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STEAD (July 23) – Desert Park Raceway was alive this Sunday as the Northern Kart Club held its latest points. Although attendance was down a bit those present put on some good races and there was even a special race between two different shifter karts.

There were what could be called, “races of the day,” but two of them happened in a single race. That was the Senior/Master LO206 main.

After the race winner Alex Beaudon said, “He (Jacob Ciari) made sure I earned it, kart had a little too much grip so I couldn’t run away and he was there very corner. He had a little bit taller gear so he’d catch me and I decided ‘well I’m not going to give him this win,’ so I just stuck my foot in it, hoped it stuck and it did.”

Then he thanked his father and crew chief for the financial support, Cross-Eyed Trucking and Tansport for their sponsorship. He also thanked Ciari for the awesome race and NNKC for the facility.

Northern Nevada Kart Club

One of the “races of the day came in the Senior/Master’s LO206 main. Here eventual winner Alec Beaudon (95) holds off Jacob Ciari.

When the green waved Beaudon took off with Steve Dow in hot pursuit. After a couple of laps Jacob Ciari got past Dow and the chase was on.

Finally Ciari caught leader Beaudon while behind them the three masters, Dow, Jason Anderline and Mike McMullen were engaged in an almost race long duel.

Lap after lap Beaudon and Ciari would go from a couple of kart lengths between them to just inches. Behind them Dow ran solo in third while Anderline and McMullen had a dandy duel going.

In the final lap Beaudon was able to hang on and reach the finish first to claim the overall while Dow also hung on to claim third and the Master’s class victory. And Steve Dow held off all challengers to claim third overall and the Master’s victory.

Northern Nevada Kart Club

Steve Dow (31) leads Jason Anderline and Mike McMullen in the Master’s 206 class.

For Dow, who’s used to driving a shifter kart it’s been a different season as he is adjusting to a clutch kart that doesn’t shift.

After the race he said, “Running around in a clutch kart is so much different than in a shifter. And trying to stay ahead of Jeff Warme and Mike McMullen is a challenge all by itself. It makes you rely on the chassis set up and your driving ability because you have no horsepower coming out, your braking zone is totally different because you stay on the gas all the time and trail brake to keep the RPMs up.”

Then he thanked his granddaughter (Heavyn Hill) that had “an upside down moment today,” and Jeff Warme as well as his wife for allowing him to do this.

The Junior 2 206 main started with the field losing Austin Hawkins on a parade lap when his kart malfunctioned. When the green waved Isaac Bourque took off and left everyone in his wake.

Behind him another “race of the day,” was developing between Chase Dulude, who started third, and Bryce Berry.

It only took a lap or two for Dulude to claim second and a few more laps for Berry to catch him. After that the chase was on as they tore around the track while leader Bourque just kept increasing his gap over them.

At the end Bourque won the race while Dulude was able to gain a very slight advantage and took second just ahead of Berry.

“It was good, wish I had a faster time but tire pressures started going away,” Bourque said after the race. “The track started going away so my times were going slower”

Then he thanked his father for working on the kart all day and the competition.

After taking off his helmet Dulude said, “To be honest with you I was just sizing him up and was following him for a while and tried to get by him in six but I hit a pot hole on the side of the track and lost momentum. Then I had to hunker down and try to get by him and on the front straightaway just drafted him down and passed on the inside. I kept making mistakes in the corners such as Turn 3 or Turn 5 where my brakes kept locking up and I kept getting sideways through the corner and he was able to get me there and through Turn 6 because my kart was just too loose.”

Then he thanked God for giving him the talent to do this and keeping them all safe out there. He included his mom and dad for their support for their help.

Junior 1 LO206 class had a dramatic end to its main.

On the green Brooks Anderline took off and left everyone. In back of him everyone kind of spread out so it appeared to basically be a parade this time.

A few laps into the race both Jack Schrady and Isaiah Nobles were out of the race after one of them spun at Turn 5 and the other spun to avoid them. Since they both wound up off the track they were out of the race.

“Tick-Tack-Toe” is a left-right-complex that leads onto the front straight. Get it right and a driver has a good run but do it wrong and things can go bad.

Somehow Heavyn Hill, who was running solo in fourth may have over cooked the first part and went straight after that. Despite her efforts she hit a small bump that sent her kart into a forward flip.

As it was upside down she fell out of the airborne kart while it continued on without her and wound up on its wheels. Fortunately all the safety equipment kart she had on did their job and she ended up shaken up with a twisted ankle.

The officials stopped the race as it was half over at seven laps and called everyone in while Hill was being looked at by the medic.

