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STEAD (Sept. 23) – NNKC, the Northern Nevada Kart Club, welcomed fall with the next to last race of the season. Mild weather set the stage for the action at Desert Park Raceway.

This year the L206 classes have fielded the most karts and provided some great racing and the Senior/Master L206 main was no exception although the real race wasn’t for first.


Alec Beaudon (95) leads Kelly Chinander and the pack during the first lap of the Senior/Master L206 main.

“I guess there was some sort of incident on the first corner. I came out of Turn 3 and saw Jacob (Clari) at the back so I said, ‘guess I’m alone,’ so let’s see how fast we can go,” Alex Beaudon said after his flag to flag win. “It was a clean run, everything worked and a good day all around.”

Then he thanked long time sponsor Cross Eyed Trucking, his parents for their financial and pit help and NNKC for their track.

When the green waved Beaudon led the charge into Turn 1 but exiting Turn 2 there was contact and kind of scrambled things. Fortunately everyone was able to continue with Kelly Chinander in second a good ways ahead of the pack.

Behind her there was a four-way duel for third until Steve Dow took the position and set his sights on Chinander. Behind them Rick McLeod and Jacob Chari had a short duel to see which one was going to take fourth.

While it was clear sailing for Beaudon behind him Dow finally caught, and after a few laps got past Chinander going into Turn 5 at the top of the hill. Behind her Clari took fourth and was making a charge but ran out of time and had to settle for the position.


Kelly Chinander (18) had a several lap duel with Steve Dow, who is right behind her. They were racing for second place.

Up front Beaudon, who also was the first Senior to cross the line, took the overall victory followed by Dow and Chinander.

After the race Dow, who was the first Masters to finish, said, “We had a good race, it was good competition, Kelly was making it rough and guess what, I will race with her any time. We ran through two, three and four side-by-side and I crossed her over, came back on the inside and have more momentum going up into Turn 5. I just locked it down and she locked it down, she gave me room to race and I gave her room to race.”

Then Chinander, who ended up third, said, “That was a lot of fun, pretty crazy, I had a lot of room to run out there after that incident between 2 and 3. It happened in front of me, kind of saw it happening, I kept giving them more rome, more room and eventually I was two wheels on the track and two wheels off of it, kind of skating on the edge there but I got around them. It was a lot of fun.”

When the Junior 1 main began Brooks Anderline took off with Isaiah Nobles giving chase. Soon those two spread out and left the pack behind them.

For several laps there was an almost nose-to-tail train dueling for third until Jack Schrady was able to take the position and distance between himself Landon Kwapich and Heavyn Hill.

In the end Anderline scored the victory and pretty well sealed another title for himself. He was followed by second place Nobles and Schrady, who ended up third.


His victory in Junior 1 pretty well locked up the class championship for Brooks Anderline.

“The race was fun, I’m rally glad as now we’ve actually got the championship locked in. We have one race left but all I have to do is start every race,” Anderline said. “This one means more as it was a lot more hard fought and I’m staying in this class next year but the one after that I’m moving up.”

Then he thanked Cole Nelson Racing and his parents.

The older kids are in the Junior 2 class and when their main began Issac Bourque was not only in the lead but driving a borrowed Invader kart as well.

Behind him Chase Dulude was second while behind him there was a four-way duel for third. Eventually that was settled when Bryce Berry took over third and set his sights on the fleeing Dulude.

In the end Bourque won the race followed by Dulude and Berry, who didn’t have enough time to challenge for second.

Further back Wyatt Sander and Tanner Schultz had been running nose-to-tail for most of the race with Deeahamee Malone following them.

Going through the final turn of the race there was contact that spun Sander, dropping him to sixth, while Schultz was able to drive through the grass and ended up fourth. Malone was able to take advantage of this and score a fifth place finish.


Issac Bourque won the Junior 2 main.

“The race was good, first time driving an Invader and it’s pretty good, “Bourque said. “I wanted to get into the 51.5’s lap time but got into the 6’s so I guess it is what it is. I think I have to win the next race to lock up the championship.”

Then he thanked Cole Nelson racing for letting him borrow the go-kart and his father for bringing him out to the race.

Only two F125 shifter karts were on hand. One belonged to UNR student Royal McKee, who came up from Las Vegas and the other to local racer Jeff Wamre.

Well it wasn’t much of a race although Wamre led to about Turn 1. After that they both got a high-speed practice session and hopefully more will begin to show up for the club races in the future.

After taking the checkered flag McKee said, “My starts been a little off it’s been a while. Besides that it was a pretty fun race. It was fun to get to learn the track a little bit, it’s a really fun track, it was a great experience and got some seat time in so that was great as well.”


Jeremiah Nobles, Kid Kart winner.

The Kid Kart class is for the youngest racers and no matter how many or how few show up they always get their laps. On this day only Jeremiah Nobels was on hand to he not only will be counted as winning his main but he got some seat time on the track as well.

On October 8 the NNKC will wind up its season with the ninth round of the points races. While racing will be finished here, except for testing at Desert Park Raceway, several of the racers will be going to events in California and maybe Las Vegas during the fall and winter.

REPORTER’S NOTE: There is a photo gallery after the results.


  • Rattlesnake Raceway in Fallon held its final points race of the season Saturday. The next event will be the two-day Dirt Track Championships the weekend of October 7 and 8.

Saturday’s winners were Suzie Schmitt in Gen-X, Stephen Crook in Mod Mini and Crystal Kotney was the Street Stock winner. The Hobby Stock winner was Mikki Beuchat and Gene Kay won the IMCA Modified main.

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Desert Park Raceway – Sept.23

Northern Nevada Kart Club – Round 8

+ Kid Kart (4-Laps) – 1. Jeremiah Nobles.

+ Junior 1 LO206 (14-Laps): 1. Brooks Anderline, 2. Isaiah Nobles, 3. Jack Schrady, 4. Landon Kwapich, 5. Heavyn Hill.

DNF: Korey Sander.

+ Junior 2 (14-Laps): 1. Issac Bourque, 2. Chase Dulude, 3. Bryce Berry, 4. Tanner Schultz, 5. Deehmee Malone, 6. Wyatt Sander.

DNF: Austin Hawkins.

+ Senior/Masters LO206: 1. Alec Beaudon (Sr.), 2. Steve Dow (Mstrs.), 3. Kelly Chinander (Sr.), 4. Jacob Clari, (Sr.), 5. Jeff Wamre (Mstr.), 6. Mike McMullen (Mstr.), 7. Nat Sombatsiri (Sr.), 8. Doug Hunter (Mstr.).

DNF: Rick McLeod.

+ F-125 Shifter (12-Laps): 1. Royal McKee, 2. Jeff Wamre.


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