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QUINCY, CALIF. (May 20) – Wonderful late spring weather greeted the racers at American Valley Speedway this Armed Forces Day. It set the stage for some great racing under the lights.

“This thing was pretty fast on this track, pretty touchy but we were really good here,” Jeff Olschowka said after winning the IMCA Modified main. “Just trying to take our time going to the front. You’ve got to go for it, I got into the back of Galin (Hainline) a little bit outside of 2 and he gave me plenty of room getting into Turn 3 to get around the top and it was pretty good up there.”

Then he thanked his wife for putting up with his racing, his parents and in-laws for their support. And he added ICON Pistons as they supply his motors, NAPA for the parts they give his team.

When the green waved for the 20-lap main Richard Papenhasuen was on point and held off a challenge from Galin Hainline. Behind them Olschowka and Bill Pearson were heading toward the front.

American Valley Speedway

Early in the IMCA Main Galin Hainline (11) is about to take the lead from Richard Papenhasuen.

The first caution came when Erica Buhr was forced onto the infield but was able to contine. The contact that caused that earned Matt Murphy a warning.

Once racing resumed Olschowka resumed his charge toward the front then caught leader Hainline. On lap-10 Olschowka used the outside line to sweep into the lead dropping Hainline to second.

American Valley Speedway.

Jeff Olschowka leads the IMCA Modified main.

Soon after that Bobby Higgens spun in front of several cars that were just able to miss him. This brought out the second caution.

Four laps later there was another caution when Cole Peard pulled onto the infield. On the restart Olschowka took off while Hainline and Chris Lewis dueled for second.

In the last laps it was evident that no one was going to catch Olschowka as he streaked away to claim the victory. Hainline was able to hold onto second followed by Bill Pearson and Chris Lewis.

American Valley Speedway

Jeff Olschowka wins the IMCA main event.

After the race Hainline said, “It was a hell of a race, that’s for sure. The track was awesome, the car was surprisingly set up right, Thought we had it there for a little bit but Jeff got around us on the outside like always. I have to say it was two grooves and if you can get it to run on the top then you were able to pass.”

Then he thanked his sponsors, High Sierra Collision, Tire Pros of Susanville and MSJ Designs. He also gave special thanks to his grandfather and his whole family for their support.

The IMCA Sport Mod was just a bit stop-and-go with Joe Wood on point at the first before and after a second lap caution. On the restart Wood held off Keith Brown Jr., and Jr. Svensson.

Soon after that Brown challenged for the lead and took the point as Wood slipped back. Then Craig Nieman took second and both leaders not only spread out of distanced themselves from the pack.

Their advantage disappeared with a caution on Lap 11 but on the restart they took off with Jared Morris taking over third as Wood slipped back to fourth.

The leading quartet finished in that order.

Five Hobby Stocks took the green to start their 15-lap main event. But it was a rocky start as contact between Shayna Neiman and Seaton Montgomery sent him spinning onto the Turn 1 grass.

Once the field got back in order with Neiman put at the back the green waved again. This time Jacob Baker used his outside position to grab the point.

The race was slowed once more when another car spun in Turn 4 but racing resumed soon after that. Up front Baker, who came down from Reno to race, was in command and eventually would have a half lap advantage on the field at the end.

Montogomery was second while Neiman worked her way back into third at the end.

American Valley Speedway

Just as he laps another car Jacob Baker (11B) take the checkered flag to win the Hobby Stock main.

“That race was awesome, first time being here so it was really great,” Baker said after the race. “Had to do a little work, had to dodge a couple of cars. And it was a great environment here, great track and just awesome.”

Then he thanked sponsors Hunt & Son Petroleum, VP Racing Fuel, RWW Fabrication and his family.

It too a pair of starts to get the Mini Stock main rolling with Kate Robertson being first on point. Behind her Cody Kennemore was starting to move to the front while Larry Whitebird moved into second.

Kennemore was picking off cars one at a time and eventually used an inside move to take the point. Things slowed after Robertson had to pit for a flat then returned.

In the final dash, with two to go Kennemore held the lead while Conner McMillian grabbed second dropping Whitebird to third. Robertson was on a charge and worked her way up to fourth at the finish.

American Valley Speedway’s next event is Saturday, June 3 when the Nevada Pro Stock Association brings their brand of high speed racing to this track.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.


  • The motorcycle racing community was saddened to learn of former MotoGP world champion Nicky Haden’s passing. He was badly injured after a car hit him during a bicycle training ride in Italy.

•NASCAR held it’s annual All-Star Race on Saturday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. When it was all over Kyle Busch won while older brother Kurt ended up fourth.

• As usual this reporter will be on Teresa’s Garage radio-show Tuesday. It’s geared for girls and women that areinterested in motor sports and mechanics.

I start the second part at 2:15. The show starts at 2 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time and can be heard on 1180 AM KCKQ or streamed at

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American Valley Speedway – May 20

+ Mini Stocks:

+ Heat 1: 1. Conner McMillian, 2. Colton Lawson, 3. Larry Whitebird, 4. Tyler Cheek, 5. Kate Robertson.

+ Heat 2: 1. Cody Kennemore, 2. Ryan Belli, 3. Billy Gibson, 4. Tyler Cheek, 5. Gabrielle Lewis.

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Cody Kennemore, 2. Conner McMillian, 3. Larry  Whitebird, 4. Kate Robertson, 5. Tyler Cheek, 6.Billy Gibson, 7. Colton  Lawson, 8. Ryan Belli.

+ Hobby Stocks:

+ Heat: 1. Joe Blackwell, 2. Jacob Baker, 3. Seaton Montogmery, 4. Shayna Nieman, 5. Lance Bain, 6. Tim Erle.

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Jacob Baker, 2. Seaton      Montgomery, 3. Shayna Nieman,  4. Tim Erle, 5. Joe Blackwell.

+ IMCA Sport Mods:

+ Heat 1: 1. Keith Brown Jr., 2. Joe Wood, 3. Brittney Nieman, 4. Jared  Morris.

+ Heat 2: 1. Craig Nieman, 2. Jr.Svensson, 3. Tom Froggatt, 4. Jason Emmott.

+ Main (20-Laps): 1. Keith Brown Jr., 2. Craig Nieman, 3. Jared Morris, 4. Joe Wood, 5. Brittney Nieman, 6. Jr. Svensson, 7. Jason Emmott, 8. Tom Froggatt.

+ IMCA Modofieds:

+ Heat 1: 1. Galin Hainline, 2. Jeff Olschowka, 3. Cole Peard, 4. Richard Papenhasuen, 5. Trent Wemtworth.

+ Heat 2: 1. Bill Pearson, 2. Chae Nieman, 3. Erica Buhr, 4. Bobby Higgens, 5. Jake Dewsbury.

+ Heat 3: 1. Chris Nieman, 2. Matt Murphy, 3. Larry McCracken, 4. Chris Lewis.

+ Main (20-Laps): 1. Jeff Olschowka, 2. Galin Hainline, 3. Bill Pearson, 4. Chris Lewis, 5. Matt Murphy, 6. Larry McCracken, 7. Bobby Higgins, 8. Erica Buhr, 9. Richard Papenhasuen, 10. Trent Wemtworth, 11. Cole Peard, 12. Chase Nieman, 13. Chris Nieman.


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