Later winner Anderline came by for his comments after the last race of the day.

Asked about having such a big lead and what adjustments are needed he said, “Nothing much, you just have to calm yourself down, don’t be in runaway mode and no mistakes.”

Then the thanked his parents as well as Cole Nelson for tuning his kart.

There were only two Kid Kart drivers competing and while they were close during the heat race in the main Jeremiah Nobles was the winner while Trevor Graves came home second.

On this day there were no F-80 or 125 shifter karts so the final race of the day pitted Richard Stack in a 250 shifter against Mike Faker in a lighter 125 shifter kart.

When the duo took off Stack used the torque of his 4-stroke motor to take the lead by the first turn but Faker was close behind him.

While Stack’s motor had more pull coming out of a corner the one Fake drove needed to keep its RPM’s higher but was lighter.

Every corner the lighter kart would catch the heavier and even challenge for the lead but the 4-stroke kept Stack in the lead. In the end Stack scored a narrow victory and both congratulated each other on a good race.

After the race Stack said, “We didn’t set my tire pressures in the beginning so my tires overheated and at the end it did get a little slippery, I got a little slower and was getting worried.”

Then Faker said, “I kept trying different stuff and I’m in a 125 2-stroke, a different animal. I tried to get him going out of Turn 3 but he’s got a lot of bottom end so I couldn’t ever get by. I kept pressure on, showing him my nose and hopefully he’d make a mistake but he didn’t. I kept trying to get him in Turn 2 and cut inside but he was playing it smart and kept taking away my line.”

Next up for the NNKC is a make up race scheduled for August 6. So unless someone is testing their kart Desert Park Raceway will be dark until then.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.


• Battle Born MX held its first awards buffet Sunday at the North Valleys Recreation Center at Stead.

After everyone had a chance to eat it was time to hand out the trophies as well as the champion’s jacket to those that were first in their class. Dana Losey was the MC for that part of the celebration.

Battle Born MX

The trophies and class champion’s jackets are all ready at the Battle Born MX awards celebration.

At this time the fall series schedule hasn’t been set but that should be dealt with by the end of August. Then everyone will be ready to go for the fall series.

• This reporter will be live on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show around 2:15 p.m. Tuesday. The show runs from 2 p.m. until 3 p.m. and special guest will be Eddie Maloney founder of the Women in Drag Racing Magazine.

You can hear it live on 1180 AM KCKQ or stream it at

Teresa's Garage

Teresa’s Garage graphic.

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Northern Nevada Kart Club – Round 6

Desert Park Raceway – July 23

+Kid Kart: 1. Jeremiah Nobles, 2.Trevor Graves.

+ Junior 1 206:1. Brooks Anderline, 2. Landon Kwapich, 3. Korey Sander, 4. Jack Schrady, 5. Isaiah Nobles, 6. Heavyn Hill.

+ Junior 2 206: 1. Issac Bourque, 2. Chase Dulude, 3. Bryce Berry, 4. Tanner Schultz, 5. Deeahmee Malone.

DNF: Austin Hawkins.

+ Senior/Masters LO206: 1. Alec Beaudon (Sr.), 2. Jacob Ciari (Sr.), 3. Steve Dow (Mstrs), 2. Mike McMullen (Mstrs)

DNF: Kelly Chinander

DQ Jason Anderline.

• Battle Born MX – Sprint Series Class Champions


+ Beg: Richard Duncan.

+ Jr: Joseph Mitchell.

+ Open: Aidan Conner.


+ Beg: Rowdy Richardson.

+ Jr: Connor Gaarenstroom.

+ Open: Connor Gaarentstroom.


+ Beg: Treyton Maskaly.

+ Jr: Ayden Katzenmeyer.

+ Open: Ayden Katzenmeyer.

+ Supermini: Trevor Hargett.


+ Beg: Trevor Hargett.

+ Jr. Dylan Thorwaldson.

+ Interm: Garrett Hueftle.


+ Jr: Blayne Herrera.

+ Pro: Collin McHaney.

Schoolboy: Garrett Hueftle.

25+ Open: Daniel Pearce.

2-Stroke Open: Ethan Lewis.


+ A: Sedanna Losey.

+ B: Natalie Russ.


+ Beg: Tate Morehead.

+ Interm: James Swain.


+ Beg: Frank Abrott.

+ Jr: Jamie Bonner.

+ Intrm: Sedanna Losey.


+ Jr: Bob Woebbeking.

+ Exp: Layne Kolbet.


+ Jr: David Thomas.





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