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STEAD (Aug.7) – Desert Park Raceway echoed with the sounds of racing Sunday as the Northern Nevada Kart Club held a make up race for one that was rained out. While there no shifter karts were on hand, those that competed put on a good show and there were two surprise winners.


The Junior 2 main began with eventual winner Chase Dulude holding off Issac Bourque and Bryce Berry.

When the Junior 2 field got the green flag the trio of Chase Dulude, Issac Bourque and Bryce Berry took off. After the first lap they turned their main into a three-way fight for the lead.

As for Berry, he’s running with a slight weight disadvantage but despite this he was close to the lead duo and ready to pounce if they made a collective mistake.

At first Dulude was on point with Bourque inches behind him and on lap 6 there was the pass for the lead. Now it was Dulude’s turn to put the pressure on Bourque.

Lap after lap Dulude used either an outside or inside move as they swaped the lead a couple of times.

Under the rules, as explained by the DOC and the club president, a driver can make one move to take the preferred line. But they can’t do that if they first check to see where their nearest competitor is.

While neither Bourque or Dulude made contact there were too many times where the leader checked before making his move and taking the line. As a result Bourque received a two-spot penalty although Dulude did make a clean pass for the lead in Turn 6.

At the end Bourque ended up third behind Berry while Dulude stormed away for his first victory in over two years.

After the post race weigh in and tech inspection a very emotional Dulude, shedding tears of joy said, “Finally I won one, I’ve some in second so many times it just feels good to get another one. “He (Bourque) never touched me and I just took advantage of the whole situation and after he got dropped the two, I just tore away and decided just to go as I needed to get away from Bryce. I have to thank God first and foremost, he’s just been with me this whole weekend and gave me the talent to do this.”

He added how much his family has worked to help him and that they do this on a budget without much help.

One thing about racing is that its always an educational experience for those out on the track as well as those working in the pits. And there is the unknown as sometimes parts will fail while at other times a driver will make an unexpected mistake that changes an entire race.

The Junior 1 main was such a case.

Over the past couple of years this class has belonged to Brooks Anderline. He’s had a stellar performance and usually scores a run away victory at ever race.

This time it took two attempts to get the main started and although he was in the second row Anderline made his patented start and was clearly in the lead before the field made the first half a lap.

Behind him Jack Schrady and Landon Kwapich were giving chase followed by Korey Sander. Further back Heavyn Hill, soon after he end over end wreck was back on the track holding off a determined Isaiah Nobles as they had a race long duel.

Up front Anderline had a lead of a few seconds then, late in the event, made a mistake and spun in Turn 3. This gave Schrady the opportunity and he grabbed the lead.

Anderline was able to recover but had too much ground to cover before the checkered flag. Up front a delighted Schrady accept the gift and roared away to claim his very first victory.


Jack Schrady heading for his first ever victory in Junior 1.

At the of the pack Nobles was able to get past Hill on the final lap to take fifth while she ended up sixth. Still coming back from her crash was a confidence booster for the young driver.

Asked about his victory 11-year-old Schrady said, “He (Anderline) spun out of 3 and he was in the dirt, I passed him and he didn’t have enough time to get back to me. My first win and I feel really awesome.”

Then he thanked his father and Rodney Rivera (Owner of Nevada Kart Sport.).

Once again the Senior and Masters LO206 class were combined for their main. Unfortunately Alehec Beaudon was out before the checkered flag after his chain fell off.

On the green veteran Mike McMullen led the charge with Jacob Clari, Steve Dow and Doug Hunter right on his back bumper.

After a few laps McMullen began to slip back as Clari took command of the race while Dow had his hands full holding off Hunter and McMullen.

At the checkered Clari was first over all and won the Senior class while Master’s winner Dow was second overall while Hunter ended up a close third.

Unfortunately during the race Scott Andrews fell out with mechanical problems while Jeff Wamre decided not to run in the main.

“Pretty good race, first time I’ve been that far ahead of everyone,” Clair said. “To be honest I think it would be better if someone was closer as there is motivation to keep pushing for it. It’s almost like going out to practice, you don’t have this motivation anymore so you kind of actually slow down a little bit.”

Then he thanked Riley, his girlfriend that’s also his pit crew chief as is credited as the real reason he’s out there. He also thanked Alec Beaudon as he’s usually the person motivating Clair to go faster.”

Dow not only was second overall but won the Master’s class. After the race he said, “We were good, made a couple of adjustments in the last heat race and the kart handled much better. The competition was all over my bumper for the first half of the race but it was a good race, I enjoyed it and we’ve got good competition.”

Then he thanked his wife for her support.

Leading the program is the Kid Kart class, which has the youngest drivers earning their racing spurs before moving up to the Junior classes.

Once again Tarron Graves scored another victory but behind him Jeremiah Nobles and Trevor Graves dueled to see who would end up with the next two places. In the end Nobles finished second while Graves was third.

Next up for the Northern Nevada Kart Club is the annual night race or the 6th Annual Rick Jerome Memorial Race. The event is named after one of the club’s founders, who passed away several years ago.

The date is Saturday, August 19 with registration starting at 1 p.m. and driver’s meeting at 3:30 p.m. There is also a Powder Puff race for girls and women as well as a spaghetti feed during the dinner break.

It’s a fun event and many of the drivers will decorate their karts with lights for the night part of the event. And the course will have lights around it.

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REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.

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Northern Nevada Kart Club – Round 9

Desert Park Raceway – Aug. 6

+ Kid Kart: 1. Tarron Graves, 2. Jeremiah Nobles, 3. Trevor Graves.

+ Jr. 1: 1. Jack Schrady, 2. Brooks Anderline, 3. Landon Kawapich, 4. Korey Sander, 5. Isaiah Nobles, 6. Heavyn Hill.

+ Jr. 2: 1. Chase Dulude, 2. Bryce Berry, 3. Issac Bourque, 4. Wyatt Sander, 5. Deeahmee Malone, 6. Tanner Schultz, 7. Austin Hawkins.

+ Senior LO206/Master: 1. Jacob Clair (Senior), 2. Steve Dow (Master), 3. Doug  Hunter (Master), 4. Mike McMullen (Master), 5. Nat Sombatsiri (Senior).

DNF: Scott Andrews, Alec Beaudon, Jeff Wamre.



Trevor Graves, 3rd in Kid Kart main.


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