. Chris La Cruze.

Exp: 1. Dennis Belingheri, 2. Randy Adams, 3. Jack Reader, 4. Kyle  Smith, 5. Titan McKibben, 6. Randy Wood, 7. Nate Tucker, 8. Jeff Engelke.

+ 30:

Nov: 1. Alan Morton, 2. Wyatt Konen, 3. Jacob Beck, 4. Richard Parise.

Ama: 1. Jake Himphill, 2. Ryan Pedersen, 3. Jeff Robinson, 4. Branon  White, 5. John Ludwick.

Exp: 1. Michael Berenbak, 2. Stephen Tichenor, 3. Jesse Richardson, 4. Josh Wilson, 5. John Levie, 6. Dave Rennie.

+ Women:

Nov: 1. Tasa Harndon.

Ama: 1. Beth Legenbauer.

+ 4-Stroke:

Nov: 1. Gary Hamrey, 2. Jimmy McNeill, 3. Tyler Hough, 4. Rico  Hammock.

Ama: 1. Thomas Duncan, 2. Jakobee Reviglio, 3. Nathan Owen, 4. Kyle Banta, 5. Jeramy Scoggin, 6. Jake Porter.

Exp: 1. Drew Chattin, 2. Ed Sellers, 3. Tony   Weatherman, 4. Jeff Tebcizi, 5. Dan Rankin, 6.Donavan Morris.

+ 200cc:

Nov: 1. Kody Gray, 2. Alex Carpineta, 3. Colby Atkins, 4. Brian  Zastawniak.

Ama: 1. Dallas Serpa, 2. Kurtis Gray, 3. Nicholas Lupin, 4. Blake Tayler, 5. Alek Simone, 6. Bryce Termaine, 7. Jonas Thissen.

Exp: 1. Austin Wilson, 2. Chris Maas.

+ 250cc:

Nov: 1. Shane Brumit, 2. Reggie Wheeler, 3. Conner McGoldan.

Ama: 1. Tyler Toline, 2. Devin Genovese, 3. A.J. Brumit, 4. Devin Walker, 5. Bodhi Tanner, 6. Sid Leonard, 7. Brook Fawcett, 8. Austin Hartig, 9. Greg Wyman, 10. Dillon Boyson.

Exp: 1. Joeb Fiascoraro, 2. Nathan Gibson, 3. Austin Serpa, 4. Brody Honea, 5. Anson Muloney, 6. J.T. Baker, 7. C.J. Crandall, 8.  Hayden Florez, 9. Cole Carmichael, 10. Patrick Miller, 11. Jesse Cunnally.

+ Open:

Nov: 1. Ian Prince, 2. Colton Scudder, 3. Jordain Flores, 4. Brendan  Driscoll, 5. Christian Parker, 6. Blake Hallvik, 7. Will Dearing, 8. Javier Silva,9. Cody Kemp, 10. Shane Ontaya.

Ama: 1. Chris Drake, 2. Dino Rosa, 3. Keith Murchison, 4. Jeff Burch, 5. Dane Johnson, 6. Trevor Arden, 7. Blaine Winsatt.

Exp: 1. Ty Tremaine, 2. Vaughn Wilk, 3. Reece Honea, 4. Ross Neely, 5. Levi Hutchings, 6. Irving Powers, 7. Sean Jones, 8.Tanner Tremaine, 9. Jimmy      D., 10. Matthew McKinney, 11. Jason Alosi, 12. Wyatt                     Bittner.

* – Full results will be posted on

• Saturday, June 18

Pee Wees:

+ Overall: 1. Draven Cleveland, 2. Peyton Daughhetee, 3. Jocob Engelke, 4. Landen Williams, 5. Zane Wells, 6. Jesse Miller, 7. Carson Keg, 8. Kadyn Morton, 9. Colten Leavitt, 10. Ava Delaney, 11. Genevieve Miller, 12. Zac      Cardenas, 13. Bradley Silver, 14. Hayden Himphill, 15. Isaac Frundsen, 16. Wyatt Rankin, 17. Kylie Cullen, 18. Lukas Dean, 19. Tucker Whitworth,  20. Payton Maas, 21. Jacob Surane, 22. Shea Zastawniak, 23. Kyre Tichenor, 24. Troy Pensetti, 25. Nathen Candia, 26. Cash Connors, 27. Christa Ponsock, 28. Hannah Engelke, 29. Brynn Belingheri, 30. Charlie Albert, 31. Mikele Levie, 32. Danner Leavitt, 33. J.D. Richardson, 34. Jacie Levie,35. Devon Tichenor, 36. Quinn Connors.

Pee Wee Classes:

+ 50cc Under 6: 1. Jesse Miller, 2. Wyatt Rankin, 3. Tucker Whitworth, 4. Peyton Maas, 5. Cash Connors, 6. Hannah Engelke, 7. Mikele Levie, 8. Danner Leavitt, 9. J.D. Richardson, 10. Devin Tichenor, 11. Quinn Connors.

+ 50cc 7 & Older: 1. Jacob Engelke, 2. Landen Williams, 3. Colten Leavitt, 4. Shea Zastawniak, 5. Kyre Tichenor, 6. Jacie Levie.

