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QUINCY, CALIFORNIA (July 15) – American Valley Speedway hosted the second visit this season of the Nevada Pro Stock Association (NPSA). These speedsters rounded out a show that included all four of the regular classes.

While the Pro Stocks were the stars of the show it was the IMCA Modifieds that put on the race of the night. That’s when a former three-time track champion scored her first victory in quite a while.

American Valley Speedway

Scoring the closest finish of the night Erica Buhr just beats Jeff Olschowka to the line at the end of the IMCA main.

“I did not think that race was ever going to end, I was looking for the yellow for like 10-laps,” Eric Buhr said after winning the IMCA main. “I could hear him (Jeff Olschowka) the whole time and knew I couldn’t get off the bottom, if I did I was giving up my spot. I was going into Turn 2 a little bit too hot and losing a bit of grip but at least she stayed.”

Then Buhr thanked all the fans for supporting their local racers.

The race itself got off to a rough start as four cars tangled in the first turn. After everyone got going again the field was stopped so they could be put in proper order.

On the second attempt Buhr and Chris Nieman took off and she took the lead as they roared down the backstretch. One lap later everything slowed due to a car off in Turn 4.

It would take two more attempts to get things going as every time the green waved there was a spin. Finally things got going with Buhr on point while further back in the pack Jeff Olschowka was moving toward the front.

By lap-15 there had been two more cautions then a third but on the restart Olschowka took over second and the chase was on. Both leaders ran nose to tail with Buhr holding on to score the closest finish of the night.

Chris Nieman ended up third ahead of Bill Pearson and Jake Dewsbury.

Asked about the race Olschowka said, “We tried the high line, it worked earlier but just kind of went away toward the end. I was over driving it trying to win, should have slowed down. But you know Erica beat us, there were 16 guys, one female and she just kicked our ass so that means something right there.”

Then he thanked his father, wife, ICON Pistons, mother- and father-in-law, NAPA and all those that helped him get there.

When the green launched the 15 Pro Stocks, Donny Richardson and Conner Tatum led the charge. Unfortunately that start was called back so the drivers lined up to try it again.

This time Richardson was on point with Phil Marcno right behind him. Behind the leaders both Shawn Natenstedt and Robert Miller, piloting B.J. Pearson’s Nuclear Banana car, were moving toward the front.

Soon after the first caution Miller took over the point with Marino while James Gonzales and Travis Peterson disputed third place. On lap-7 there another caution slowed the race.


After the restart Peterson was fourth while Shawn Natenstedt, who had to start in the back because he’s the points leader, had moved into fifth. Around that time Marino’s car slowed and he limped into the pits.

By now Miller had almost a straightaway lead but soon Natenstedt moved into second and the chase was on. As they encountered lap traffic sometimes one would be favored while the other not and then it would switch.

American Valley Speedway.

Shawn Natenstedt came from the back to finish a close second in the Pro Stock main.

Finally Natenstedt overcame Miller’s advantage and caught him. For a while they were nose to tail but in the end Miller won by a car length or two.

Miller was somewhat lucky as for much of the race the left rear brake on the car was glowing red. Sometimes an overheating brake can actually blow a tire.

American Valley Speedway

Robert Miller win the Pro Stock main despite a overheating left rear brake.

After the race Natenstedt congratulated Miller on the victory.

Then Miller said, “The brakes were starting to fade at the end but we were lucky, we got up front first before Shawn did so I just want to thank B.J. and Joe for preparing the car so it ran this time. And they did a good job and thank everybody that came out to watch us as I appreciate the big crowd. The track was beautiful.”

Then he posed for photos as he received the $1,000 winners money.

American Valley Speedway

After winning the Pro Stock main, Robert Miller accepts the winner’s money.

Another race that appeared as though it would go down to the wire was the Northern Sport Mods.

When the green waved Jason Emmot took off but soon was under pressure from Craig Nieman. Once Emmot got loose in Turn 4 but he was able to keep Nieman at bay as they stormed down the front straight.

Then with just a few laps to go, after a race long duel, there was contact in Turn 4 that spun Emmot but Nieman was able to gain the lead.

After that it was Nieman’s race as he cruised to victory.

During the victory celebration he said, “I hate to win them like that. Jason Emmot was running good, got underneath him, was on the brakes hard and one of us had to spin. That was unfortunate but we got the win and Jason’s doing good. Want to thank my wife for putting up with all the time I spend in the garage.”

When the Hobby Stock main began Seaton Montgomery was on point but Mike Adams challenged him as they when through Turns 1 and 2. Then Adams spun bringing out a caution.

On the restart Montgomery was again on point but this time Shayna Nieman was giving chase. Two more cautions would slow the race but each time Montogmery held the lead after the restart.

That all changed with two to go when used an inside pass going down the backstretch, with a lap and a half to go, to take the lead and claim the victory over Montgomery.

When the Mini Stock main began Conner McMillan was on point with K. Robertson in hot pursuit. Soon after that Colton Lawson took over second and set his sights on the leader.