+ 7 & Older, 4-Stroke: 1. Carson Keg, 2. Ava Delaney, 3. Hayden Himphill, 4. Kylie Cullen, 5. Jacob Surane, 6. Nathan Candia, 7. Charlie Albert.

+ 65cc Novice: 1. Draven Cleveland, 2. Peyton Daughhetee, 3. Zane Wells, 4. Kadyn Morton, 5. Genevieve Miller, 6. Zac Cardenas, 7. Bradley Silver, 8. Isaac Frundsen, 9. Lukas Dean, 10. Troy Pensetti, 11. Christa Ponsock, 12. Brynn Belingheri.

Mini Bikes:

+ Overall: 1. Casey Cormichael, 2. Riley Wood, 3. Ezra Belingheri, 4. Henry Anderson, 5. Garrett Rychlik, 6. Jesse White, 7. Arie Furlong, 8. Zach Geddry, 9. Carley Lengenbauer, 10. Camie Ingram, 11. Logan Dixon, 12. Eli      Frandsen, 13. Colby Booth, 14. Lawson Williams, 15. Austin Hough, 16. Blake Crane, 17. Austin Key, 18. Blair Rankin, 19. Anthony Braun, 20. Mikey Majors, 21. Hayden Carmichael, 22. Nic Morel, 23. Garrett Dean, 24. Chase Furia, 25. Jordan Maas, 26. Luke Rechel, 27. Dalton Legenbauer, 28. Luke Hulterman, 29. Garrison Dyrr, 30. Miles Silva.


+ 100cc Expert: 1. Casey Cormichael, 2. Ezra Belingheri, 3. Henry Anderson.

+ 100cc Ama: 1. Riley Wood, 2. Jesse White, 3. Mikey Majors, 4. Luke Hulterman.

+ 100cc Nov: 1. Garrett Rychlik, 2. Zach Geddry, 3. Carley Lengenbauer, 4. Camie Ingram, 5. Logan  Dixon, 6. Eli Frandsen, 7. Colby Booth, 8. Lawson Williams, 9. Blake Crane, 10. Austin Key, 11. Blair Rankin, 12. Hayden      Carmichael, 13. Nic Morel, 14. Garrett Dean, 15. Luke Rechel, 16. Garrison Dyrr, 17. Miles Silva.


+ Overall: 1. Drew Chattin, 2. Chris Loer, 3. Kendrick Martin, 4. Scott Martin, 5. Heather Pickering, 6. Joel Ellis, 7. Taylor Kemp, 8. Chris Kozlik, 9. Annette Castillo, 10. Colleen Connors, 11. Christina Courtney, 12. Nikki Hannon, 13. Claire Petrie, 14. Chanel Honea, 15. Jessi Abplanalp, 16. Brittany Hutch, 17. Danielle Hornerman, 18. Suzanne      Anderson, 19. Jamie Jenks, 20. Sarah Gley, 21. Amanda Ross, 22. Sierra Koch, 23. Elliette Kennedy, 24. Kayle Faul, 25. Morgan Martin, 26. Kelly Miller, 27. SheahFerrara, 28. Sheah Ferrara, 29. Karen Loer, 30. Denise Ponsock, 31. Particia Schartz, 32. Gary Moore, 33. G. Diederich, 34. Angie Fogg, 35. Denise Schwartz.


+ Women Exp: 1. Taylor Kemp, 2. Annette Castillo, 3. Claire Petrie, 4. Chanel Honea.

+ Women Ama:1. Heather Pickering, 2. Colleen Connors, 3. Christina Courtney, 4. Brittany Hutch, 5. Amanda Ross, 6. Angie Figg, 7. Denise Schwartz.

+ Woman Nov: 1. Nikki Hannon, 2. Jessi Abplanalp, 3. Danielle Horneman, 4. Suzanne Anderson, 5. Jamie Jenks, 6. Sarah Gley, 7. Sierra Koch, 8. Ellitee Kenedy, 9. Kyla Faul, 10. Morgan Martin, 11. Kelly, 12. Megan Ross, 13.      Sheah Ferrara, 14. Karen Loer, 15. Denise Ponsock, 16. Patricia Schartz.

+ Bombers:

+ Drew Chattin, 2. Chris Loer, 3. Kendrick Martin, 4. Scott Martin, 5. Joel Ellis, 6. Chris Kozlik, 7.Gary Moore, 8. G. Diederich.

Team Overall*: 1. Berenditt Honea, 2. Stone Serpa, 3. Gibson Malonil, 4. Tidiervor Bdingheri, 5.Parker Crndall, 6. Toline Toline, 7.Levie Hutching, 8.Connors Richards, 9. Giafi Maas, 10. Sellers Morris, plus more.



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  1. Janeen /

    First 65cc Am was Austin Hough 15th OA. Lawson Williams is in the 100cc class

    1. Dan McGee / Post Author

      Making that correction right now. Thanks for pointing this out to me. Will put in a comment on the Face Book page

  2. Jim Gray /

    Nice Dan. Thanks for taking the pics and writing the story. Your picture of the 200 Novice shows the first turn with Kody Gray #165 in the lead. He did get 2nd OA though in the end. Thanks again!

    1. Dan McGee / Post Author

      Thanks. Glad you like the photo.

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