A caution on Lap-1 slowed the race but when the green waved again the top four made a train as they circulated around the track. Soon leaders Lawson and Robertson were joined by a charging Larry Whitebird.

One more caution slowed things but when the green waved again Whitebird needed less than a lap to take the lead while Lawson was holding off McMillan.

In the end Whitebird won followed by Lawson, McMillan and Tyler Eckels.

Now the track is quiet until the next race, a two-day affair on Friday and Saturday, July 21 and 22.

• Rattlesnake Raceway was also in action that night but as of this posting there were no results for the cars. However I do have partial results for the Outlaw Karts thanks to Danielle Arroway.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.


  • Those wanting to see the NASCAR Camping World Truck race from Eldora the race is going to be broadcast on the Fox Business News channel. There is a 6 p.m. start time to the prerace show then the racing will follow.

If you miss it I’m hoping will have it a day or two later.

• This week’s cruise night, from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. will be at Hobey’s Casino in Sun Valley. And as usual the A&W on Plumb Lane will have their show n’ shine and cruise that same night form 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Both are great opportunities to enjoy the cars we’ll see at Hot August Nights.

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American Valley Speedway – July 15

Nevada Pro Stock Association – Round 6

Pro Stocks:

+ Heat #1: 1. Travis White, 2. Phil Marino, 3. Conner Tatum, 4. Jeff Olschowka.

+ Heat #2: 1. Robert Miller, 2. James Gonzales, 3. Shawn Natenstedt, 4. Chris Smith.

Black Flagged: Darrick Rauscher.

+ Heat #3: 1. Travis Peterson, 2. Donny Richardson 3. Tyler Jones, 4. Mike McMordie.

+ Main (30-Laps): 1. Robert Miller, 2. Shawn Natenstedt, 3. Travis Peterson, 4. James Gonzalez, 5. Derrick Rauscher, 6. Conner Tatum, 7. Tyler Jones, 8. Blaine Hill, 9. Donny Richardson, 10. Travis White, 11. Jeff      Olschowka, 12. Phil Marino, 13. Chris Smith.

IMCA Modifieds:

+ Heat #1: 1. Jeff Olschowka, 2. Bobby Higgins, 3. Chris Nieman, 4. Shawn Natenstedt, 5. Jay Bradley.

+ Heat #2: 1. Bill Pearson, 2. Robert Miller, 3. Erica Buhr, 4. Walter Ball, 5. Chase Nieman.

+ Heat #3: 1. Matt Murphy, 2. Larry McCracken, 3. Travis White, 4. Jake Dewsbury.

+ Main (20-Lap): 1. Erica Buhr, 2. Jeff Olschowka, 3. Chris Nieman, 4. Bill Pearson, 5. Jake Dewsbury, 6. Chase Nieman, 7. Matt Murphy, 8. Jay Bradley, 9. Robert Miller, 10. Walter Ball, 11. Bobby Higgins.

DNS: Travis White, Shawn Natenstedt.

Sport Mods:

+ Heat: 1. Craig Nieman, 2. Jason Emmot, 3. Ryan Svensson, 4. Joe Wood, 5. Tom Froggatt, 6. Brittney Nieman.

+ Main (20-Laps): 1. Craig Nieman, 2. Joe Wood, 3. Ryan Svensson, 4. Brittney Nieman, 5. Jason Emmot, 6. Tom Froggatt.

Hobby Stock:

+ Heat: 1. Brian Compton, 2. Shayna Nieman, 3. Brad Ray, 4. Lance Bain, 5. Seaton Montgomery, 6. Seaton Montgomery.

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Brian Compton, 2. Seaton Montgomery, 3. Shayna Nieman,  4. Brad Ray, 5. Lance Bain, 6. Mike Adams.

DNS: Seaton Montgomery.

Mini Stocks:

+ Heat: 1. Colton Lawson, 2. Tyler Eckels, 3. Larry Whitebird, 4. Bill Gibson, 5. Matt Canada. 6. K. Robertson, 7. Conner McMillan.

+ Main (15-Laps): 1. Larry Whitebird, 2. Colton Lawson, 3. Conner McMillan, 4. Tyler Eckels, 5. Matt Canada, 6. Billy Gibson, 7. K. Robertson.

• Rattlesnake Outlaw Karts – July 15*

+Beginners: 1.Kaden Detomasi, 2. Peyton Albury, 3. Corbin Seay.

+ Box Stock B Main: 1. Evan Gularte, 2. Tanner Danielson, 3. Madison Felzke.

+ Box Stock A Main: 1. Tanner Danielson, 2. Evan Gularte, Guage Felzke.

+ 250cc: 1. Ollie Gibbons, 2. Blake Rauscher, 3. Evan Rauscher.

+ 500cc: 1. Morris Dempsey, 2. Joe Owen, 3. Jacob Dias.

  • — Partial Results Only.



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